Mercy – A Feeling Which Everyone Must Adopt In Their Life

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MERCY. I think most of the people are very much familiar about this word. Might be, there is a possibility that many people use this word while talking to others, giving various false examples that they have done many things related to mercy, but in actuality there are only few people who know the true meaning of mercy and who actually follows them.

So, here in this informative description I would like to introduce the real meaning of mercy. Generally the word mercy means forgiveness. Most of the people think that it is very easy to use this word, and according to me they are very true.

Forgiving people is very easy. Mercy helps people to improve their habits and do their work in a different way. The question is that how people will get a change to improve their mistakes?

So, the idea behind this is that it is us who can give these people a chance to improve their mistakes. How?

Let me explain…

Suppose there is a person who use to pick the pockets of others so that he can survive and he picked up your pocket and you caught him red handed. Now what will you do?

Here, most of the people will think that the pickpocket must be sent to jail because he was committing a crime. But do you really think that it is the right way to handle this issue?

Suppose you have sent that person to jail and he has to spend some time there. But when he will come out of that place what he will do? Have you ever thought about this? I guess no.

I think that when that person will be in jail then he may have constructed some new ideas of picking pockets or some other big crime etc.So, the conclusion here is that sending a faulty person to jail will not work properly. Here you should forgive that person and you should help that person so that he can follow the correct path for his survival. After all that person is committing crime only for his survival, but when he will be taught to do something good, then there are more chances that he will start to follow the correct path to live the life comfortable.

So, the overall conclusion is that if you will not forgive any person and will not give him a second chance to change the way of his life then that person’s activity may become weird and his activities may harm people very badly.

At least I would like to say that we should show mercy to everyone and we should give a chance to all. Everyone deserves it and everyone must be given a chance to prove themselves and if this is not done, then I think that things will become worse. So, let’s adopt this nature and change the way of living life. It will surely help all of us.

Most of us do this in our life.

If you have forgiven any person in your life and given him a chance then share your experience with us.