Miraculous Oil Heals Visitors in Australia

Experts are baffled as they witnessed first hand oil weeping from the walls of a deceased 17 year old boy’s room in Sydney Australia.  Mike Tannous has been praised as a potential candidate for sainthood as this long standing miracle continues even after several years and extensive scrutiny.  The weeping walls in his room are baffling experts as the substance within remains unidentified.

It’s appearing out of walls, on picture frames, and even inside framed pictures of Mike Tannous.  The substance itself is unidentifiable by scientists who have been scratching their heads over what exactly the stuff could possibly be.  The parents, however, say the answer should be obvious, and that their son is contacting them from beyond the grave.

Mike Tannous died after being involved in a car accident in September of 2006.  The home in Guildford where his room remains untouched since that fateful night has been declared a haven for miracles by people visiting who have had their various ailments healed and their wishes fulfilled.  The oil first appeared a little less than a month after Mike Tannous’ death, and soon after Mike’s parents began to realize that the pervasive substance had not only the ability to spontaneously appear, but also to heal all manner of ailments.  Soon friends stopped by and the house was opened up to the public as a place of healing.

And now as the first Australian saint Mary MacKillop is set to ascend to sainthood, many are looking to see who the second Australian saint will be.  And for those who think the parents may be somehow planning this whole thing as a ruse, aside from the miraculous healings that have taken place within the house, let’s take a look at the character they have displayed in the past.

The parents were both highly religious, but have accepted no donations for the house to remain open.  They merely depend on others to inform the public of the happenings and expect them to “pay it forward” to others in need.  This doesn’t seem to be the behavior of anyone who would wish to take advantage of a public looking for something to believe in.  Instead, they appear to be respectful of their sons wishes.

Ever since Pope Benedict XVI confirmed the second miracle by Mary Mackillop, many have been talking about Caroline Chisolm, who helped Australian convicts throughout her life and Archbishop John Bede Polding, who was Sydney’s first Archbishop.  Of course for either of these to become canonized into sainthood, they must first show miracles such as preservation (where their bodies become preserved naturally without the assistance of embalming for years or even centuries afterward) or something similar to what has been observed at the Tannous “miracle house.

Miracle healing attributed to Tannous include a woman who came praying to become pregnant after being declared infertile, and then a month later successfully conceived.  And several others have been found cured of illness and healed of physical ailments.  While the substance in these walls is unidentifiable despite extensive laboratory testing, the hypothesis of several visitors can be summed up simply as, “a miracle.”