Mormon Inventors: Part Two

Continuing the exploration of inventions attributed to members of the Church of Latter Day Saints, you will learn why rock-n-roll and heavy metal bands across the world should praise Alvino Rey. In this article, we will mention additional Mormon-related inventions, including important items that save lives, help bridge the communication gap, and allow us to cook certain foods.


The rip-roaring sound of an electric guitar solo would not be possible if Alvino Rey hadn’t become the father of the pedal steel guitar. During the Swing Era, Rey was quite the rage, as he also dabbled in a bit of big band and orchestral music. Later in his career, he also experimented with jazz and exotica.


Moving onto the world of science, medicine, and technology, Mormons made quite a name for themselves with a variety of well-known inventions and concepts. For starters, the creation of an artificial heart took shape through the efforts of Robert K. Jarvik (a well-known inventor and doctor) and Barney Clark, who became the first recipient of such a procedure. It was also at the University of Utah that this momentous event took place. The heart bypass machine that is used to complete an open-heart surgery is credited to the hard work that Homer R. Warner took pride in.


When it comes to booting up the computer and typing away on WordPerfect, you have Alan Ashton to thank for this, as he serves as co-founder of the WordPerfect Corporation. Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, Ashton would attend the University of Utah, which he studied both computing and music during the early part of the 70s. This is where he began his exploration in computer science, which would lead to the first strides in the modern word processor. It was he, who developed the spec that would morph into an improved version of a console-based word processor. In later years, he would assume a position as professor at Brigham Young University.


In the realm of hunting and weaponry, the inventions of the automatic shotgun and the repeating rifle (also referred to as the “Browning rifle) are attributed to a man by the name of John Moses Browning. He would become one of the most prominent figures in the world of firearms. Browngin (1855-1926) was born in Ogden, Utah, where he designed a multitude of weapons, gun processes, and cartridges that are still used throughout the rest of the world. He is also noted for having close to 130 gun patents attached to his name, which includes the single shot rifle, which was given to him in 1879.


As mentioned in the first article regarding inventions associated with Mormons or members of the Church of Latter Day Saints, a few more notable characters were mentioned in the website I came across. For instance, the invention of the transistor radio is attributed to Marvin Harris. It is also stated that Brigham Young may have started the first department store in the world. Also, with the help of other physicists, computer scientists, and engineers that served Brigham Young University and the University of Utah, Robert B. Ingebretsen played an important role in developing the technology used to produce CDs and DVDs.