Mormonism: Life, Salvation, Afterlife

As with every religion, there are various beliefs that are associated with the following. They range from what the purpose of life is to what will happen to them in the afterlife. In this article, we will explore some of the beliefs that are held by the Mormon religion.


Purpose of Life


When it comes to human nature, the Mormons believe that every human was once a spirit that originally lived with God before they were sent down to earth. It was God’s decision the exact time and place that each of these spirits were to be “born” onto the earth. This resulted in the spirit receiving the physical body that makes them their human form. The reason that the spirits were sent down to earth was the way He tested them to see if they were worthy enough to return to live with Him forever. This was a process of the humans gaining experience. This is where the purpose of life comes in. It is so that the spirits can go through a variety of experiences that are not available to them when they are residing in heaven. The purpose of life is to earn the right to return to God and heaven.



Salvation for Mormons deals with the same aspects as the purpose of life, where returning to God after a life is lived out is the main belief. Salvation is attained through the eyes of a Mormon when good deeds on earth are accomplished and a faith in the Atonement of Christ is realized. This also means that individuals should live a life abiding by the commandments and leading a life that is accepted by God.


Overall, Mormons believe that salvation can be achieved by having a strong belief in Jesus and God; performing goodness on earth, such as being nice to others, fair and showing love; establishing moral character; repenting sins and asking for forgiveness through the Atonement of Christ; baptism; playing a role in the way of Mormon life, as well as spreading the word of the Mormon faith. 


The Afterlife and Death

When it comes time to leave the physical body that was given to those who have been placed on earth, what happens according to the Mormons? There is the belief that when all humans die, they will be able to live eternally. They feel that the spirits return to the spirit world, where further instruction is given. After an undetermined amount of time has passed, they believe that a Resurrection takes place and the body is reunited with their bodies for the rest of time.


Heaven is part of the Mormon belief, which is referred to as the place where God resides, as well as serves as the home for individuals that follow Him as well. Mormons believe that if families are faithful to the word of God, then they will reunite with one another in heaven and be rewarded for their obedience and loyalty. There is also a special ceremony held in the temple that is performed to ensure that families will reunite with one another in heaven if they go through the process of what they call as being “sealing.”


There is also the subject of hell, which Mormons also believe in. They feel that those who do not repent while on earth will be sent to a “temporary hell.” Here, they will be given a chance to repent to avoid an eternal stay in hell. Hell is where Satan lives.