Mormonism vs Mainstream Christianity Part 2

Is there life after death? What will happen in the afterlife? These questions and more are answered in the article regarding the similarities and differences between the religions of mainstream Christianity and Mormonism. You will also learn of symbols pertaining to the religions, as well as concept of salvation.


If you were wondering what exactly were some of the similarities between the two religions, they deal with Christ. Both religions believe that the purpose of the Incarnation of Christ is to reach about God, die sacrificially for human sin, as well as supply a model that can be used to refer to the right way to live. The only difference is that mainstream Christians also believe that Christ’s Incarnation is to also reveal God directly to humanity. When it comes to believing whether or not in the resurrection of Christ, both religions are in agreement.


As for salvation, Mormons believe in faith and works, although the aspect of works is emphasized. Mainstream Christianity also believes in both faith and works in respect to salvation, but faith is emphasized within most denominations. When it comes to a second chance after you have passed away, mainstream Christian do not believe in such a thing. It is the Mormon religion that believes there is a second chance after death. They feel that there is a period of time after one passes away where further learning and preparation is gained.


A subject of the afterlife is one that many ponder throughout life, as well as on a daily basis. For Mormons, they feel that sprits travel to a spirit world where they are subjected to additional preparation. After this is completed, these spirits are thought to “rejoin with bodies in the resurrection.” For mainstream Christians, the souls of the dead go to one of two places, depending on the condition in which it is received. Evil souls are sent to Hell, where believers are allowed to reside for all eternity in Heaven. For both religions, Hell is thought of as this place filled with eternal torture. Here, there is a distance from God that itself is tormenting. For Mormons, they believe that repenting can bring a spirit out of Hell, but if this is not accomplished, then the spirit stays there for all eternity.


When it is time to worship, Mormons shuffle into a chapel or a temple, where mainstream Christians worship within a church. Some of the teachings surround the number of sacraments that both religions believe in. For Mormons, there are four distinct principles. These include the laying on the hands, faith, baptism, as well as repentance. For mainstream Christians, they follow two, which is baptism, as well as the Lord’s Supper. In Catholicism, you will find that there are seven.


When following these two religions, it may be important to pay attention to some of the symbols represented these different belief systems. For Mormons, the beehive is representation of the religion, while mainstream Christianity has several, including the cross and fish.