New Book Unravels the Existence of God and the Real Jesus

In a bold step, Gardiner, author of The Serpent Grail, The Shining Ones and Gnosis: The Secret of Solomon’s Temple Revealed, takes on the theological and scientific establishments and uncovers a trail of lies and deceit on both sides of the argument.

The book, Proof – Does God Exist? is a completely re-written version of Gardiner’s very first book with up to date information and science. Using years of research and often controversial techniques ranging from the latest in quantum theory to true life Sherlock Holmes detective work, Gardiner tempts the reader to question the status Quo.

Gardiner places the evidence before a jury of people to decide in a mock court room drama. The evidence, he says, must speak above emotion and faith. That said, he questions the biological and evolutionary functions of faith and the relationship to the bigger question.

Did Christ exist? Or is he the construct of a new Imperial power based upon pre-existent pagan beliefs? Was he based upon serpent worship? In fact Gardiner uncovers the real physical man that Christ was based upon and reveals his name and how the Christian Church was so afraid of the truth they smashed his growing cult.

Equally is science as guilty as the Church in covering up the truth? Gardiner reveals that scientists have as much faith as their religious opponent’s and have manipulated the evidence in equal measure.

From Christ to Chrisna, from Muhammad to Buddha, no stone is left unturned in this search for the ultimate truth.

Proof – Does God Exist? is published by Reality Books ISBN 0-9777904-1-X Price $19.95/£13.95. Available worldwide in paperback or E-book. For interviews and review copies please contact [email protected].