Noah’s Ark

The Bible version of the story of Noah’s Ark written in the Genesis is not so old as some people say. It have been set as it is known today in the 5th century AD. All the five books of Moses (The Torah) are said to have been written from several other texts and not by Moses only as it is commonly accepted by the orthodox Jewish. The story of Noah’s ark have been found in older Jewish texts and it is probable that the bible as we know today get the story from these texts. In fact, these texts too seems to have get the story for some even older texts. Indeed, we found that Babylonian myths are similar to the Abrahamic myths (the bible) in so many aspects that we now agree that these stories are the same. We even found the original one in the Sumerian civilization.

Sumerian civilization is the oldest civilization that we have enough tracks to proof its existence. This civilization grow in the fertile crescent 7000 year ago, maybe even farther in the past. They build a great civilization, invented the writing and was very good scientists. They studied the sky very well and had good agricultural methods. Their principals myths correspond to the bible texts. Their creation myth and theory about the beginning of the world is similar to the Genesis one. Noah’s Ark and its escapade from the flood is one of the story. Noah is known as Utnapishtim and knew a god very well. This god (There was several gods in the Sumerian pantheon) wanted to save the humanity from the cataclysm which would happened. He told Utnapishtim to build an ark and save his life and his family and other animals with this ark. The story also told that the other gods didn’t want that the humans survive. Humans have been created by the gods only for a short purpose and they should be destroyed afterward.

If the story of Noah’s ark is true as many religious people believe, we should try to explain how it was possible for Noah (or Utnapishtim) to build the ark and fit all animals inside. We should also find evidences of its existence. Several investigation have been done in the past, but no one found the ark around the Ararat mountain as the bible say it should be. Some put the idea that in the ark, no animals were really there but there were the genes of each species. This idea implicate that it should existed a powerful civilization in the past with enough science knowledge to create species from the genes. The gods ?