One Mind

Have you ever heard of a man called Walter Russell? He was born in 1872. In 1921, after being hit by a bolt of lightning, he began to experience visions and started to write about what he saw and understood. His family feared he was going mad but eventually his visions disappeared. However he still continued his research and wrote several books. One of them, called “the Universal One” describes the law of physics and how it relates to the existence of reality.

In this book he explains that there is only one thing in the universe: God. God is the only energy that exists in the universe and nothing else. Everything and everybody is a part of it. Our mind is also a part of god’s mind and so we too have the power to create. What we call the creation of the universe, Russel describes as the first thoughts of god. Thinking about the existence of something demands us to separate it from what it isn’t: if we think about light, then we think about the absence of darkness, if we think about female, then we think about the opposite of male. Therefore in order for something to exist, it’s opposite must exist as well, and in this way the universe was created.

The most fascinating aspect about Walter Russell’s theory is that from it he was able to guess several chemical elements (such as tritium, deuterium, plutonium, neptunium) which weren’t officially discovered until twenty years later. His theory also allowed him to create a periodical table, which easily included every element. It should be noted that the classic periodic table (the Mendeleev periodic table) contains several exception rows and exception columns. (Exceptions are not considered scientific). Furthermore the developing research in quantum physics continues to give more and more credit to Russel’s theory. The One Mind theory explains lots of “paranormal” facts and it is a bridge between science and the religion and its great knowledge of mind and spirit.

Ernest Shurtleff Homes was another man who wrote about the creative power of mind. He was one of the first men to talk about subconscious mind in the 1920s. He believed the mind had the power to create everything and said that it is only because we think negative thoughts that bad things happen to us. Homes was a Christian and supported his writings by the Bible. It is here that we can read about God’s involvement with creation according to Judeo-Christian tradition: “And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.”. When compared to Walter writings we can find some interesting similarities, especially when he writes that everything god thinks is created. The one (God) is in fact a thinking process, which materializes thoughts. Our own mind takes part of this thinking action and so we too are able to influence the “reality”.

It is interesting to note that science is coming to the same conclusion: we are one, we are all linked and our minds have the power to influence, and even create reality. According to the laws of quantum physics we are all capable of using our thoughts to create a more desirable reality!