People Running To The Bible

Last Updated on May 26, 2020 by admin

Many are sensing the end is fast approaching and they have nowhere to run. They saw the 2012 predictions all fail and now they are starving for answers. Many have dabbled into UFO’s, New Age, and Dimensional Ascension but lost hope and fell away from their belief. Where else is there to run but organized religion?

People are now turning to the Bible for answers..  Search the conspiracy forums these days and you will find your fill of Bible Thumpers..  Old School preachers are suddenly becoming popular as the masses rush to find their way to salvation, and everyone seems to already know it all. I respect people who search for truth, even if they are blind.

I been there myself..  After a decade of UFO and New-Age study, I turned to the Bible myself.  I was wrapped up in understanding scripture and was determined to comprehend what was written in the Bible in my own terms, without being guided by some preacher.  And boy oh boy, did I open  can of worms..

It took me 3+ years of intense study to come to terms with my truth and which direction I wanted to take..  I can finally say “I found my road” and it is indeed a narrow road..  I admit, if a person came to me 2 years ago and presented to me what I believe now, I would have rejected it without even looking into it further..  No one could have directed me to this road, except GOD and Myself..  This is why I don’t expect anyone to believe what I say, and I know that 99%+ of people will reject my stance..  But I am OK with that, as Jesus tells us, The world will hate you for his names sake..

The Promise….

Many seekers are attracted to the promise, but fail to really dig into the intricacies of the system.  The promise of Christianity is that you will be saved by believing Jesus paid for your sins.  To the average ear, this is a pretty good sounding promise, and it is easy to see why so many accept the official Bible Cannon as the absolute inspired word of GOD.

One of the biggest problems with the Bible is that it has been through so many hands and powerful men.  First off, the Torah was recorded by Jewish scribes, so we need to trust what the scribes wrote was authentic and unaltered. Next is the fact that Constantine and the Council of Nicea decided which scriptures belong in the official Cannon, and finally, we have so many other Gospels and writings from the same time era that totally contradict the official version.  A person who is not an educated bible scholar has the choice, either accept the official version as truth, or attempt to untangle the birds nest by yourself.  I choose the later..

The Accepted Way To Salvation….

The Bible teaches us that GOD is pleased through innocent Bloodshed..  Read that again…  The Bible teaches us that GOD is pleased through innocent Bloodshed..  Our sins must be atoned for and we do not have the ability to atone for them for ourselves, so some other innocent life has to be taken in replacement of your own.

The Israelites believed they must KILL INNOCENT ANIMALS..  They put them on an alter and slit their throats..

The Bible tells us GOD was happy with Abel’s offering when he killed a lamb, but Cain’s offering of Grain was Not Acceptable..

The Bible tells us that Jesus was the Ultimate Sacrifice..  His Innocent Blood had to be shed.

The Bible tells us that GOD LOVES the smell of burnt animal flesh…

It’s no wonder why so many people are totally turned off by the thought of GOD..  GOD’s good name has been totally slandered by Satan!  I am not claiming the entire Bible is corrupted, as I believe the Bible contains many true words of GOD.  But it’s pretty easy to tell it has been severely altered.

My Chosen Path…

Mercy and Compassion to ALL GOD’S CREATURES….   This is what I choose..  If a Righteous God created animals for us to eat, he wouldn’t have gave them a central nervous system which causes them to feel pain!  We are to love every person like we love ourselves, and All God’s Creatures… It is my belief this is the “Narrow Road” Jesus spoke of..  Few will find this road, many will go through the wide road, but those who practice mercy and compassion will receive it in return.