Reincarnation is an ancient religion

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Reincarnation is an ancient religion. It is, in a sense, both a philosophy of life and a religion. For some followers, there are no gods, nor heaven and hell (Hindus are different for they do worship gods and do believe in an afterlife. But generally Reincarnation teaches nothing about God). Earth is our hell. And our goal is to escape it. In reincarnation we each have a destiny. We reincarnate because one life is not enough time to fulfill it. Reincarnation deals with many aspects of life, making followers strive to be better people, to fulfill their destiny. We all must come to terms with ourselves at one time or another. Whether we have to go through 100 lives or 10000 to do it, we all will reach that absolute end. The freedom of the universe. Riding the cosmic wave among the stars drifting through space in endless glory. Reincarnation is a diverse and wonderful religion. We must all go through our lives, learning each time something new and getting rid of old baggage from the distant past. We must all die, and go to metempsychosis to decide our new lives and we must all learn as much as we can about ourselves to help us through the journey of the soul.

The human life is a short period. We are born, we grow up, and we die. Is this short time really enough to learn everything there is about life? Many people die without knowing themselves. We would need centuries to get everything out of life. We must actually live in order to die. Our time here is just a series of actions and reactions. We act in one life and we pay for it in the next, positive or negative. When a child is born, it is to be understood that his particular type of body is the beginning of another set of activities, and when an old man dies, it is to be understood that one set of reactionary activities is finished. We then move on to our next life, to do better, to understand more, and to learn from our past mistakes. We take our next life according to what karma dictacts. What we do in this life, we shall pay for in the next. We can run, but we cannot hide. Do well in this life. Be kind to people and try to live as best you can. Learn from all your mistakes and help your soul, advance yourself spiritually.

In order to be free from the cycle of birth and rebirth, one must clearly understand the universal force of Karma. What we do in this life, we shall pay for in the next. We can run, but we cannot hide. Every stone you throw, it will inevitably come back to you with whatever intention you threw it with. Karma is a Sanskrit term that defines a law of nature analogous to the modern scientific principle of action and reaction. We must be careful of what we do in this life. We must not murder, for it would set someone far behind on their spiritual journey. Do not harm others, because inevitably we will be harmed in one form or another. Karma is by far the most important thing to know in reincarnation, because it dictates how far the spiritual road must be. We are the ones who can shorten or lengthen it. We must become self realized to finally graduate our souls, and until then, the road keeps going. The self-realized person sees all living entities with equal vision, knowing that the active principle, the self, is present not only in human beings, but within the bodies of animals, birds, fish, insects, trees, and plants as well. Until then, keeping walking.

It is believed that after one life, there is a transitional period after death, but before life. The soul is not within a body, but it is on its own, temporarily free from the chains of earthly life. We go through metempsychosis, the migration of the soul from animated beings. This is a time for reflection. The time where we look at our recent past life, and decide what went wrong, what went right, and what we need to do in the next one. It is said that we are without a body, we are just pure consciousness, a heightened state of learning and reflection. We are concerned with our own development as souls into greater states of love. During this time, we plan out our next life. We ask ourselves, “what life shall I go into in order to learn life’s lessons?”. We decide where we want to be born and when we want to be born. We scan through the number of parents there are, and decide what life we will be born into. Someone might say, “I think Ill be born poor, hopefully being poor will help me to learn the lessons that I missed in the last life.” Then, when the time comes, we adopt ourselves into that life and we shoot out and our soul becomes one with that couples fertilized egg. We choose the life that will help our souls. It could be said that our future lives are dictated by karma, and that we are born into different lives depending on how we act in this life, but I believe that karma has more of a role in the next life as we are living it rather than karma dictating what life we go into. The state we are in, between lives, is awesome. It is your pure soul floating freely without the limitations of the body. Some people are said to achieve this state through meditation and they say it is very fine. Many people during this time do not want to leave because earthly life is so pitiable compared to the state. All in all, we will all go through it one time or another and most likely have probably already gone through it. It is something that is essential to reincarnation and truly grand.

Reincarnation is a wonderful belief. It makes people better and it helps people strive to make themselves better. I have recently become interested in it and I have learned quite a lot on the subject. If anyone wants to know more, my mind is free for anyone to explore. Email me at [email protected]