Religion Adopted the “No Risk Policy” long ago

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Religion. The drug of choice for the many caste’s of our world history. A narcotic, far stronger then heroin, and one that has caused the addiction of billions across the world. It forms bonds about us that we can not break. Chains that tie us down. Manacles used to keep our thoguhts under control. Our own cell, so any rebelious views will not contaminate the masses. A virus that is controlled by not man, yet it controls many men.

What is so evil about this practice embraced by nearly all of us? What created it? Why has it been nesessary? Is it still? What is the central belief of it? WHAT CAN I DO?!

Like any hunter, to combat, first we must study our prey. It has been around much longer then any of us, if not since the inception of mankind. What was the cause of this? Based on the rather simplistic outlook on life expressed by the few records that remain, one must go my the assumption that the reason for religion is just as basic. A few obvious choices jump out at me. The most prevelent of which is expalations of the unknown, which is inclusive of just about everything. At the point, it also may have served inadvertantly as a tool to assist in our survival as a race. Simply look at some of the odder rules to any religion, such as “Do not plant two different crops in the same field” or the laws for lepers in Leviticus, and they will coraspond to a basic rule of survival at some point in ancient history.

All this has changed, though. Now, religion acts as justification for one unanswered question. “What is there to lose?” If the answer to this is “nothing” then mankind should be able to take great chances, with only the world to gain. Yet, these schools of thought tell us otherwise. There is a greater existance for mankind, they preach. Do not take risks they tell us. WE are not the greatest, this virus whispers. It is fully endorsed by those high in power, for religion ensures that those under it’s infuence WILL BE CATTLE! POSING NO THREAT TO THEIR ARISTOCTATIC LIFESTYLE!

I do not ask for you to cast aside all you have been taught. I simply ask for you to question it.


Love it? Hate it? Tell me.

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