Religion Dictates your Life, Even If You Dont Realize It: Religious Control

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Religion COntrols More Than You Know

By Al

Everyone, at some point in his or her time has pondered the question “what is the meaning of life?” The sad part is, that before starting most people haven’t the faintest clue what the question means. Sure we could look it up in the dictionary if we really wanted to know, but seeing as none of you have then what we’re looking for is obviously not just a dictionary definition.

What is the meaning of life? Well hey; this is what the Chambers dictionary says about it:

“Life, noun, state of living, the period between birth and death etc…” we all know that that’s going to go foreverver so scrap it.”

More accurately put is the question “why are we here?” well the answer to that is even more obvious: Cause our parents wanted kids.

What is my purpose in life? That is really what’s worth thinking about. It depends on a lot of things. It could be to do with your beliefs, your religion, your family traditions, whether or not you get blood laws in your country… the list goes on forever. Here’re just a few questions you ask yourself to find the answer. Its not complicated, it never is.

Pick a random person you come across. Or better yet, why not start with yourself. What do you want to achieve in your lifetime? Money? A happy family? Live a decent life? Cure cancer? Help the starving in Africa? Pick a simple answer like one of these; take about two minutes to think about it.

Now typically whatever your answer was to that question is your purpose in life right? Well it should be… but then in the back of your mind is a shadow on uncertainty, which everyone has. Your conscience. This is where religion comes in.

Who do you think you are to decide why (God/Allah/the higher power, who ever it may be) created you? Do you believe in them in the first place? Do you know for sure that hey exist? Do you believe they created you to begin with, or was it your parents?

These questions only you can answer… and only one answer is right. Or your answer can be an innocent cry of “I DONT KNOW WHAT TO BELIEVE”. All are quite common. The few who know for sure without a shadow of doubt what their own answer is are truly amazing people. If you’re one of them then your purpose is clear. Its whatever your religion says it is, or if your religion permits, it’s what ever you want it to be. I personally find it difficult to stop my self envying these people.

Now apart from those who knew exactly what their answer was, there are still the few of you who don’t know what to believe. Is that because you’re scared? Because you think that choosing the wrong answer would send you to hell? After all roughly 80% of the people around preach that Jesus died on the cross for you and it’s immensely disrespectful not to be thankful for that. But do you know that for sure? “Better not risk it” is a common thought, but you’re still not really sure are you?

Now you come to think of it this is really getting insane… We’re worried about what happens after we die in the context of what we want to do WITH our lives. As I once read in a book of quotes “It’s not dying that I’m afraid of, it’s staying dead” None of us know for sure what’s going to happen when we die, so we’re all confused.

Now we’ve run out of arguments

It all basically boils down to what you believe in. That is your purpose. If you have a clear mind and a strong conscience then you already know the answer. There is no singular truth. What matters is what satisfies you. This sums up your purpose…

1. Do you believe in GOD and Christianity? Follow the Ten Commandments, be a ‘good’ man and you should have a clear conscience. Do what you will with your life. If you don’t feel it’s right you have some searching to do inside yourself.

2. Do you believe in destiny? If you do then your have nothing to be concerned of. A higher power determines your life and decisions, you cannot be held responsible. If someone else is controlling you then there’s nothing you can do about it. Live it up while you’re alive.

3. Does your religion determine what you should do with your life? Do you truly believe in it? Then the answer is staring in your face.

4. Are you that of the kind that believes you were created for a purpose and that your mission in life is to discover and fulfil it? If you are, then logically speaking you have no concern. If you were created for a purpose it will show itself. Again you must just bide your time.

5. Are you in a position like mine? Where your friends preach one, your family preaches another, your life’s experience preaches yet another, an in the midst of it all you suffer in admiration of those who have come to their own answer? Do you not know what to believe? Do you know what is wrong and right? Who determines that anyway? Is there a higher power at all? Are all carnivores creatures going to hell? Or are we on our own, outcast? Or is the concept of afterlife a frightened pigment of our imagination, because we cannot comprehend death? If you torture your self with these questions then for your own sake cease to do so. Causes I’ve spent about 6 years on it and still haven’t got anywhere. If you find an answer, then all I can do is beg you to tell me… because then all of us, all six billion, people on this planet can come to rest mentally