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The Cosmic Grand Deception

File No. 002


In mid-May, 1992, tens of millions of people all over the country
viewed the CBS presentation of “INTRUDERS”, which alleged to
be the true dramatization of documented alien interaction with the
human race. An interaction which involved various “experiments”
which were being conducted by this alien race upon the people of
America and, in fact, the world. What is happening to thousands of
people, some of whom were depicted in the CBS presentation, that
would convince the producers at CBS to produce an allegedly
factual and respectable presentation of this kind on a subject which
has in the past been the target of suspicion and ridicule? In these
‘Files’ we will attempt to probe every aspect of this and related
phenomena, and just what these events mean to every man, woman,
and child on this planet…

Since the beginning of time a “Cosmic Conflict” has been under
way which has, over the millennia, resulted in the destruction of
countless souls. Man has for the most part allowed himself to fall
victim to this physical and tangible, yet unseen and unimaginably
malevolent enemy by turning his back on his Creator, the only one
able to expose this threat and offer that which is necessary to defeat

In these last days a number of “unexplained phenomena” have
appeared which have baffled the most brilliant minds on this
planet. Many of these “phenomena” are the OUTWARD
manifestations of this cosmic conspiracy which is being
orchestrated by an alien influence which is so deceptive, elusive,
cunning, evil and insidious that we are no match to them alone; that
is, outside of Divine Intervention. There are many such phenomena.
To name just a few of these, there are the phenomena commonly
known as cattle mutilations, crop circles, the Bermuda and Devil’s
Triangles, Poltergeist manifestations, strange disappearances and
teleportations, spontaneous combustion, so-called “fortean falls” of
objects from the sky, various occult manifestations and “voices
from nowhere”, conspiracies, unexplained artifacts, para-
speleological phenomena. The list goes on and on.

However, one of the most prominent of these “phenomena” is the
one which is most commonly referred to as the “UFO mystery”. We
should rule out the possibility of a mass hallucination or hoax
whereas the overall “mystery” is concerned, as thousands upon
thousands of people, many in prominent social positions, have
reported these unidentified objects and even their “occupants” on
numerous occasions. The question to ask is not whether the
phenomena exists, but what is BEHIND it. John Keel, a veteran
UFO researcher who has investigated thousands of UFO reports
since his involvement with the U.S. Intelligence Community several
years ago, and who has even fed hundreds of accounts into
computers in an attempt to uncover patterns and similarities
between reports, made the following statement in his book
“OPERATION TROJAN HORSE” (G. P. Putnam’s Sons., New
York. pp. 206-207):

“…Already you can understand why so many people have been in
total confusion for so long. The whole mystery is designed to keep
us confused and skeptical… Our skies have been filled with “Trojan
horses” throughout history, and like the original Trojan Horse, they
seem to conceal hostile intent… Several hard facts are now
apparent: The objects have always chosen to operate in a
clandestine manner, furtively choosing the hours of darkness in
their enigmatic activities over thinly populated areas, where the
possibility of being detected is slight… In other words, flying
saucers are not at all what we have hoped they were, they are part of
something else. I call this “something else” Operation Trojan
Horse… Operation Trojan Horse is merely the same old game in a
new, updated guise. The Devil’s emissaries of yesteryear have been
replaced by the mysterious “men in black”… The demons, devils
and false angels were recognized as liars and plunderers by early
man (trying to get rid of him) by fostering disasters, wars, and
sundry evils upon him. There is historical and modern proof that
this may be so.”

During the past few centuries, and especially since the end of
World War II, there have been dramatic increases in sightings of
objects such as Keel describes. These “signs in the skies” have
caused considerable consternation and confusion among those who
have witnessed them. One of the major points of confusion is the
debate over whether the objects and occupants are physical- solid
or paraphysical-spiritual in nature. The problem is, most cases
involve aspects which would give the witness confirmation that
either one or the other are true. In other words, physical aspects AS
WELL AS paraphysical aspects are involved in many of the
encounters, and since few are willing to accept the possibility that
BOTH could be true (in essence gravitating to one or the other
extreme – physical or non- physical) the confusion continues.
However, in this report we will present the possibility for the
existence of a “race” of creatures which are non-human, though
physical, yet which are “possessed” with supernatural powers of
infernal origin.

The following IS NOT a repetition of some of the common or
traditional theories and beliefs concerning the origin of UFO’s and
the nature of their occupants; that is, the idea that these craft
ORIGINATE from distant stars of galaxies and that they are ALL
operated by “highly-evolved” human-like beings.

It is our firm opinion, based upon years of research into this
nebulous subject, that BOTH claims (i.e. extraterrestrial ORIGIN
and evolved human nature of ALL aliens) are actually smokescreens
intentionally created to hide the TRUE nature and origin of the
MAJORITY of the UFO “entities”. We should state here that
although the majority of UFO encounters involve creatures which
are hominoid yet not human, there are nevertheless several accounts
where actual flesh-and-blood HUMAN BEINGS have been
encountered. In some cases apparent conflicts between the human
occupants and the other (non- human) entities have been referred
to. Based upon numerous indications, it appears that certain groups
of humans over the last three or four thousand years have in one
way or another come across various forms of unconventional
sciences and technologies capable of enabling them to eventually
produce such aerial craft; that these have long since left
“mainstream” civilization after forming scientific societies or
fraternities composed of the best minds such ancient societies had
to offer, only to carry on their advanced learning and scientific
research in secret or hidden recesses in remote parts of the earth,
and perhaps eventually on or within other planetary bodies as well.
This conclusion is based on many ancient accounts which tend to
confirm this particular hypothesis.

The “human” occupants of various disk-craft would also include
pilots of top-secret aerial devices constructed by different
governments, of which the average citizen is not generally aware.
There is evidence that such do exist – but we will not deal with
aspect until later ‘Files’, but instead at this point concentrate on the
NON-HUMAN occupants which are often described and which, as
we’ve said, apparently make up a large percentage or perhaps even
the MAJORITY of entities described by witnesses. These are the
so-called “grays” described in the movie COMMUNION (which
depicts the ‘entities’ in a somewhat misrepresentative manner) and
in the TV mini-series INTRUDERS, and elsewhere.

In this report we will relate several accounts which, we believe,
support the following two basic assumptions concerning the origin
and nature of the majority of the UFO’s and their non-human

1) The majority of the UFO’s are piloted by beings of hominoid
form, yet definitely not human. “They” are often referred to as the
“grays”, being generally 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 ft. tall, possessing
REPTILIAN skin and features, are extremely intelligent yet
unimaginably evil and dangerous, a nature which is hidden behind
facades of false “benevolence”. Creatures which have fed upon the
very souls of men throughout the ages and which have influenced
human history in an extremely destructive way while at the same
time remaining just outside the range of human detection, and
which are the most extreme threat ever to face humanity – a threat
which is magnified by their extremely elusive and “chameleon”
nature. 2) The centuries-old ORIGINAL abode of these creatures
lies miles beneath the surface of this planet within a global network
of hydrothermal and geothermal caverns and artificially-excavated
tunnels of both antediluvian and postdiluvian origin; cavernous
chambers of various sizes from small to enormous and which exist
throughout the crust from the surface to the moho. This ancient
domain is nothing less than an entire “world” which has to a large
extent been kept hidden from those on the surface via occult
influences which are intentionally projected towards those who
would otherwise discover the truth about these nether regions.
These subterranean regions have been the abode of both human and
reptilian entities that have been in conflict with the other for untold
centuries. Many of these subsurface regions are being utilized by
these draconian powers of darkness as centers of operation in
THEIR ages-old war against the Creator and the souls of men.
These two assumptions, admittedly, may sound rather unbelievable
to those who may not be familiar with them. However from one
point of view the most incredible thing of all is not that these
“aliens” exist, but rather the fact that man has remained oblivious to
what is actually taking place in this universe and has in essence lost
touch with reality. For those who doubt the possibility of the
existence of such an “alien” race of intelligent yet non-human
creatures, whether for religious or secular reasons, we would ask
them to consider the following:

In 1967, UFO researcher Brad Steiger co-authored (with Joan
Whritenour) a book titled: FLYING SAUCERS ARE HOSTILE.
Regarding the intentions of many of the occupants behind the
phenomena, Steiger and Whritenour stated:

“Certain saucer cultists, who have been expecting space brethren to
bring along some pie in the sky, continue to deliver saucer- inspired
sermons on the theme that the saucers come to bring starry
salvation to a troubled world. The self-appointed ministers who
preach this extraordinary brand of evangelism ignore the fact that
not ALL “saucers” can be considered friendly. Many give evidence
of hostile actions. There is a wealth of well-documented evidence
that UFO’s have been responsible for murders, assaults, burning by
direct- ray focus, radiation sickness, kidnappings, pursuits of
automobiles, attacks on homes, disruption of power sources,
paralysis, mysterious cremations, and destructions of aircraft.
Dozens of reputable eye- witnesses claim to have seen alien
personnel loading their space vehicles with specimens from earth,
including animals, soil and rocks, water, and struggling human

Steiger (who also wrote two other books: FLYING SAUCER
MENACE, among several others) also believed that the entities
most encountered are not only hostile, as indicated by the above
quote, but non-human and in fact REPTILIAN or SAURIAN in
nature. In relation to this, there is the following statement which
was recently made by Steiger in his popular video film “THE
TRUTH ABOUT UFO’S”. Steiger has, to some extent, in his video
“changed his tune” concerning the nature of these reptilian beings –
supposing now that they aren’t as evil as he made them out to be in
earlier years. However, the facts just don’t support this conclusion,
and the only explanation which we can offer to this change of
attitude would be the fact (as mentioned by a number of sources)
that these creatures have the ability to manipulate from a distance
the minds, emotions and spirits of humans through occult-
technological or supernatural means, and that they would
undoubtedly use this power to de-sensitize humanity to their actual
nature. Certainly, if their true nature were widely known their
operations and even their very existence might be threatened. There
are some who believe that the many movies, animated programs,
etc., which depict reptilian-like “alien” beings in a “benevolent”
fashion – are de-sensitizing America’s young people away from their
natural enmity of these ancient, though elusive, enemies of
mankind. Steiger, who is considered one of the foremost writers on
UFO’s and related subjects, said the following:

“In the late 1960’s I presented my hypothesis that the reason why
the most frequently reported UFOnauts resemble REPTILIAN or
AMPHIBIAN humanoids may be because that is exactly what they
are, highly evolved members of a serpentine or semi-aquatic
species. A provocative theory is that the dinosaurs didn’t really
vanish, they “evolved” into a humanoid creature that eventually ran
it’s course, or was destroyed in an Atlantis-type catastrophe (i.e.
such as the Great Deluge – Although Steiger and others may hold to
an “evolutionary” hypothesis, this may not necessarily be the case,
especially when the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics and the laws of
entropy are brought to bear. Instead of “evolving” from a far less
complex form, it is in fact far more likely that the serpent race
MUTATED via atrophication, natural selection, environmental
adaptation, etc., into it’s various known and unknown branches,
from a complex single species which originally inhabited the earth
in ancient times – Branton).

“…I had developed this hypothesis considerably,” Steiger continues,
“…so I was delighted when I received word that Dale Russell and
Ron Seguen of Canada’s “National Museum of Natural Sciences” of
Ottawa, had fashioned a model of a humanoid dinosaur using
Stenonychosaurus and Equallus as their inspiration.
Stenonychosaurus, according to Russell, had a rather large brain
and eyes with over-lapping visual fields. The 90 pound dinosaur
also walked on two legs, and it appears to have had a particularly
OPPOSABLE THUMB on it’s three-clawed hand. The result of
such scientific speculation was an astonishingly human-like
creature that Russell terms a “Dinosauroid”. The creature stands
four-and-a-half feet tall, has a large, domed head, green skin, and
yellow reptilian eyes. It should probably have had ears, Russell
conceded, but the effect would have made it appear too human. As
it is, the dinosaur on display at Canada’s “National Museum of
Natural Sciences” almost exactly fits the descriptions of UFOnauts
provided by THOUSANDS of men and women throughout the
planet who have reported close encounters…”

In his book ‘THE UFO ABDUCTORS’ (1988., Berkley Books.,
N.Y.), pp 5-6, Steiger adds: “In the greatest number of alien
encounters, the UFOnauts were described as standing about five
feet tall and dressed in one-piece, tight-fitting jumpsuits. Their skin
was gray, or grayish-green, and hairless. Their faces were
dominated by large eyes, VERY OFTEN WITH SNAKELIKE,
SLIT PUPILS. They had no discernible lips, just straight lines for
mouths. They seldom were described as having noses, just little
snubs if at all; but usually the witnesses saw only nostrils nearly
flush against the smooth face. Sometimes a percipient mentioned
pointed ears but on many occasions commented on the absence of
noticeable ears on the large, round head. And, REPEATEDLY,

Summer, 1989 confirmed Mr. Steiger’s claims by re-printing a UPI
news item which appeared in a Berkley, California newspaper. The
article stated:

“Dale Russell, curator of fossil vertebrates at the National
Museums of Canada in Ottawa, has developed a theory that
intelligent life forms could have developed from the large reptiles
that roamed the earth (in ancient times).

“Russell calls his imaginary creature a ‘Dinosauroid’ which would
look like a hairless, green-skinned reptile with a bulging skull,
luminous cat-like eyes and three-fingered hands…

“The amphibians evolved into a humanoid species that eventually
developed a culture that ran its course or was destroyed in an
Atlantis-like catastrophe–just after they had begun exploring
extraterrestrial frontiers. Certain UFOnauts, then, may be the
descendants of the survivors of that amphibian culture
RETURNING from their space colony to monitor the present
dominant species on the HOME planet.”

This is one possibility which was given in the article. According to
certain sources the “winged serpent” that is emblemed on the ‘alien’
uniforms represents another reptilian mutation which is near the
very top of the alien or reptilian hierarchy, entities which have been
referred as the pterodactyloids, the mothmen, or the winged draco.
These have allegedly been seen on rare occasions and have even
been the subject of an entire book by UFO researcher John A. Keel.

Further confirmation comes from the 4-part documentary
‘DINOSAUR’, hosted by Walter Cronkite. This program also
described the possibility that certain groups of ancient saurians
may have developed or mutated into hominoid sauroids. David
Norman, in a review of the series, stated:

“The series finishes with an unusual flourish. In 1982 Dr. Dale
Russel of the Royal Museum of Canada, Ottawa indulged in a half-
serious thought experiment. He had described a small, HIGHLY
PREDATORY, nimble troodont dinosaur from the Late
Cretaceous, STENONYCHOSAURUS, which had AN
UNUSUALLY LARGE BRAIN, large stereoscopic eyes, and
grasping hands. He speculated about what might have happened to
such dinosaurs if they had not become extinct. His answer was the
‘dinosauroid’ – a three-clawed, three-toed, large- brained,
UPRIGHT, and TAILLESS dinosaur.”

Norman also described the almost human-like quality of the hand
of one particular saurian branch, the Iquanodon: “…The flexible
fifth finger moves a bit like a human thumb for grasping objects,
while the middle three fingers are capable of little flexure. The
large, stiletto-like thumb spike of Iguanodon would have been a
devastating weapon. The sharp spike, coupled with the strength of
the forelimb, could have punctured the toughest skin.”

It is possible that if such a highly intelligent yet (according to many
accounts) extremely insidious and predatory “race” does in fact
exist, then it might not have “mutated” far from it’s original form as
it is “pictured” – although in a rather obscure fashion – in the 3rd
chapter of Genesis. If we are to believe the thousands of witnesses
who have reported such creatures during UFO encounters (which
would either be the result of a collective hoax, mass hallucination,
or observation of actual encounters – the latter of which seems to be
the most likely), then one could reasonably ask the question:
“Where do they originate from?” If they had their origin on earth as
Brad Steiger suggests, then where on earth are the infernal
creatures? A better question might be “Where IN earth are the
infernal creatures?” Although the “serpent race” has largely
succeeded in evading the scrutiny of most humans living on the
surface of this planet over the centuries, there are many indications
which nevertheless suggest a SUBTERRANEAN connection to not
only the UFO phenomena, but many of the creatures which lie
behind it as well, especially the REPTILIAN creatures such as
those described by Steiger. Believe it or not, there ARE in fact
many very well documented accounts concerning alien, non-human
“entities” which have been encountered in underground recesses
throughout the world. Traditional Christianity has more-or-less
associated the depths of the earth with “Hades” and “demons”. We
are certainly not denying this, but we are offering a much more
elaborated exposition of this concept.

Just beneath the southern tip of Italy, in the extreme western part of
the Mediterranean sea, lies the island of Malta. In the past Malta
has been the possession of many nationalities, and has been
considered to be one of the most strategic areas on earth, being a
port and an intersecting point between Europe, Asia, the Middle
East, and Africa, etc. This 9-mile-long island was an ancient center
of civilization at the time when the Phoenicians from Carthage
invaded and began to rule it. When a group of ancient priests who
worshipped the “god” Moloch (another name for Baal, Osiris, or
Nimrod – considered by the ancients to be the “sun god”) visited the
island in Old Testament times, the islanders readily accepted their
teachings, including that of offering up human sacrifices to appease
their “god” Moloch, for the ancient Maltese themselves practiced
human blood sacrifice to the “gods” of the underworld which were
believed to exist beneath the island and elsewhere, so-called deities
which were often identified with “serpents”. When the Apostle Paul
visited the island as recorded in the book of ACTS chapter 28, he
learned of their superstitious beliefs concerning serpents after he
had been bitten by one of the beasts on the island (at the time
called Melita) and survived by the power of the risen Jesus – a God
which the Maltese knew nothing about until Paul’s fateful visit.

Since the time of the Carthagians, Malta has had many rulers–
Romans, Arabs, Normans, Argonese, Castillians, the Hospitalers or
the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, later known as the Knights of
Rhodes, and still later as the Knights of Malta, who remain there to
this day, having duel headquarters in Rome. A few miles south of
the town of Valletta, Malta, is the small village of Casal Paula. In
the year 1902, workmen who were digging a well literally fell into
the earth. What they discovered (or rather re-discovered) was a
series of ancient caves, mostly excavated out of solid rock, which
descended into the earth and into three lower levels below. These
multi-leveled catacombs became known as the “Hypogeum of Hal
Saflienti”, named after the street beneath which they were
discovered. A hypogeum is the Latin name for an underground

Near the floor of the last chamber, within the 3rd and last
(officially recognized) sub-level of these ancient catacombs, there
are a few so-called “burial chambers”. These are only a few feet
square and situated right next to the floor, and one must get on
their knees just to look into them. These “burial chambers” are just
large enough for one to crawl through. There have for years been
rumors that one of these “burial chambers” does not end, but
continues into deeper and unexplored caverns beyond.

This, according to certain sources, was the subterranean passage
and chamber which was referred to years ago in an article which
appeared in the August, 1940 issue of the NATIONAL
GEOGRAPHIC Magazine. The article stated the following
concerning several people who disappeared in these catacombs
without a trace:

“Many subterranean passageways, including ancient catacombs,
now are a part of the island’s fortifications and defense system.
Supplies are kept in many tunnels; others are bomb shelters.
Beneath Valletta some of the underground areas served as homes
for the poor. Prehistoric men built temples and chambers in these
vaults. In a pit beside one sacrificial altar lie thousands of human
skeletons. Years ago one could walk underground from one end of
Malta to the other. The Government closed the entrances to these
tunnels after school children and their teachers became lost in the
labyrinth while on a study tour and never returned.”

The story goes much “deeper” however, than the NATIONAL
GEOGRAPHIC article indicates. Other sources say that ABOUT
30 CHILDREN vanished in these catacombs on the study tour, and
that when the “Hypogeum” was first discovered nearly 30,000
human skeletons of men, women and children (victims of ancient
sacrifice to the “underworld gods”, performed by an old neolithic
race) were discovered as well.

One article written by a Miss Lois Jessup, at the time an employee
of the British embassy and later secretary for the New York Saucer
Information Bureau (better known as NYSIB), appeared in an old
issue of Riley Crabb’s BORDERLAND SCIENCE magazine,
published by the Borderland Sciences Research Foundation
(B.S.R.F.) and was later reprinted in full in Dr. Allen’s book

Miss Jessup claimed that she visited Malta and the Hypogeum also,
once before the tragic disappearance of the children, and shortly
thereafter. She described how on her first visit to the catacombs she
finally convinced the guide to allow her to investigate one of the
so- called “burial chambers” near the floor of the last chamber in
the third sub-basement, the supposed “end” of the Hypogeum tour.
He seemed to know something she didn’t, but finally consented and
told her that she could enter at “her own risk”. As she did so,
candle in hand and her loosed sash being used as a guide rope for
her friends who followed behind, she crawled through the small
passage and eventually emerged into a large cavern, where she
found herself on a ledge overlooking a very deep, seemingly
bottomless chasm. Below and on the other side of the chasm was
another ledge which appeared to lead to a doorway or tunnel in the
far wall. We realize that what happened next might sound
unbelievable to many who read this, but we would ask them to
make their own determination of it’s validity. Miss Jessup swears
that what follows really happened.

Out of this lower tunnel on the far side of the chasm, she claims,
emerged in single file several very large creatures of humanoid form
but completely covered with hair from head to foot. Noticing her,
they raised their arms in her direction, palms out, at which point a
violent “wind” began to blow through the cavern, snuffing out her
candle. Then, some “thing” wet and slippery (apparently a creature
of a different sort) brushed past her. This all happened just as the
person behind her was beginning to emerge from the passage and
into the cavern. They could not understand her panicked attempts
to get back to the “Hypogeum” room, but they consented after she
insisted. When they found themselves back in the Hypogeum
chamber, the guide saw her expression and gave her a “knowing”
look. About a week afterwards the disappearance of the children
and their teacher(s) took place, and on her second visit she saw an
entirely new guide who denied that the other guide had ever worked
there, although she knew that this new guide was hiding something.

She learned from more cooperative sources however, that THIS was
the tunnel that the children and their teacher(s) and possibly the old
guide, had entered. She also learned that after the last child had
made it through, the walls of the small tunnel just “happened” to
collapse or cave-in. Although the official version stated that the
walls caved-in on the students, search parties were never able to
locate any trace of the teacher(s) or the children, although the rope
that they had used to fasten themselves to the lower Hypogeum
chamber was found to have been CLEAN CUT as if by something
sharp (not falling rock). It was asserted that for weeks afterwards
the wailing and screaming of children was heard underground in
different parts of the island, but no one could locate the sources of
the cries. As for the Catacombs beneath Malta itself, there are some
ancient accounts which say that deep caverns beneath the island
continue underground BEYOND the shores, and according to one
source, part of this labyrinth stretches hundreds of miles
northwards and intersects with catacombs beneath Rome (the hill
Vaticanus?) or at least did so in ancient times.

There are so many documented accounts in fact which suggest the
existence of such an extensive cavernous region spanning the
nether regions of this planet, that the possibility should at least be
considered. If such a region exists, then one may argue: Why has
it’s existence escaped those on the surface for so long? One
possible answer to this might be that if such a region exists, and it
is at least in PART inhabited by physical creatures which are in
constant league and communication with fallen angels or demonic
entities, then these non-physical beings would probably have just
as much to lose if the existence of these caverns became widely
known as do their reptilian allies. There are numerous cases in
which those who have tried to learn about what’s going on
underground (or have had some encounter or some knowledge of
these nether regions, or have attempted to research accounts
relating to them outside of the protection or divine guidance of
Almighty God) have either suffered from spiritual or psychic
attacks and oppression, sometimes to the point of being driven to
insanity, or have turned up missing altogether. Some have
apparently died of mysterious circumstances as well, or were driven
to suicide. Something is definitely going on “down there” which
certain very malevolent entities DO NOT want us on the surface to
know about.

We will state with all conviction however, that if one is not willing
to allow God, through Christ, to guide and direct their research into
this area, then they had better leave it alone. We know of too many
people who have tried to pry into this subject outside of God’s
grace who have been destroyed either mentally or physically as a
EFFORT to defend ourselves against this “alien” threat, the better
off we will be individually.

Aside from the Malta incident, there have been numerous other
accounts suggesting that hundreds, if not thousands, of people have
disappeared without a trace in or around unexplored caverns in
different parts of the world. As we have said, these “nether” regions
are the most likely origin place for the majority of the phenomena
known as the “UFO’s”. Many of these craft have been seen entering
and leaving caverns or openings in remote mountains, canyons, etc.
There are cases on record where reptilian-like “alien” beings such
as those described by witnesses of UFO encounters, have also been
seen in caverns and natural or artificial underground recesses.
These reports are relatively few in number, but they do exist. It is
conceivable that few who ever have had such an encounter ever
return to tell about it. These creatures are often described as being
similar to the “UFO occupants” witnessed by police
officer/patrolman Herb Shermer. Shermer described these creatures
which he swore he encountered outside of Ashland, Nebraska,
shortly after midnight on December 3rd, 1967:

“They were from 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 feet tall. Their uniforms were silver-
gray, very shiny. Their suits came up around their heads like a
pilot’s cap. On the right side of their helmet’s they had a small
antenna, just above where the ear would be. Their chests were
bigger than ours, they were built very wiry and muscular. Their eyes
were the one thing I will never forget… THE PUPIL WENT UP
AND DOWN LIKE A SLIT. When they looked at me they stared
straight into my eyes. They didn’t blink. It was REAL
uncomfortable. Their noses were flat, their mouths looked more
like a slit than a regular mouth…”

The fact that the pupils of the creatures encountered by Shirmer
were “slit-like” would indicate that the creatures were most likely
reptilian-saurian in nature, as most snakes and lizards, etc., have
vertical-slit pupils. The reptilian connection which we make with
the creatures encountered by officer Shirmer is not based solely on
his testimony alone, but on other testimonies of various persons
who have also encountered creatures similar to the ones just
described. Many of these accounts give a more definite link
between the ancient reptilian-saurian race which disappeared from
the surface of this planet ages ago, and the non-human UFOnauts
encountered by literally thousands of individuals. These cases will
be dealt with later on in this and other Files.

From the various accounts which have been gathered, it seems as if
these sauroid UFO occupants go to extreme lengths to hide
themselves, or at least their true nature. It almost seems as if they
are “chameleon-like” attempting to pass themselves off as human-
like beings in order to gain the willing assistance of certain humans
who they find it necessary to use in order to carry out their demonic
agenda. Perhaps this explains the “silvery suits” which obscured all
but their faces. Could this have been in part an attempt to conceal
underlying reptilian features?

A special report released by the CRYSTAL BALL NEWSLETTER
(P.O. Box 4080., Torrance, CA 90510) titled “THE SHAVER
MYSTERY” related a tragic incident which took place in southern
Canada. The incident involved a group of explorers who came
across a cavern in which they had discovered, deep in it’s interior, a
strange thing. In one of the cavern chambers they found a perfectly
cylindrical shaft which had apparently been bored straight down
through solid rock. The shaft was far too perfect to have been the
result of natural geological phenomena (such shafts, by the way,
have been encountered in numerous other caverns throughout the
world). As they were studying the “bore” they were suddenly and
without warning “attacked” by creatures about 4 ft. tall or a little
larger. These attackers utilized some type of heat-ray against the
unsuspecting explorers. The creatures were similar in description to
many of the occupants reported in connection with UFO
encounters, or the “greys” as many UFOlogists now refer to them.
One witness claimed that when the attack came he was knocked
unconscious into a remote alcove. When he “came to” the other
explorers were either dead or missing. He himself suffered from
severe burns; in fact his burns were so severe that he died as a
result of them a few days later, but before that he was able to
struggle to a nearby village and warn the others about what had
happened. The entrance to the cavern was then blasted shut by
dynamite in order to keep anyone else from entering.

QUEST INTERNATIONAL (c/o 15, Pichard Court., Temple
Newsam., Leeds, L515 9AY., ENGLAND U.K.), a major British
UFO research organization consisting mainly of retired Police,
Security and Military personnel, is presently investigating what
may well be the most documentable case of the crash-retrieval of an
unidentified flying disk to date.

On the 7th of May, 1989, NORAD installations allegedly tracked
an unidentified object as it entered African air-space. The South
African Air Force is also said to have tracked the craft by radar,
traveling at a calculated speed of 5746 nautical miles per hour. The
incident was related by a South African Intelligence Worker, who
along with documentation of his military position, also sent
documents and transcripts to two QUEST INTERNATIONAL
investigators, Tony Dodd and Henry Azadehdel, telling of the
event. Also, several RECORDED telephone conversations with
high-ranking military and government officials were obtained
which strongly suggest that “something” did in fact happen over
South African terrain. Some of these recorded conversations
involved military officials in South Africa who strongly
reprimanding the intelligence worker-turned-informer over the
phone. This was due to the fact that the informer had left South
Africa for Britain, where he stayed at the house of the researchers,
and then later went into hiding.

QUEST INTERNATIONAL director Graham W. Birdsall has
stated that the documentation and the individuals involved in the
incident are of such a nature that the event must have taken place,
or the International Intelligence Community is collectively
perpetrating a hoax concerning a recovered flying disk. Birdsall
strongly suspects that the incidents did take place, due to the
weight of evidence. Following is part of a word-for-word transcript
given to the researchers by the informant, describing what he
alleged to be the actual top secret report of the initial tracking of
the object:

“…The object entered South African air space at 13.52 GMT. Radio
contact was attempted with object, but all communications proved
futile. As a result two armed Mirage fighters were scrambled. A
short time later the object suddenly changed course at great speed
which would have been impossible for conventional aircraft to

“At 13.59 GMT, Squadron Leader —– the pilot of the fighter
reported that they had radar and visual confirmation of the object.
The order was given to arm and fire the experimental aircraft-
mounted Thor 2 laser cannon. This was done.

“Squadron leader —– reported that several blinding flashes emitted
from the object which had started wavering whilst heading in a
northerly direction. At 14.02 is was reported that the object was
decreasing altitude at a rate of 3000 feet per minute. Then at speed
it dived at an angle of 25 degrees and impacted in desert terrain 80
miles north of the South African border with Botswana, identified
as the central Kalahari desert. Squadron leader —– was instructed
to circle the area until a retrieval team arrived. A team of Air Force
Intelligence Officers, together with medical and technical staff were
promptly taken to the area of impact for Investigation and retrieval.
The findings were as follows:

1) a crater 150 meters in diameter and 12 meters in depth.
2) A silver coloured disk shaped object 45 degrees embedded
of crater.
3) Around the object sand and rocks were fused together by the
intense heat.
4) An intense magnetic and radio-active environment around the
object resulted in electronic failure of air force equipment
(causing the crash of one Air Force helicopter).
5) The object was eventually moved to an Air Force Base for
further investigation.
6) The terrain of impact was filled with sand and rubble to
disguise all evidence of the event having taken place…”

The report indicated that a hydraulic type landing gear was fully
deployed, suggesting that electronic malfunction had caused the
object to crash, probably due to the Thor 2 laser cannon having
been fired at the craft. While the team observed the object at the Air
Force Base a loud sound was heard. It was then noted that a hatch
on the lower side of the craft had opened slightly and appeared to
be stuck. This opening was later forced with the use of hydraulic
pressure equipment, at which point two humanoid entities in tight
fitting grey suits emerged and were promptly apprehended. The
report stated that the entities were of the following description
(emphasis ours – Branton):

“HEIGHT: 4-5.5 ft.; COMPLEXION: Greyish blue – skin texture
smooth, extremely resilient; HAIR: Totally devoid of any bodily
hair; HEAD: Oversize in relation to human proportions. Raised
cranium with dark blue markings around head; FACE: Prominent
cheek bones; EYES: Large and slanted upwards towards side of
face. No pupils seen; NOSE: Small consisting of two nostrils;
MOUTH: Small slit devoid of lips; JAW: Small in relation to
human proportions; BODY/ARMS: Long and thin reaching just
LEGS: Short and thin; GENITALS: NO EXTERIOR sexual
humanoids, no samples of blood or tissue could be taken (One
ON FACE AND CHEST). When offered various food, refused to
eat… One way passage has been requested for both humanoids to
Wright Patterson Air Force Base USA for more advanced
investigation and research…”

Many of the details regarding these “humanoids” are actually very
similar to other branches of the reptilian race as it has been
described by other witnesses. It appears as if the serpent race is
composed of several different branches or types, much the same as
dogs or other animals retain their distinction but are composed of
several different “types”. Commonly known reptiles are devoid of
bodily hair, have prominent cheek bones, large slanted eyes, small
openings in place of ears, 3-digit webbed hands and feet – except in
the case of snakes, etc., which lost their limbs through
atrophication over 1000’s of years – have claws, are covered with
“scaly” ribbed skin, and have no external reproductive organs, being
egg-layers, and are aggressive and predatory in nature.

The top-secret document indicated that the passage of the object
and creatures would be implemented on the 23rd of June, 1989 to
Wright Patterson AFB. Actually, sources DO indicate that Wright
Patterson DID IN FACT GO ON RED ALERT on that date.
Subsequent documents supplied by the Intelligence source to Q.I.
indicate that the creatures seemed to have a strong connection with
the SAURIAN race which existed in ancient times. The exact
wording of one particular document which is now in the hands of
QUEST INTERNATIONAL is as follows: “All informations found
aboard alien spacecraft concerning the evolution of alien life forms
indicates to an evolution similar to that which we find on Earth
findings indicate) a high degree of adaptability. Further
physiological and psychological studies performed in South Africa
and in the United States points to a simple and complex structure
of behavior. It would seem as if these lifeforms CAN NOT
CENTRAL COMMAND. According to additional informations
found aboard retrieved craft a separate race is designated superior
by them. CONCLUSION: An in-depth study and analysis of the
psychological make- up and behavior prediction is advised. Studies
performed on two alien life forms captured has proven that they
cannot act independently from own acquired intelligence without
access to communication, orders and instructions from a hierarchy
or central command…”

Three different aspects of the South African affair in fact coincide
very closely with what other sources have revealed concerning these
reptilian-saurian alien creatures:

1) Several sources, many of whom we will quote later on, state that
the “saurian grays” are the lower echelon of a hidden reptilian
hierarchy, and that the other race which is considered to be superior
is saurian-reptilian-hominoid as well, although they are a different
and larger “branch” of the serpent race.

2) Many other sources state that the serpent race-saurians-reptilians
operate on a “collective consciousness” level as if the individual
alien beings are – to put it in one perspective – individual “cells” in
an immense mind or body of a single immense creature. Actually
there seems to be a COMBINATION of both individuality AS
WELL AS “collective consciousness” operating in these entities.

3) The description of the “aliens” as well as the electromagnetic
nature of their craft corresponds exactly with descriptions given in
HUNDREDS of separate reports of this nature.

The Intelligence Officer who contacted QUEST
INTERNATIONAL and provided them with the information, claims
he did so out of concern for the security of the human race as a
whole, and although he was pressured into signing a ‘National
Secrecy Act’ form he believes that he would be guilty of treason
against the human race if he did not disclose what he knew, and
what the governments were trying to hide.

It is remarkable that the majority of the non-human occupants
reported in connection with these AERIAL craft are said to be
REPTILIAN or SAURIAN in nature, especially in light of such
prophecies as the one given in Revelation chapter 12, which reads:

“…And there was WAR IN HEAVEN: Michael fought against THE
DRAGON; and THE DRAGON fought and his angels… and the
GREAT DRAGON was cast out, that OLD SERPENT, called the
Devil, and Satan, which DECIEVETH the whole world…”

One of the “phenomena” which we mentioned earlier has taken
place in several different parts of the world, but most prominently
along the Continental Divide region of the U.S. Since the late
1960’s, bizarre animal (especially cattle) mutilations have been on
the increase. Numerous accounts claim that these mutilations were
performed with laser-fine surgical precision with cuts so precise
(down to the separation of the molecules themselves) that they
could not have been accomplished by the conventionally known
technology of the time. Eyes, colons, reproductive organs, etc., are
very often reported as having been removed in such a manner as if
part of a rehearsed process being carried out in widely scattered
locations. The blood is almost always described as having been
drained with no resulting vascular collapse (also impossible with
the conventional technology of our society at the time). In most
cases no tracks or markings in the ground have been discovered,
which is another mystery that investigators for a large part have
been unable to explain; but in the few cases where markings have
been reported, the investigators report over and over again the
existence of strange “tripod” and “crop-circle” marks in the ground,
nothing else. Another strange phenomena surrounding these
mutilations is the fact that predatory birds and other animals which
have fed off the carcasses of the mutilated animals have often been
found lying dead nearby. It is even reported that maggots refuse to
touch such carcasses. Again, the reason is unknown. Just who or
what is mutilating these animals? In the Vol. 5, No. 4, 1990 issue
of “UFO” Magazine (pp. 16-17), Linda Moulton Howe, in her
UPDATE” made some very remarkable observations concerning the
mutilators themselves. She wrote:

“In 1989, there were so many cattle mutilations in southern Idaho
that Bear Lake County Sheriff Brent Bunn told me: ‘We haven’t
seen anything like this since the 1970’s.’ Sheriff Bunn sent me 16
neatly- typed ‘Investigation Reports’ about cattle mutilations that
had taken place in his county between May and December. Over
half occurred in a remote valley called Nounan. Only eighty people
lived there. Ranching is their main income source, and cattle are
precious. Disease and predators are old and well-understood
enemies. What descended on Nounan, Idaho in the summer and fall
of 1989 was not understood–and it scared people.

“‘Bloodless cuts–that’s what bothers people,’ officer Greg Athay
wrote in his mutilation report, ‘There were no visible signs of the
cause of death. It appeared that only the soft tissues (nose, lips and
tongue) were gone off the head and four nipples off the bag. Again
there was no blood on the hair and ground.'”

Howe described another incident which took place in this region
during the same time-period. This series of mutilations involved
mostly cattle, over half of which were young calves:

“…One mutilated calf, found December 24 (1989), north of
Downey, Idaho, was found lying on its back with the naval, rectum
and genitals neatly cut out of the steer’s white belly. No blood was
found anywhere. The steer was taken for an autopsy to Dr. Chris
Oats, D.V.M., at the Hawthorne Animal Hospital. Dr. Oats checked
all the vital organs and was unable to determine the cause of death.
During the autopsy, a sharp cut was found in the right chest area,
and Dr. Oats also discovered that a main artery had been severed
under the chest wound.

“She was surprised that ‘the steer had lost a large amount of blood,
but (she) could not understand where it went to.’ There was no
blood on the steer or on the ground. Dr. Oats also determined that
the steer had not been dragged by the neck or tied up around the

Linda Howe also confirmed the fact that strange aerial disks have
often been reported in connection with the mutilations:

“…Throughout the history of the animal mutilations, since 1967,
there have been numerous eyewitness accounts of large, glowing
disks or ‘silent helicopters’ over pastures where dead animals were
later found. One Waco, Texas rancher said he encountered two
four-foot tall, light green-colored ‘creatures’ with large, black,
slanted eyes, carrying a calf which was later found dead and
mutilated. In 1983, a Missouri couple watched through binoculars
as two small beings in tight-fitting silver suits worked on a cow in a
nearby pasture. The alien heads were large and white in color.
Nearby, a tall, green- skinned ‘lizard man’ stood glaring with eyes
slit by vertical pupils like a crocodiles…”

As we have indicated, the larger saurian ‘lizard-like’ creatures
HAVE been described in rare UFO occurrences, but more often in
subterranean or underground encounters. This strongly suggests
that the “saurians” in fact DID NOT become “extinct” but instead
developed a high level of intelligence (perhaps only the most
intelligent of the saurians survived) and then literally went
“underground”. There are in fact actual accounts which we will deal
with later, that speak of ancient cavern or tunnel systems which
have been discovered, and within which certain individuals claimed
to have encountered “alien” beings such and the saurian-grays and
the far more elusive “Lizard- like” hominoids. Such subterranean
encounters have allegedly taken place beneath or near
Albuquerque, New Mexico; Las Vegas, Nevada and Salt Lake City,
Utah; among other areas, suggesting that the American southwest is
undermined by large, ancient cavern systems which have been
invaded by a race of saurian predators which (as we will see) may
have originally come from similar cavern systems beneath central
Asia and the Far East; where the existence of a subterranean
“serpent race” is actually confirmed and accepted by tens of
thousands of people. These include the Hindus and the Buddhists,
who both refer to these creatures in their ancient myths and

There are other accounts which seem to confirm the possibility that
the smaller, commonly reported saurian “gray” reptiles of short
stature are actually the lower level of a larger reptilian hierarchy. As
we’ve indicated, different sources claim that the superiors or
overlords of the grays resemble hominoid creatures with skin
texture and color similar to that of a crocodiles. These are
apparently the most secretive and the most dangerous of all the
reptilian predators. Perhaps the reason for this is that once a human
being encounters them, they usually never return. For instance, a
security worker from Salt Lake City informed some researchers that
after the first settlers moved into the valley they eventually began
construction work in what is now downtown Salt Lake City. Other
sources have stated that construction workers broke into an ancient
system of tunnels below S.L.C. which “might” have dated back to
antediluvian times, and certainly to pre-Columbian times. These
were later found to spread for miles in all directions.

The security guard stated that several people over the years had
entered the tunnels, including one particular tunnel which was
discovered beneath what is now the Crossroads Cinemas in the
downtown section of the city, and that many of these had never
returned. This security guard asked a fellow worker if he could get
permission to explore these tunnels, which incidentally are now
sealed off or protected by police alarm systems, probably because
of the disappearances. This other worker informed him that this
would probably not be a good idea as he might encounter the (his
exact words) “lizard people” in which event he would probably no

In relation to the above, the most frightening thing about the
mutilation activity is that not only animals, but HUMANS have
been found mutilated in a similar manner as cattle on several
occasions. One of the most notable witnesses to such an event is
Bill English, the son of an Arizona state legislator and a former
Captain of the Green Berets. Several years ago Bill had been
assigned to an RAF “listening post” north of London as an
information analyst, and claims to have seen a copy – by mistake or
by design – of the elusive Above “GRUDGE – BLUEBOOK:
REPORT NO. 13″, which incidentally described an incident which
he himself had investigated some years earlier. This ABOVE TOP
SECRET report (classified higher than the H-Bomb) contained
several hundred pages of government-investigated accounts of
UFO’s, UFO crash-recoveries, abductions and mutilations of human
beings, autopsy reports on alien cadavers recovered from various
crash sites, and highly technical reports on antigravity research, etc.
(transcripts of his recollections, etc., can be obtained via PEA
Research., 116 Vargas Ct., Milpitas, CA 95035). English claims
that he had been constantly harassed ever since releasing publicly
the information contained in this Above Top Secret classified
document. He was forced to flee England and was not allowed to
return to his family. Apparently English, like the South African
Intelligence worker mentioned earlier, was of the opinion that
“National Security” could best be served by making the public
aware of what was going on rather than suppress it out of fear of
public reaction or some other reason.

Bill English states that several years ago he was a member of a
Special Forces investigative team that went in to retrieve an aircraft
which went down in thick jungle territory. This took place when
Bill was serving as a Green Beret captain in Laos in 1969 – ’71, and
the plane which his 10-man team was sent to investigate was of the
B-52 bomber class. Communications had been received from the B-
52 before it went down to the effect that it was “…under attack by a
UFO…”, a “…large light…”. The plane was found intact, sitting in
the jungle. There was no swath indicative of a crash landing. Only
the bottom of the fuselage showed any damage, there was no
damage to the underside of the engine pods. Although the plane
was completely intact, the crew was dead. They were found sitting
in their safety harnesses, yet were mutilated – anus cored out to the
colon, apparently with some corkscrew patches of skin sliced from
the neck and jaw; and eyes and genitalia removed by extremely
precise surgery, yet no blood was spilled anywhere. English’s
account was aired over the “Billy Goodman” radio talk show on
KVEG 840 AM, Las Vegas, Nevada, on March 1, 1990, 11:00

The blood and biological organs taken from animal and human
victims are apparently used for various different purposes according
to numerous sources, all of which are in keeping with the
malevolent nature of these creatures. Police Officer Don Ecker of
Idaho revealed to an audience of over 400 top UFO investigators at
the 1989 MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) symposium held in Las
Vegas, that he had personally investigated such human mutilations
in his home state. He even attempted to request access to similar
cases which might be filed in the Justice Department Computer, but
was told that the files concerning these cases were classified and he
was warned to cease all attempts to request such data in the future.
Ecker had two other friends of his, also in law enforcement, try to
retrieve this information, but they were stone-walled as well.

Many of the researchers involved in this effort to educate the public
consider themselves to be patriotic Americans and entirely devoted
to the CONSTITUTIONAL form of government as it was
established by our forefathers; the same constitution which all U.S.
Military and Intelligence officials have SWORN BY OATH TO
UPHOLD AND DEFEND. If one were to possess a high-level
security clearance as do many Intelligence workers, it would be
one’s patriotic duty to honor that security clearance and keep any
secret NECESSARY for our national security AS LONG AS IT

However, there are many UNELECTED powers or “secret
government” elements working within the constitutional
government, many of whom have come under the influence of the
alien forces, who ARE NOT working in the interests of the
CONSTITUTIONAL government as we shall see. These are the
ones who are being influenced into perverting the National Security
laws of this nation in a way which is actually destructive to the
American Republic. There are many well-meaning government
employees with high-level security clearances who are being told
that it is their duty as an American to keep the existence of this
alien threat from the American public. Such secrecy IS NOT in the
best interests of our NATIONAL SECURITY, and is in fact a
violation of the CONSTITUTION which many of these government
and military employees have SWORN to uphold and defend.

Perhaps Bill English realized this, and did what he felt was his
duty as an American Patriot – that is EXPOSE this threat for what
it was. Keeping the existence of such a threat from the American
Public can IN NO WAY serve the interests of National Security but
only of National destruction. Even if the government thought that
they alone could defend our nation against such a threat while at
the same time keeping it’s existence from the American public for
fear of panic, etc., they would be in error, as they would not
succeed without the assistance and cooperation of the American
public, just as in any “war”. If a nation’s citizens do not fully
support the effort, then that nation will ultimately lose any war with
an equally powerful and especially more powerful outside enemy
no matter how hard the “government” might fight.

There are many in high-levels of government who may be
unknowingly serving the alien (saurian) plan simply because they
are “following orders” from their higher ups, powerful government
officials who may be either sell-outs to the conspiratorial or even
‘alien’ plan in exchange for certain promises, may even be implanted
or controlled mentally through some method of alien technology
which is a well documented fact among abductees as we shall see,
or who may be going along with the “plan” for fear of their jobs,
their families, or their very lives if they do not cooperate. Then
there are those in the media who are being used by these draconian
powers, whether consciously or unconsciously, to desensitize a
whole generation of young people and condition them to the idea of
hominoid “reptilians”, which are presented through various media
programs as being harmless and friendly. Just look at the incredible
financial gains of those who promote this idea through the different
facets of the media. Are they being ‘rewarded’ for their obedience?

PLEASE REMEMBER while reading these reports (Files) that one
should not “condemn” any human or group of humans who may be
exposed in these writings for their part in becoming caught-up in
the “Grand Deception.” Although humanity as a whole is to some
degree responsible for “opening the door” for this infernal invasion
and infiltration of our society, we also acknowledge that many who
are caught-up in the alien scenario are involved in it out of
ignorance, having been told that the saurians are only here to lead
the human race into “enlightenment”. This is a farce in that the
occult teachings which the serpent races have inspired certain
groups with are simply methods of alien “control”, or rather alien-
inspired methods of releasing one’s control over their minds and
bodies so that the saurians and their non-physical “allies” (i.e. the
fallen angelics or “infernals”) might move in and take control of the
body, soul and spirits of those people.

In ancient times the Creator placed a judgment and a curse upon the
serpent race which will eventually be fulfilled (it is now in the
PROCESS of being fulfilled). God would not have placed such a
judgment upon a creature unless it/they themselves had a free will –
in this case a free choice to reject the Creator and turn to the evil
one in exchange for power over the human race, the earth and
beyond. The serpent race was the only other physical race, other
than the human race, which could have rebelled against the Creator
as it was originally the most intelligent and advanced by far of all
the members of the animal kingdom, and the only other creature
other than man with the ability to “reason”. Unlike man it/they
possessed no eternal soul, but nevertheless were very close to man
in it’s ability to intellectually discern the various workings and
complexities of nature. Of course after the absolute corruption of
this “race” such intellectual knowledge was horribly corrupted to
serve the serpent’s insatiable lust for power and control.

Just as the Creator does not wish that any human soul be destroyed
by these draconian powers, neither do we. Any exposition which
we may present for the purpose of exposing any human or human
group involved in the alien “Grand Deception” is not designed to
condemn to destruction the humans involved; but instead to warn
them and to wake them up out of the trance they are in, which in
turn is the result of the continual “raping” of their minds by the
“controllers”. It is our hope that they would turn from the Serpent
and begin trusting in “The Lamb” of God, who came to this planet
for the express purpose of crushing the “Beast” or the “Serpent” and
its power over the human race. Outside of the grace and mercy of
Almighty God we are no better than any other human who might
have fallen under the “spell” of the serpent race. Also, if God chose
to use certain humans as vessels of truth, it is certainly not because
we or they deserve it. In any event any credit for any good which
may result from this effort must be given to God alone.

As for the cattle mutilations, there are indications that they may
have been going on since the late 1800’s. In his book “ANATOMY
OF PHENOMENA” (Henry Regency Co., Chicago, ILL),
researcher Jacques Vallee related the extremely well-documented
account of a cattle abduction/mutilation in which a strange aerial
craft was involved. The incident was reported by none other than
Alexander Hamilton (a well-known historical figure and a
prominent member of the House of Representatives during the late
1800’s). Hamilton signed an affidavit, notarized by 10 notable
members of the community of LeRoy, Kansas, where they lived.
The affidavit was dated April 21, 1897. Hamilton staked his “sacred
honor” on the truth of the following account:

On that night, Hamilton was awakened by a noise among the cattle.
No sooner had he and his family gone outside than they saw to
their utter amazement an “airship” described as being about 300
feet long and cigar-shaped, slowly descending over their cow lot,
about 40 rods from their home. Hamilton described the object
(emphasis ours – Branton) as being “…brilliantly lighted within…
everything was plainly visible–IT WAS OCCUPIED BY SIX OF

Hamilton and his son Wall, and a tenant by the name of Gid Heslip,
then went over to the lot where they saw a 2-year-old heifer
bawling and jumping, stuck to a fence. They found a reddish cable
fastened around the heifer’s neck which led up to the craft. They
managed to get the cable loosed from the fence but were unable to
get it off the cows neck, and they observed while the ship, heifer
and all, rose slowly and disappeared to the northwest. The
following evening he found out that “…Link Thomas, about three or
four miles west of Le Roy, had found the hide, legs, and head in his
field that day. He, thinking someone had butchered a stolen beast,
had brought the hide to town for identification, BUT WAS
TRACKS IN THE SOFT GROUND. After identifying the hide of
my brand, I went home. But every time I would drop off to sleep I
would see the cursed thing, with it’s big lights and hideous people.
FAMILY SAW THE SHIP, and I don’t want any more to do with

John A. Keel, in his book “OPERATION TROJAN HORSE”,
confirmed that news records of that time reveal that a large-scale
“UFO flap” did take place in April of 1897, covering about five
states. Many of the witnesses reported the strange or hideous type
of occupants as described by Hamilton, and Keel reports that these
creatures “made a real effort to hide from the witnesses who
stumbled upon them accidentally…” Could it be that these creatures
were deliberately attempting to hide reptilian features, fearing that
if the witnesses knew of their true nature the largely God-fearing
residents of this part of the country might put two and two

Another prominent person – one of the many government-military-
industrial members who are now coming forward with the truth of
the existence of a non-human alien race – is veteran flying ace John
Lear. John is the son of William Lear, the original founder of the
“Lear” Jet Corp. He has for several years been a captain with a
major U.S. Airline and has test flown over 160 different types of
aircraft. Once a die-hard skeptic, Lear the son has made a complete
reversal. It all began several years ago when a close friend of his in
a high-level position in the military told John that he was witness
to a UFO landing which took place at the Bentwaters Air Force
Base in England, and during which several small, alien “gray” type
creatures were seen. Lear decided that he would check into the
subject in greater depth, utilizing his many contacts in the
Intelligence community. Largely due to the fact that he had flown
top-secret missions for the CIA and other governmental agencies in
the past, he had gained the confidence of several high-level
Intelligence workers. He took advantage of these contacts and
began to pry into the U.S. Government’s own knowledge and
experience with the UFO phenomena. Although bits and pieces of
the scenario were learned from different sources (some of whom
knew only PART, but not all of the scenario), Lear was amazed to
find that all these pieces of information fell together into one big
overall picture, and a FRIGHTENING picture at that. One thing
which kept coming up over and over when he probed his
Intelligence contacts for information, was repeated references to a
small town in northwestern New Mexico known as ‘Dulce,’ where
some very strange and “alien” things were allegedly taking place.

Lear learned three basic facts from the many CIA and other
Intelligence sources:

1) The U.S. Government has, since the end of World War II,
retrieved several unidentified objects, mostly disk-shaped, which
had crashed in different regions in both the United States and
overseas. The occupants retrieved from these various crash sites
were both humanoid and reptoid in nature. A few from each group
were allegedly recovered alive (and many of these died within a few
years after recovery), but most of the occupants were deceased
when found. Many of the occupants and objects were taken to a
secret hanger in Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, while
others were transferred to various other bases throughout the
country. Most of the occupants were of the reptilian or saurian
“gray” type. Other ‘entities’ were found to be some type of bio-
synthetic automaton apparently constructed in part out of organs
taken from mutilation victims. There is no indication of what might
have animated these other creatures since they were found to
possess a sponge-like consistency all the way through instead of
reptilian or human organs. Some however had suggested, based on
various findings, that this third type of entity might have been
animated-used as physical “shells” by non- physical entities
desiring to utilize such constructions in order to work and operate
in the physical dimension. Some of the technology retrieved from
these objects were later used to develop top-secret aerial craft of
Military construction, while other objects were found in-tact to the
point that they could still be test-flown by military personnel. After
one of the first such crash/retrievals which took place near Corona
and Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, President Truman assisted in
putting together a top-secret committee consisting of some of the
most prominent scientists, economists and political scientists in the
nation in order to analyze the phenomena and make determinations.

2) Certain segments of the government, desiring to get possession
of the super-advanced technology utilized by this alien race,
attempted to make contact with them, since these creatures usually
passed themselves off as benevolent extraterrestrials. Actually, it
was later determined that these entities are neither benevolent, nor
(originally) extraterrestrial, although they may have established
outposts on other planetary bodies according to certain sources.
There is evidence that the Government and the Intelligence
Community is beginning to realize this, but due to certain
concessions which they had made in the past with these creatures
without public consent, they have unfortunately and unknowingly
forced themselves and their people (the U.S. citizens) into a
position which they cannot presently escape from, unless
something miraculous takes place.

3) It was found that certain “underground bases” existed,
concentrated largely beneath the southwestern United States, with
the largest of them being beneath the area of Dulce, New Mexico.
The U.S. Government learned of these after years of surveillance
and tracking of UFO flight paths, etc., which forced the “aliens” to
make a “deal” with the government. This included the exchange of
technology and the use of the UPPER levels of these underground
“bases” if the U.S. Government agreed to consent to the alien-grays
continued “scientific observation” of human subjects via
abductions, and agreed to keep the existence of the alien presence
from the American public. The U.S. Govt. Also ‘allowed’ the aliens
to jointly use some of their own underground bases. This was later
turned out to be a BIG mistake. Although these creatures still
maintained a facade of benevolence, they absolutely refused the
majority of the scientists and government workers within these
“joint” bases to enter the lower levels, much less know that they
existed. The “security clearances” increased as one descended into
these lower levels until such a point was passed when an individual
learned “too much” about what was going on “down there”. At this
point the base workers would often turn up missing. But there have
been reports given by individuals who have seen these lower levels
which suggest that the story given by the aliens (i.e. that the “bases”
are of recent construction, are of limited extent, and that the aliens
themselves are of extraterrestrial origin) is not all true. Some of
these descriptions suggest that these so-called “bases” are actually
hundreds if not thousands of years old, and are underground
systems which connect with ancient tunnel and cavern networks
which literally undermine the American continent and beyond.
Other sources with “inside” knowledge on these bases have stated
that these underlying systems have for centuries been the abode of
reptilian races native to planet earth, as well as other hidden human
societies with which the saurians have been at war for ages – the
knowledge of whom the reptilians have attempted to keep from
those on the surface (divide and conquer strategy against the human
race). The government, according to many sources, began to learn
that these creatures were lying to them. Also, something began to
happen to the minds of the “joint base” workers operating within
these installations. It seemed as if some type of occult or mind-
manipulating influence was slowly bringing these workers under
it’s control; and many witnesses who had been in these bases and
were fortunate enough to live to tell of it were confused by the fact
that most of the human workers appeared to be nothing less than
mindless automatons carrying on their assigned tasks in almost
zombie-like fashion. Many seemed to have lost all feeling and
personality altogether. It is not known just how ancient some of
these underground systems are, although some sources suggest that
many of them were of antediluvian construction. Such activity as
we’ve indicated has also allegedly spread to underground bases of
government construction, such as the underground base network
existing beneath the Nevada Military Complex. Some bases are of
exclusively alien construction, others of human construction, while
still others were found to have already been in existence since
antediluvian times. Some of the bases such as the one below ‘Dulce’
N.M. are allegedly combinations of two or all three of these
constructions – i.e. ancient underground systems which have been
extended by modern alien and/or human occupation.

The above three paragraphs are scenarios which were related not
only by John Lear, but several other researchers as well. As the
reader will see, most of the researchers involved (except for a few
who have been exposed as disinformation agents intent on
confusing the issue) have gathered information which fits perfectly
and collectively into one large, overall and frightening scenario.

John Lear was the keynote speaker at the 1989 MUFON conference
which was held in Las Vegas. In his address, Lear showed portions
of actual footage, narrated by Rod Serling, of a UFO fly-over and
subsequent landing at Holloman Air Force Base. The film,
according to Lear, was commissioned by the government as part of
a mass-education program to inform the public of the alien
presence in an official format. This was when they still believed
that the (grey) entities were benevolent. These plans were dropped
however when the “Horrible Truth” became known, namely that
these sauroid “aliens” were not as benevolent as first believed, but
were cunningly using the “space brother” approach to gain control
over the minds of those they came in contact with. The top-secret
MJ-12 committee and their superiors, the MAJIC committee, soon
learned that hundreds of HUMAN mutilations were being carried
out and that THOUSANDS of people were being abducted and
were never seen again. MJ-12 ever since this time seems to have
become a rather schizophrenic organization, attempting to “feed”
and appease this ‘beast’ with one hand while at the same time
attempting to develop the defensive and offensive technology
needed to destroy it with the other hand. There are some who
suggest that at least part of the MJ-12 committee and the allied
organizations such as the Delta Group, the Jason Society, and the
CIA et al. have at least been partially infiltrated by the alien
influence via implantation and mind manipulation, especially
among those members of the “secret government” who are
associated with some of the more nefarious activities of certain
“Illuminated” secret societies.

Aside from the underground facilities of New Mexico, Lear also
insists that the saurian grays have taken over the lower levels of
secret U.S. government installations in Nevada as well (Groom
Lake, Dreamland, S-4, Blue Diamond, Mercury, Nevada Test Site).
Human workers there have also apparently come under their “spell”.
These alien creatures apparently know how to manipulate the
human mind extremely well, as they have probably had thousands
of years experience. Other sources indicate that these installations
were infiltrated and taken over from BELOW and not from above.
This would explain the LARGE NUMBER of saurian-reptilian
entities which have allegedly been seen in the extreme lower levels
of the underground systems beneath the Nevada Military Complex,
as they have also been seen in the Dulce, New Mexico complex –
and BOTH of these complexes according to Lear and others are
allegedly connected subterraneously with each other! Apparently,
during the deep excavations beneath Nevada, the U.S. government
“broke-in” to enormous natural underground systems and
encountered this “alien” race. This seems to have taken place
unfortunately during the period when the so-called “treaties” were
being made and the government assumed that these aliens were
benevolent. There are also allegedly “gray” type entities which have
been recovered alive from crash/retrievals that are being held in the
Nevada systems, but even these cannot account for all the alien
activity allegedly taking place beneath this area. That is, unless
John Lear and other prominent researchers are putting their very
reputations at stake by perpetrating a collective hoax.

Many of the workers beneath Nevada’s Nellis Air Force Range, as
in New Mexico, are allegedly being controlled through fear,
intimidation and mind manipulation, and are led to believe that the
government is still in control and that everything taking place is for
the good of humanity, when actually the serpent race is running the
program, and as Lear put it, they “don’t give a damn” about the
human race. From various accounts, it seems that the U.S.
Government may have assumed that because of their diminutive
stature, the “grays” were not so much a threat to us as they possibly
could be. Yet there is also much evidence as we’ve said earlier that
the saurian “grays” are the BOTTOM LEVEL of an enormous
reptilian “hierarchy”. The Grays are perhaps the least “offensive
looking” of the “Reptoid” species, even though they are not at all
pleasing to look at (especially their eyes), and they can also be
indicted in numerous cattle and even human mutilation incidents.
They have apparently been chosen to interface with human beings
in order to gain their trust and to persuade us to let down our guard,
establish “treaties” (which the saurians never intend to keep) and
other methods designed to establish further CONTROL over the
human race. The REAL power behind this alien hierarchy includes
even larger, more secretive and more grotesque- appearing reptilian
branches which, if encountered, would cause absolute terror in
most human beings who meet up with them. If all of this sounds
like so much “science fiction”, just remember the old saying: “Truth
is often stranger than fiction!” Also, we have not even begun to
record all of the various corroborating accounts suggesting that
such a scenario is actually taking place. Please bear with us and let
the documentation speak for itself.

As we indicated earlier, shortly after World War II, according to
Lear and others, certain segments of the government made contact
with this saurian-reptilian or “serpent” race. One source who does
not identify himself but who claims to be a high-level official in
Military Intelligence (this was confirmed by Timothy Green
Beckley of Abelard Press, N.Y., who has published some of this
man’s revelations and knows his real identity), goes by the name of
“Commander X”. This (alleged) Intelligence source claims that the
initial contact took place in the 1930’s, that the contact involved
members of the government who were tied-in with the “Order of the
Illuminati”, and that it was not an extraterrestrial race but a
SUBTERRANEAN race which they came in contact with.

In addition to this (although it may sound almost unbelievable)
SEVERAL DOZEN SOURCES, many of whom we will quote in
greater detail further on, claim that HUNDREDS people-victims of
abduction incidents – are being held captive in a 7th sub-level of
the massive underground complex beneath the Dulce, New Mexico
area. This level, and allegedly deeper levels below consisting of
natural cavern and artificial tunnel systems, are largely under the
control of the saurian-grays and their reptilian ‘overlords.’ The
region beneath the four-corners area of the southwestern U.S.,
according to various sources, is one of the major if not THE major
center of activity for these non-human beings in North America.
There are apparently other centers of activity beneath other
continents – i.e. aside from Mt. Archuleta near Dulce, New Mexico
there is Mt. Illampu in South America; the Pine Gap Plateau in
Australia; unspecified underground areas in Africa; the
Manosarowar region of the Himalayan Mts. of Asia; the island of
Malta in Europe; and Mt. Erebus in Antarctica. These can be
considered as areas of intense subterranean activity, especially
sauroid activity, or areas where paraspeleological events are
concentrated. Some of these areas are sites where both saurian
AND human activity has been reported, and in some cases, areas of
CONFLICT between saurian and human beings.

The massive complex beneath the Archuleta plateau near Dulce,
New Mexico, allegedly intersects with other similar bases or
installations in New Mexico and neighboring states, for instance:
Page, Superstition Mts., Arizona; Datil, Pie Town, Carlsbad, Taos,
New Mexico; Creed, Ft. Collins, Colorado, etc. – that is, this
system allegedly connects with underground sites somewhere
NEAR these areas, and others beyond. Incidentally, the MAJOR
concentrations of cattle mutilations have been in the southwestern
states and, particularly, epicenters on a ranch only 13 miles from
the small town of Dulce, New Mexico. Herds roaming through that
general area have been the MAJOR targets, which suggests that
similar but smaller installations may exist in other areas with high
concentrations of cattle mutilations.

In 1979, according to John Lear’s Intelligence and CIA sources, a
group of government scientists and workers within the lower levels
of the Dulce complex managed to penetrate into the lower depths of
this underground system, and were horrified when they suddenly
came across huge underground chambers filled with the REMAINS
of untold numbers of HUMAN mutilation victims. Some of these
remains were apparently those of CHILDREN. Lear and his sources
believe that many of these may have been some of America’s
MISSING children! This, and other indications, suggest that there
may be a “hidden holocaust” taking place deep underground which
may make Hitler’s “final solution” appear insignificant by

These workers had no sooner discovered the “Horrible Truth”,
according to Lear, then they themselves were taken captive by the
infernal creatures which controlled the deeper levels of this
labyrinth; but not before these workers were able to warn other
government workers above about what was really going on. When
MJ-12 and other deep-level government agencies learned of the
hostage situation, they decided to send in special forces units
(Delta Forces and Blue Berets, based in Ft. Collins, Colorado –
N.R.O. or National Recon Organization headquarters), in an
attempt to seize the base and set free the people who had been
captured. When the blood-bath was over nearly 66 of the special
forces soldiers were dead and the “base” was not taken. I realize
that all of this sounds rather fantastic, but why would John Lear,
and many others who have confirmed the activities taking place at
Dulce, put their entire reputations on the line to make such earth-
shattering claims unless they are absolutely convinced that such
claims were in fact true?

If the reader is not yet convinced, then we would ask them to
consider the following:

— In 1983, New Mexico newspapers reported the “crash” of a “top
secret military aircraft” near Mt. Archuleta, northwest of Dulce.
The story appeared for a few days and then nothing else was
mentioned. During the “recovery operation” witnesses reported
hundreds of combat ready troops, “armed to the teeth”, in the area
who would run and disappear without a trace when approached.
Other investigators found a CRESCENT-SHAPED impression in
the ground where the object had landed, as well as trees which had
been broken in half when the craft descended, and other bizarre
signs which were not consistent with the “official” version of the

— Mt. Archuleta is in a very rugged area, accessible – on the surface
– only by 4-wheel-drive vehicles. In 1978 the Federal Government
made an agreement with the Ute Indian tribe (which has a
reservation on the southern border of Colorado, some miles north
of the Archuleta area, and through which runs the only road by
which Mt. Archuleta can be accessed by non-4-wheel-drive
vehicles). The Ute’s agreed to enforce a strict “No Trespassing”
regulation in exchange for certain properties along the Colorado-
New Mexico border.

— John F. Gille (the French national and UFO researcher who
helped exposed the Club of Rome – Pine Gap, Australia
underground Base connection), Edmound Gomez (owner of the
large ranch 13 miles from Dulce, New Mexico where the majority
of the cattle mutilations in the area took place), and Gabe Valdez
(at the time head of the State Police in Dulce), as well as others
participated in a field investigation. Because of their positions, the
group were able to go onto the Archuleta Mountain-Plateau via a 4-
wheel-drive trail, on Oct. 23-24, 1988. Members of the
investigation team later went on record to state that in the early
morning hours while camped atop Archuleta peak they witnessed a
large “boomerang-shaped” object coming from the northwest at
great speed, stop and hover in mid-air, and emit something like
“sparks” from both ends, then continuing off at great speed into the
distance. They also reported seeing strange lights which would
appear and fade over a period of time, within a canyon cliff where a
prominent physicist and UFO researcher by the name of Paul
Bennewitz alleged were cave-openings through which UFO’s had
been seen entering and leaving. Bennewitz by the way had
concluded that there was an “alien” controlled “base” beneath Mt.
Archuleta, based upon years of research into the UFO activity that
has often been witnessed by several people in the Dulce area. The
investigation team who saw the “boomerang-shaped” object also
claimed that when the lights appeared in the cliff they could hear
sounds like radio transmissions, although the voices were not
understandable, and at one point they thought they heard a sound
like “trucks moving” in the distance, even though they were several
miles from any public road (except for the restricted one?)

— Paul Bennewitz reported that: “Troops went in and out of there
(Dulce) every summer, starting in ’47. The natives do recall that.
They also built a road–right in front of the people of Dulce and
trucks went in and out for a long period. That road was later
blocked and destroyed…. The signs on the trucks were “Smith”
Corporation out of Paragosa Springs, Colorado. No such
organization exists–no record exists….I believe the base–at least
the first one (i.e. first U.S. government built extension of the upper-
levels of the base – Branton) was being built then (under the)
covering of a lumbering project … problem — they NEVER hauled
logs. Only BIG equipment.” (Note: There are indications, based on
the testimony of Commander X and others, that the government was
at this time actually expanding the UPPER LEVELS of an ancient
underground installation which was apparently built originally by
an ancient human race and later infiltrated by the saurian-grays –

— “Commander X”, the anonymous military-intelligence official
mentioned earlier, claims to have learned a great deal about the
goings on at the Dulce facility through the intelligence “grapevine”.
He states: “R & D and the Military Industrial complex became
involved and did a study for the base. Most of the lakes near Dulce
were made via government grants “for” the Indians. Navajo Dam is
the main source for conventional electric power, with a second
source in El Vado (also an entrance to this massive complex, which
some claim opens out onto the surface in over 100 sites).”

There are many indications as we’ve said that an antediluvian race
may have inhabited the Americas and – although extremely warlike
and prone to practicing sorcery – were advanced enough in their
sciences to construct a vast system of underground tunnels
connecting large natural cavern systems deep underground. The
reasons for this could include the following: military or national
defense purposes; protection from saurian predators above; occult
or religious purposes; mining and excavation, or simply for living
purposes. There are several documented accounts of people who
have encountered very ANCIENT tunnels and underground
excavations of prehistoric origin all over the United States, however
strange this might sound to some people. The Mt. Archuleta region
MAY be such a site which has been re-established in post-deluvian
times. We say this because the four- corners region of the
Southwest U.S. seems to be a central “hub” of subterranean activity
which apparently dates back to ancient or possibly even
antediluvian times. Many of the ancient tunnel systems which
hunters and explorers have allegedly stumbled across in the
southwest – some of which will be described in detail later on –
were at least a few centuries old when they were found, and
possibly even thousands of years old. Based on the statement by
Commander X that the ‘Illuminati’ came into contact with a
SUBTERRANEAN reptilian race in the 1930’s, and other accounts
which we will describe later, and due to the fact that not even MJ-
12 seems to know how “deep” some of these installations descend
into the earth – we can only come to the conclusion that the
Southwestern subnet (subterranean network) is much more ancient
than the aliens would lead us to believe. This ancient subnet has
apparently been added to and expanded upon in more recent ages,
based on the numerous accounts which have been gathered.

There seems to be basically four “branches” of subterranean activity
radiating out from the Archuleta area. Who or whatever controlled
these subterranean networks in the past, it is evident that much of it
is now under the control of the “serpent race”. Even if humans work
within many of these installations, there are many reports which
state that a large number of these have been implanted in a similar
manner that UFO abductees have been implanted by miniaturized
monitoring devices, and thus the reptilians control such bases,
either way one looks at it. Some of these electronic implants or
monitoring/mind-control devices are allegedly injected into the
optical or nervous systems at the base of the brain via a large needle
which is inserted into the nasal cavity. This aspect of the UFO
phenomena has surfaced among thousands of alleged UFO
abductees, and these “implants” have actually been photographed
by x-rays and CAT scans. As for the four “branches” radiating out
from the Dulce, New Mexico subnet, they are based on various
accounts which have been collected, reports which concern one or
more of the following:

1) Areas where excessively large cavern systems have been reported
2) Areas where ancient tunnels or artificial excavations of unknown
origin have been reported
3) Subterranean recesses – both natural and artificial – in which
human entities have been encountered
4) Subterranean recesses – both natural and artificial – in which
human beings have been encountered. We will give a very basic
of these areas, and in later writings we will deal with each site
on which this list in far greater detail.

SOUTHERN BRANCH – This reaches down along the border of
Arizona – New Mexico and southwest into the Salt River Valley –
Superstition Mts. area of southeast Arizona and again spreading
southeast towards Pie Town and Datil, Las Cruces, Dona Anna
Mts., Organ Mts., Carlsbad, Guadellupe Mts., New Mexico. From
here reports of subterranean activity tend to reach south along the
Guadellupe’s and into Texas, towards the region of Dallas and also
into the Big Bend region directly south. From here the subterranean
activity appears to reach down into Mexico, Guatemala, and
eventually into South America.

NORTHERN BRANCH – North Along the border of Colorado –
Utah, stretching northeast towards the Uncompagre Mts., Creed,
Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak, Colorado; and then again up
through eastern Utah along the Western Rockies, the Utah and Salt
Lake Valleys, and west into the Salt Flats – Dougway area, north
past Hill AFB, and then northwards into southern Idaho, Burley,
etc., and then north towards the Mt. Teton – Jenny Lake region of
NW Wyoming.

WESTERN BRANCH – This tends to stretch along the Utah –
Arizona border to Page, with branches going southward to the
Coconino Plateau and the Colorado – Little Colorado river
convergence and another branch stretching up into the St. George
area of southwestern Utah. West from Page towards the Black Mts.,
area and then into the Las Vegas – Nevada Military Complex, and
on into southern California through the general region
encompassed by the 29 Palms Marine Base, The Devil’s
Playground, Death Valley, Panamint Range, Ft. Irwin, Deep
Springs, El Paso Mts., Edwards AFB., Lancaster, and west to San
Francisco and surrounding regions, to Los Angeles and then up
towards Clear Lake, Mt. Lassen, Mt. Shasta, and then up through
the region of Salem, Oregon, and then up into Washington State
and to Mt. Rainier, etc.

EASTERN BRANCH – Eastward through northern New Mexico,
Los Alamos, San Cristobel, Taos, etc., and into northern Texas and
then southern Oklahoma – Sulfur Springs, Bromide Springs,
Binger, McCallester, etc., and then eastward through northern
Arkansas – Cushman, Ozark Range, etc., and on into the Kentucky –
Tennessee region – Sweetwater, TN., Salem, Mammoth Caves,
Lexington, etc., KY., while a “side branch” seems to run north
towards Chicago and then into southern Minnesota. From
Kentucky – Tennessee this area of activity tends to run through
West Virginia – Helevita and Newville area and into the Bluemont
area of Virginia and Washington D.C., and again into southern
Pennsylvania – Allegheny Mts., Pittsburgh, Dixonville, etc., and
then fanning out into Western New York state – Salamanca,
Syracuse, and again towards Hartford, Connecticut and Mt.
Moodus and then towards New York City and Boston, and the
White Mountains of New Hampshire, and also into southeast
Canada – Toronto, Lake Ontario, Schefferville on the Quebec-
Newfoundland border, etc.

As we’ve said, there are many indications that an antediluvian race
achieved sufficient technological or occult-technological
sophistication to create such a subsurface system, and there are
indications that segments of the U.S. government have over the
years, in addition to recovering crashed aerial disks, re-discovered
many of these ancient tunnel systems and subsurface networks, and
have been “adding on” to them. Hints of this activity can be seen in
the Military-Industrial complex’s, Los Alamos – Rand Corps., etc.,
heavy involvement with the “underground”, as evidenced by several
sources, including their own research documents. On page 645 of
the Rand Proceedings of the DEEP UNDERGROUND
CONSTRUCTION SYMPOSIUM (March 1959), for instance, we
read on page 645: “Just as airplanes, ships and automobiles have
given man mastery of the surface of the Earth, tunnel-boring
machines…will give him access to the Subterranean World.” The
Rand – Los Alamos organization has for years possessed
technology which could accomplish the massive and rapid
exploration of the “Subterranean World”, and there is no telling
how far they may have come in realizing this goal, for they are
strangely silent on the outcome of this project. However, the
September, 1983 issue of OMNI Magazine (page 80) showed a
color drawing of the “Subterrene,” the Los Alamos nuclear-powered
tunnel machine that burrows through rock, deep underground, by
heating whatever stone it encounters into molten rock (magma),
which cools after the Subterrene has moved on.

The incredible thing is, however, that ancient tunnels seemingly
constructed by such “thermal bores” had been discovered in remote
caverns in diverse parts of the world years before Los Alamos labs
even thought of the possibility. It appears as if someone, perhaps
some forgotten race in ages past, thought of this very same thing
long before the Anglo-saxon exploration of the American continent
came about.

As for the present state of affairs taking place beneath the
Archuleta – Dulce region, another former military officer has come
forward to reveal some very remarkable things. His name is Bill
Cooper. Cooper was at one time an Officer and Intelligence Worker
in the U.S. Navy, and also claimed to have seen a copy of the
elusive GRUDGE/BLUE BOOK REPORT NO. 13 several years
ago while serving in the Pacific fleet as a Navy Petty Officer and
member of a high-level Naval Intelligence Briefing Team. Mr.
Cooper has provided sufficient documentation to researchers that
he in fact was involved in Deep Intelligence work for several years
and was in the position of having access to some very sensitive and
secret information. Cooper, who also has several sensitive contacts
within government, military and intelligence groups, alleges that
after the “Horrible Truth” was discovered, and after the failure of
the Special Forces units to take over the base and set the people
free who were being held in the lower levels, these incidents
resulted in the so-called “Dulce Wars” as they became known.
These were conflicts WITHIN the installation itself which
continued for some time, until the government realized that in it’s
present condition they were no match for this alien race (and their
occult-technological “Intelligence Network”?). As a result the
government at the time was “forced” to concede or surrender to
some of the aliens’ demands. As far as can be determined, the
government’s position remains at a standoff or a deadlock, although
some sources say that things are getting worse.

Cooper also confirms the belief in some of his writings that the
“alien” beings (i.e. serpent races) are the real power controlling the
Illuminati (or the ancient Cult of the Serpent now resident within
the inner core of the 33rd degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry) and
that the Illuminati’s “triangle” symbol actually originated with the
“aliens”, who use it themselves, a symbol which has also been seen
on the side of certain aerial disks. Other sources allege that through
occult and mental manipulation and control the serpent race(s) have
succeeded in establishing much political, economic and spiritual
control over those on the surface. Part of this manipulation-control
involves the turning of men and nations against each other in order
to keep humanity in a state of constant chaos, conflict and
confusion. It is part of their “divide and conquer” strategy.
According to various sources, ‘they’ intend to first control us, and
then destroy us so that ‘they’ can have this world all to themselves.

There will undoubtedly be those who will, in spite of the growing
evidence, discredit the idea that something like this could actually
be happening. Well, if it is happening, then these people will be
exactly where the “controllers” want them to be. If some wish to
remain ignorant about what is going on, or even deny it, that is their
prerogative since we all have our free will. Yet history has shown
that ignorance breeds apathy, and apathy defeat. We would just
remind these people that the idea of “what we don’t know can’t hurt
us” is absolutely false. In fact, what we don’t know can destroy us!
Those who believe that they are safe by burying their heads in the
sand, so to speak, are deceiving themselves and will one day come
to a sudden and rude awakening.

Several years ago an oceanographer by the name of William Beebee
warned those who would listen of the immanent invasion of our
society by an “underground race”. There were no doubt those who
rejected his warning, probably considering him mad or insane, but
now his predictions seem to be coming true, or else dozens of
prominent industrial, government and military personnel are
suffering from a dramatic case of ongoing mass hallucination and
delusion – one or the other. William Beebee, by the way,
disappeared under mysterious circumstances shortly after making
that statement.

There are others who confirm the fact that certain secret societies
have been manipulated by dark powers into selling themselves out
to an alien race, along with the rest of humanity. Perhaps this might
explain why the interior of the “House of the Temple” (the
headquarters of the 33rd degree of Scottish Rite Masonry in
Washington D.C.) is literally FILLED with carvings, depictions
and representations of SERPENTS. According to the Rev. Jim
Shaw, former 33rd degree Mason and former Past Master of all
Scottish Rite bodies – who became a Christian after becoming
aware of the contradiction and lies woven into the “Lodge”, the
depictions of serpents were portrayed in an almost worshipful
manner! This seems to identify this as the ancient Cult of the
Serpent which has caused so much misery to the human race for so
many thousands of years. The House of the Temple is also filled
with statues and carvings from ancient Egypt, which also seems to
confirm what others have said – that the Illuminati is actually an
ancient cult which can be traced back to pagan Rome, and before
that to pagan Egypt, and finally to pagan Babylon where the post-
deluvian version of this un-Godly cult had it’s genesis. The “House
of the Temple”, incidentally, is located at the top of the pentagram-
like street layout of Washington D.C., as one will see by referring
to any Washington D.C. street map. Believe it or not, the Masonic-
Illuminati influence had infiltrated the capital city to such a degree
in the early beginnings of the American Republic, that they not
only placed the pentagram into the Washington D.C. street layout,
but the Masonic square-and- compass, and the symbol of the
horned goat as well! According to some, there’s an occult history
behind the building of the so-called ‘Washington Monument’ as
well. Is it any coincidence that the ‘monument’ is shaped exactly
like the sun-god- phallic obelisks of Rome, Egypt and Babylon?

Researcher William F. Hamilton III added some additional
comments concerning connections between the secret societies and
the serpent race (many of these secret societies as we have indicated
are very likely extensions of the ancient “serpent” cult which was
aware of this subterranean race in ancient times, and which paid
homage to them out of fear, even offering up human sacrifices, etc.,
in an attempt to “appease” the infernal influence of these creatures
upon their respective communities. Numerous ancient peoples
believed in the so- called “gods of the underworld” which allegedly
possessed supernatural powers, and were often associated with
serpents or dragons. This aspect will be dealt with shortly). Mr.
Hamilton provides some informative research that may help us to
understand the “Mystery of Iniquity” in a fuller perspective. In an
article which appeared in Patrick O’Connell’s “TRENDS AND
PREDICTIONS ANALYST” Newsletter, Vol. 6, No. 2 (July, 1990)
issue, William Hamilton stated:

“…The cover-up was initiated soon after the Roswell, N.M. crash.
We wanted to know – 1) Who they were, 2) Why they were here, 3)
How their technology worked. The cover-up became a matter of
NATIONAL SECURITY (a blanket word covering secrecy and
deception). The cover-up involves secret organizations within our
government such as MJ-12, PI-40, MAJI, Delta, the Jason Scholars,
& known intelligence organizations such as Naval Intelligence, Air
Force Office of Special Investigation, the Defense Investigative
Service, the CIA, NSA, and more! It involves THINK TANKS such
as RAND, the Ford Foundation, the Aspen Institute, & Brookings
Institute. It involves corporations such as Bechtel, GE, ITT, Amoco,
Northrup, Lockheed, & many others. It involves SECRET
SOCIETIES who may be the hidden bosses of the orchestrated
events (i.e. economic collapse, wars, assassinations, conspiracies to
manipulate & control humans & thereby to exercise enormous
power over the destiny of the human race) – the Illuminati, Masons,
Knights of Malta, etc. The individual players are too numerous to
list. The whole of this conspiracy forms an INTERLOCKING
NEXUS. The goal is said to be a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT
(i.e. Dictatorship)!

“The Underground Nation – The RAND symposium held on Deep
Underground Construction indicated that plans were hatched
during the 50’s to build underground bases, laboratories, & city-
complexes linked by a stupendous network of tunnels to preserve
& protect the ongoing secret interests of the secret societies. These
secret societies made a pact with alien entities in order to further
motives of domination.”

Actually, as it turns out, THEY (the secret societies) are now being
“dominated” by the “aliens”. One can only assume that if certain
humans would “sell out” their own kind to an alien race and use
such an infernal alliance to gain dominion over their fellow man,
then they should consider the fact that they, according to universal
law, must open THEMSELVES up to being manipulated and
controlled by their supposed benefactors. As it is written, the
servant is no greater than his master. There are indications, as we’ve
said earlier, that an antediluvian race or races may have attempted
this very same thing, the construction of vast subterranean systems
like the ones now being built by the more modern secret societies.
There are also indications, as we have also said, that later groups
and their underground networks intersect these ancient antediluvian
excavations and outposts. This is evidenced by the many accounts
which we will relate further on which suggest that Masonic-related
secret societies are utilizing both the ancient and modern sub-
systems. Many indications also point to the fact that entire human
colonies, both peaceful and “alien controlled”, may exist in these
deeper levels. These colonies are allegedly inhabited in part by
ancient native American or meso-American tribes or explorers who
crossed the seas from ancient Mediterranea and other eastern
hemisphere countries thousands of years ago. These may include
more recent American inhabitants of Anglo-saxon, etc., descent as
well, or other American explorers during their expeditions into the
unoccupied American territories a few hundred years ago.
Indications are that such explorers happened to discover some of
these ancient antediluvian excavations which led to deep networks
of ancient hydrothermal cavities containing conditions sufficient to
support physical life.

Mr. Hamilton continues:

“The underground complexes are not confined to the U.S. alone! A
large underground complex operated by the U.S. exists at Pine Gap,
near Alice Springs, Australia (Note: According to various sources,
conditions in this complex are somewhat similar to those at Dulce,
i.e. this underground base contains replicated flying “disks” based
on “alien” technology and many workers have allegedly been
implanted and operate under a type of mental control – Branton).

“…It appears that the secret societies among us have become aware
of the coming planetary eco-catastrophe & the possibility of an
earth polar shift in the near future. Surveying the earth from space,
satellites & shuttles reveal EXTENSIVE DAMAGE TO OUR
ECOSPHERE! Our planet is wobbling on its axis & its magnetic
field is decaying! Ozone depletion & the greenhouse effect are
rapidly endangering life on our planet. Alternatives, which include
– 1) direct handling of the atmospheric problems, 2) taking shelter
in underground domains, & 3) escape to other planetary bodies in
the solar system have been devised in secret. However there is a
possible Alternative 4 which mostly depends on a completely
different idea on how to save the earth…”

Based upon the relatively elusive yet extensive accounts and
relative data which have been gathered by a loosely-connected
group of researchers, we can conclude that the subterranean
network – whatever it consists of presently – is basically inhabited
by both human and non-human-reptilian beings. In those areas
where the humans are not being controlled by the non-humans or
saurians, there is obviously conflict between the two races as
foretold in Genesis chapter 3. Many of the American subterranean
networks, before the turn of the century (1900), were apparently
inhabited mostly by human societies, yet it seems as if a reptilian
“invasion” of the sub-strata of North America occurred on a massive
scale in the early part of the 1900’s. This, according to many
accounts, involved reptilian beings which had been in possession of
underlying cavern networks beneath Asia and the Far East, and
according to their imperialistic nature these creatures began
expanding their influence into the Western Hemisphere. There are
many accounts of whole groups of humans, both surface
exploration parties as well as native troglodytical tribes, who have
literally been wiped-out in sudden attacks by the serpent race in a
type of battle beneath the earth.

Aside from the human and reptilian entities, there are some who
speak of a third type of being, a (so-called) “hybrid” between the
humans and reptilians. The indications are that such a “hybrid”
would be impossible, theologically and scientifically speaking. The
serpent races simply possess no soul-matrix (or “conscience”) as do
humans, and even if it were possible to genetically or artificially
produce an “apparent” cross-breed, the creature produced could
never be an actual “hybrid”, but would inevitably fall to one side or
the other – a corrupted form of human being possessing a soul, or a
mutated version of the infernal ‘reptilian’ race. Hamilton explains
another reason why such a natural (thank God) cross between the
two could never be produced:

“…It is unlikely that the reptilian greys are cross-breeding with
humans. Reptilians carry their sex organs internally and reproduce
by eggs hatched by solar heat. Reptoids have well developed eyes,
no hair follicles, & no external ear cartilage as consistent with most
reptilian species. Since their means of reproduction is incompatible
with our own, it is suggested that humans (women – Branton) may
be fertilized by the grays by artificial insemination with human
spermatozoa or perhaps they use the human uterus as an incubation

(Note: Aside from the description given by Dale Russell to the
effect that the ancient progenitors of the gray-type saurians may
have had a type of “ear”, we presently know of only one other
account describing a possible “ear” appendage seen on a sauroid
creature. This was described by a man who was allegedly abducted
into an underground base beneath the Superstition Mts. area of
Arizona, who described these large, fearful creatures as having a
type of “flap” of leathery or crocodilian texture which came down
each side of their heads. It is uncertain however whether this was a
type of ear-like appendage or not. Most Reptoids or Sauroids are
described as having no visible “ears” however. As for the so-called
“hybrids”, Hamilton’s statements seem to be confirmed by others,
including abductees, who have hinted that the “hybrid” fetuses are
actually conceived through human spermatozoa and eggs taken
from men and women abductees, and that the fetuses are somehow
genetically altered with possible reptilian “cells” or genetic coding
being added. Many of the so- called hybrids however are
nevertheless “human”, possessing human souls, etc. – Branton).

Hamilton continues:

“…Alien vehicles are being tested at the alien physical technology
center at S-4 at the Nevada Test Site. Alien vehicles are being
replicated at Kirtland AFB & Sandia Laboratories & these replicas
are referred to as ARVs (Alien Reproductive Vehicles). At least
three of these vehicles are stored in hangers at Norton AFB,
California. It is alleged that vehicle propulsion units were
constructed by General Electric & composite materials were
provided by Amoco. Alien vehicles generate an artificial gravity
field which can be focused & intensified for high speed travel…
Alien organisms and biological technology are tested at the
underground biogenetic laboratories at Dulce, New Mexico. Alien
genetic engineering, cloning, & cryogenic technology have been
studied with a view towards “enhancing” human genetics,
deciphering the human genome, & gaining a biological advantage
forms have been bred in these laboratories…”

Many sources allege that such cross-breeding is immoral and in
essence an attempt by men – and aliens – to “play god” and corrupt
the natural order of things. There is even evidence that the
devastating HIV-AIDS virus was the result of a deliberate attempt
to cross-breed or hybridize two very dangerous animal retro-
viruses. For more information on this see: Dr. William Campbell
Douglas M.D.s’ article “W.H.O. MURDERED AFRICA,”
describing the AIDS virus’ connection to the Club of Rome –
Illuminati – U.N.’s World Health Organization’s genocidal plans.
This article appeared in HEALTH FREEDOM NEWS, Sept. – Oct.
1987 issue: H.F.N., P.O. Box 688., Monrovia, CA 91016.
Incidentally, this “AIDS conspiracy” was the subject of the
MONTEL WILLIAMS TV talk show on April 14, 1992. In
reference to the immorality of genetic “hybridization” of animals
and humans we read the following passage concerning the views of
the Creator towards such manipulating of nature’s design.
According to different sources, many of the hybridizations taking
place beneath Dulce, New Mexico and in other underground
“bases” have resulted in numerous failed “experiments” of animal or
humanoid genetic mutations who constantly suffer because of their
unnatural physical condition. We read in Leviticus 19:19: “Ye shall
keep my statutes. Thou shalt not let thy cattle gender with a diverse
kind: thou shalt not sow they field with mingled seed…”

In reference to AIDS, the Club of Rome, Illuminati, etc. The
economist Dr. John Coleman has stated that the secret societies
have studied ‘alchemy’ for centuries and used their perverted
knowledge to implement mass population control. He says the
Black Plague of Europe was orchestrated and even before the
advent of AIDS Coleman warned that ‘they’ were planning to
release an even more devastating plague upon the world. THE
MIDNIGHT CRY (Box 3686., Tequesta, FL 33458) in it’s May
1984 issue stated: “THE CLUB OF ROME – Written in Oct. 1981
by Dr. John Coleman, this expose of the supersecret ‘Club of
Rome,’ if compared with the history of these intervening years,
shows that their planning is effective in both domestic and
international affairs. It describes one of the main command centers
of the ‘New Age Movement,’ the ‘New World Order,’ or secret
‘World Government’ which is preparing the way for the Antichrist.
Formed in 1968, it probably has about 100 members, and divides
the world into ten regions…”

And from a publication distributed by the Christian Defense
League (Box 449., Arabi, LA 70032): “The Club of Rome consists
of members of the so-called Black Nobility of Europe, old families
which lived in Venice and Genoa. These people have ruled vast
financial empires FOR THE PAST 1500 YEARS… (They)
endorsed and accepted the Global 2000 report, prepared by the
White House just prior to the departure of Carter. This plan calls
for MASS GENOCIDE to be accomplished by limited regional
wars, starvation, destruction of the industrial heart of America, and
the killing off of ‘old people.’ The goal of ‘Global 2000’ is to reduce
the world population from 6 billion to 3 billion by the year 2000.
The blue print was drafted by the ‘Black Nobility’ and prominent
industrialists who have key membership in the CLUB OF ROME
and the German Marshall Fund.”

According to the elitists, ‘world socialism’ cannot succeed unless
ABSOLUTE POPULATION CONTROL is implemented to bring
the numbers down to a ‘manageable’ size. ‘Communism’ may have
seemingly ‘fallen’, but world socialism lives on! According to one
source the multi- billion dollar abortion business may also be
aiding the Global 2000 plan. Greg Keath, in his article ‘Abortion is
not a Civil Right’, which appeared in the Sept. 27, 1989 issue of the

“…many blacks wonder whether black civil rights and abortion fit
so neatly together (For every three black babies born, two are
aborted. 43 percent of all abortions in the United States are
performed on black women. From figures supplied by the federal
government and the Alan Guttmacher Institute, Richard D. Glasow
of National Right to Life has estimated that some 400,000 black
pregnancies are aborted each year). Black pregnancies have
historically been the target of SOCIAL ENGINEERS such as
Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood. Sanger was
convinced that blacks, Jews, Eastern Europeans, and other non-
Aryan groups were detracting from the creative intellect and social
potential of America, and she wanted those groups’ numbers
REDUCED…” (see her first book, PIVOT OF CIVILIZATION)

Bill Hamilton concludes with the following: “Underground tunnels
& facilities exist in Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, & California
for developing advanced alien technology for military & political
purposes which are directed towards goals which are presently
UNKNOWN… It is not known at this time whether an increasing
number of persons are being subjected to physical abductions &
monitoring or more subtle mental intrusions are being conducted
through an advancement of knowledge & technology. There are
also possible halo effects that may have produced imaginary
abductions – people whose imagination fills in the details behind
some anomalous event. There are clear historical records going
back to at least June 7, 1779, if not before, that tell stories of
glowing disks seen in the skies. There are ancient petroglyphs that
show disk-like objects descending from the skies. There is growing
certainty that we have been under observation for a very long time
& that we are only now beginning to understand a phenomena that
has been with us since the earliest recorded history…”

Recently, a former Los Alamos Laboratories physicist by the name
of Robert Lazar came forward with some startling revelations
concerning strange UFO-alien connected activity which he
observed while on assignment at the Groom Lake/S-4 Military
complex near the Nevada Test Site. Among other things, Lazar
claimed to have seen unidentified objects which were allegedly
recovered intact from various crash sites. In one hanger there were
nine different objects, mostly disk-shaped but of all different types
and configurations. One of these contained seats and panels so
small that they were apparently built by and for creatures from 3-4
ft. tall.

Lazar took his story to George Knapp, a TV journalist who worked
for KLAS-TV in Las Vegas, Nevada. Knapp was at first suspicious
of Lazar’s account as he had personally contacted Los Alamos Labs
in order to confirm Bob’s past employment there. Knapp was told
that their computer record files showed that no one by that name
had ever worked at Los Alamos. Lazar explained that this was
because “they” were on-to-him and were proceeding to make him a
“non-person”. When George Knapp came across an old Los Alamos
telephone directory which DID have Robert Lazar’s name in it, he
began to think again, and to listen more closely to what Bob was
telling him.

Subsequently, George Knapp produced an entire series of television
specials on UFO’s which were aired in Las Vegas. He later learned
that many of the sources in the area who had contributed
information to the documentaries were afterwards visited and
intimidated by strange men who might have been government
agents. The documentaries not only dealt with Bob Lazar’s account
but several other UFO-related accounts as well. The documentaries
also INCLUDED actual footage, made by a Japanese film crew, of a
UFO flying at right-angles (impossible for “conventional” aircraft)
over the Papoose mountain range adjacent to Groom Lake, Nevada!

Lazar also appeared over the Billy Goodman talk show, KVEG
Radio 840 AM, Las Vegas, on several occasions; and as a result
several listeners called in to CONFIRM Lazar’s story, and not only
this, but some of these callers claimed to have first-hand knowledge
of a massive system of underground installations, tunnels and
caverns undermining the Nevada military complex, in which some
very strange and “alien” things are allegedly taking place.

One other item which we might mention before continuing, again
dealing with the secret “one-world” societies which are in turn,
according to Cooper, Hamilton and others, being manipulated and
controlled by the serpent race… is this: During the mid-1980’s a
man by the name of Dennis Brunnell began sending out
information to various researchers. Brunnell claimed to be a Grand
Master in the Ordo Templi Orientis (or the O.T.O.), a Crowleyan-
connected Illuminati lodge. He claimed that at one time he had
gone along with the Illuminati’s “one-world” program but later
became disillusioned. At the time he was distributing “Gemstone”
research reports which basically exposed the Illuminati and it’s
conspiratorial activities. Perhaps his conscience moved him to
expose the very organization which he once trusted in and which
had apparently betrayed him and lied to him. This cult of the
Illuminati is allegedly made up of BOTH Jewish AND Gentile
elitists who CONTROL the Jewish AND Gentile masses (Note:
some believe the PHARISEES, motivated by the ROMANS, also
worked ‘jointly’ together against Christ in New Testament times and
that this interaction has survived in the form of the secret societies
up to this time, that the ‘conspiracy’ is made up of SMALL
GROUPS of manipulating members of the Jewish, the Gentile
AND SEVERAL OTHER RACES and is not being orchestrated by
any one ‘race’). Although Brunnell was a Hungarian Jew, it is
evident from his writings that neither the Jewish nor the Gentile
“elite” had absolute control of the conspiracy, but that it was a
cooperative effort ULTIMATELY DIRECTED by a hidden
supernatural power. Years ago Brunnell had stated that 33rd degree
Mason friends of his who worked in NASA had confirmed to him
that a behind-the-scenes “space program” had been in operation
ever since the Apollo moon shots ceased, and that this top-secret
space program had by that time established a continually-occupied
base on the moon and had even sent expeditions to and landed men
on mars, in spite of outward indications. The reason why the U.S.
suddenly “lost interest” in the moon after the last Apollo flight of
1969 apparently was not because of lack of finances and lack of
potential opportunities for interplanetary travel; the fact is,
according to Brunnell and many other sources, they DID discover
much there that they are not telling us, and the “real” space program
continues, although under conditions of extreme secrecy.

This tends to tie-in with the claims of Stan Deyo, a former CIA –
Air Force worker, who alleged that such a program did exist. He
himself was being trained through intense mental exercises and
subliminal programming to pilot such super-advanced anti-gravity
craft at a secret Air Force installation in Colorado. These craft had
been covertly developed by secret-society-controlled Military-
Industrial organizations which were interested in utilizing this
technology for their own personal gain. Deyo would have become
part of this covert space activity if he had not “defected” from the
program, gone into hiding in the Australian outback – emerging at
times to make dramatic media appearances, and written a book
titled “THE COSMIC CONSPIRACY” describing his knowledge
of this covert space program as well as his knowledge of a network
of subterranean facilities which had been or were being
constructed. As for Brunnell’s claims, several NASA astronauts
HAVE been and ARE in fact high-ranking Freemasons. Some claim
that Neil Armstrong was a 33rd degree mason as well. When we
consider that modern “illuminized” Masonry is merely an extension
of ancient “Baal” worship and religion, even down to the worship
of the phallic obelisks such as those in ancient Babylon, Egypt,
Rome and elsewhere – which represented Baal or Nimrod, the King
of BABYLON and builder of the tower of Babel – then considering
this is it to much to suggest that this modern covert space program
might be in part a last days “Tower of Babel” to the stars?