Religious Affiliations of Famous Inventors III

Smallpox is an infectious disease that in the past, had the power to wipe out entire communities. However, when Edward Jenner discovered the vaccination for the disease, people could start to breathe easier and not fear the spread of the infection. In this article, you will learn about the religion that Jenner was affiliated with, as well as the founder of Ford Motor Company.

Edward Jenner

Jenner was an English doctor and scientist who is often referred to as the “the father of immunology.” His work is often cited as saving more lives than the work of any other man. With his efforts, the World Health Organization was eventually able to declare in 1979 that smallpox “an eradicated disease.”
Jenner was associated with the Anglican faith. He is buried inside of St. Mary’s Church in Berkeley along with some of his family members. They are located close to the altar and the window above this space is dedicated to his memory. The church is an Anglican (Episcopal) parish church situated in the center of rural England. Christians have been worshipping at the spot for more than 1,000 years.

Henry Ford

With accomplishments in manufacturing and assembly under his belt, Henry Ford is credited with developing the automobile. As an American industrialist, he became the founder of the Ford Motor Company and led the way in revolutionizing the way business was conducted – especially in the world of transportation. He is also known as one of the wealthiest and best-known figures in the world. The savvy businessman pushed the envelope when it came to advancements in technical issues and business. For example, he jumpstarted the franchise system that placed dealerships throughout most of North America. Major cities in six continents followed suit.

Ford was a Protestant Episcopal. However, he also held onto various beliefs at some point in his life. Another glimpse into the way Ford felt about religion was his thoughts on reincarnation. His pastor produced a quote that highlighted these feelings in 1923. It stated:

“I adopted the theory of Reincarnation when I was twenty six. Religion offered nothing to the point. Even work could not give me complete satisfaction. Work is futile if we cannot utilize the experience we collect in one life in the next. When I discovered Reincarnation it was as if I had found a universal plan I realized that there was a chance to work out my ideas. Time was no longer limited. I was no longer a slave to the hands of the clock. Genius is experience. Some seem to think that it is a gift or talent, but it is the fruit of long experience in many lives. Some are older souls than others, and so they know more. The discovery of Reincarnation put my mind at ease. If you preserve a record of this conversation, write it so that it puts men’s minds at ease. I would like to communicate to others the calmness that the long view of life gives to us.”