Religious Holidays in September

From taking the time to celebrate life or remember the achievements of an influential religious leader, the month of September In this article, you will encounter religious traditions, including some observed by Hindus, Italians, and Buddhists.

Festival of the Durga

A Hindu tradition is to observe the different rituals and festivities associated with the Festival of the Durga (or Durga Puja). This significant Hindu festival is observed all over India, especially in the eastern part of the country. Every year, the holiday is observed in the month of September or October. People spend this time to celebrate life, popular customs, and their culture. Reunions take place and others often rekindle their love.

Feast of the Cross

In mid-September, the Assyrian Church of the East celebrates the finding of the Cross , a major feast day for the culture. . The Assyrian Church views the Sign of the Cross as a seventh sacrament , one that all of the other sacraments are sealed and perfected. Observances are held in certain cities on a yearly basis. In East La Loma Park, lambs are sacrificed to remember the Feast of the Cross. People gather to commemorate the occasion, which is filled with singing and dancing.

St. Januarius’ Day

In Italy, the Bishop of Naples named Saint Januarius is a martyr saint associated with the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches. Not much is known regarding the life story of the bishop, but later sources and legends claim that he died during the Diocletianic Persecution, which lasted until 305. During this time, some of the most severe exterminations of Christians took place in the Roman Empire. It was also the last.

Saint Januarius is the patron saint of Naples. Faithful followers meet three times a year in Naples Cathedral to witness a tradition that involves that is believed to be a sample of his blood, which is stored in a sealed glass ampoule. Western Christianity (and the Catholic Church) celebrates the feast day of St. Januarius in September, while the Eastern sects commemorate him in April.  

Confucius’ Birthday

Although he lived 2,500 years ago, Confucius is still respected as one of the most influential philosophers in China. With a strong following in Hong Kong and playing a role in the establishment of Confucianism, his birthday is celebrated in September. It was Confucius who taught self-enlightenment associated with the Five Virtues: charity, justice, modesty, wisdom and loyalty. Other festivals (such as the Ching Ming and Chung Yeung) focus on worshipping ancestors and being devoted to parents.

End of Ramadan

In September, one of the most significant days associated with the Islamic religion is observed. Lasting three days, Muslims celebrate the end of Ramadan. Those who have followed the month of fasting will start the first day of eating with a small breakfast of dates before they go to the mosque. After prayer, people pay a visit to family and friends, give gifts, and share special meals with one another