Sacred Chinese Mountains , Song Shan

You will find one of the five sacred Taoist mountains of China, Song Shan, situated in Henan Province , close to the city of Luoyang. The natural scenery of the mountain is a beauty and the mountain is a geological wonder. The Shaolin Temples found on Song Shan are also of importance. There are a total of 70 peaks associated with Song Shan, which is further discussed in this article.

With a link to the five cardinal directions (where the center is considered a direction), Song Shan is included in list of the five sacred Taoist mountains. The people find spiritual meaning according to different layouts of the land. Out of the 70 peaks of Song Shan, the highest offers an altitude of 1500m.

Chinese mythology states that the mountains were created from the limbs and the head of Pangu , known as the first being and creator of the world. Since it lies in the east, Tai Shan is typically thought of as the most sacred because of its close proximity to where the sun rises. Song Shan is found as the center mountain of the Five Great Mountains. Because of this, it is called Zhong Hue (or Center Peak). Since the Zhou ruler Ping moved his capital to Luoyang in 771 BC, Song Shan has been viewed as a holy Taoist mountain.

When paying a visit to Song Shan, you will find seven peaks located between the cities of Luoyang and Zhengzhou. They measure 64 kilometers long and offer slopes that rise at a steep angle. The terrain is thickly covered in trees, which is an awe-inspiring sight to see in itself. Tourists often keep their eye on the highest peak (called Junji). Walking paths are available across the mountain range and there are plenty of different routes to take when one wishes to investigate and explore the mountain.

As tourists reach the different slopes of the mountain, they will find a handful of Taoist and Buddhist temples, pagodas and guard towers. One temple, Shaolin Si, has quite the reputation for its kung fu. Another site, Zhongyue Miao is a working Taoist temple.

If you wish to pay a visit to the sights of Song Shan, a day trip is suggested. Most tourists start out in Luoyang or Zhengzhou, and arrange a tour by train that departs early in the morning. The trips tend to include at least one stop at a temple. If you leave from Luoyang, you will have the chance to see the oldest Buddhist temple in China, called Baima Si (also known as the White Horse Temple).  Thanks to Emperor Mingdi, this temple was the first Buddhist temple established in China , dating back to 68 AD. Several ancient buildings are still featured at this location.