Satanism Misunderstood – Misconceptions OF Satanic Beliefs

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There are so many misconceptions about Satanism, but as I am at school I will just type up the main ones I am able to currently think about. These refer to the ideas within the Satanic Bible.

1 – Satanism does not believe in a hell. Hell is a catholic belief, and Catholic alone. Satanists believe in no form of afterlife, aside from “Fulfilment of the ego”, which, in the most basic forms, is the idea that you live on by what your deeds say, and what your deeds do.

2 – Satanists do not believe in a “God” or anything of the sort in the original context. Satanists believe that there are things that science and religion have not yet taken out of the “Darkness” – things that are yet to be explained. The name given to these things are “Satan”. Not the Catholic versions of him, where he is a being hell bent on destruction and misleading everyone. In Satanism, it is not but what is around us – the earth, air, water, ground, and other things, but mostly the things that are yet to be expained, or “Taken out of the darkness”.

3 – Satanism does not condone harming any children or animals, as they are considered to be “Familiars”, or beings that are able to see and understand that of which others can not – they are able to see things with innocence and a different understanding, and a different contept rather then adults who have been “tainted” into society and it’s thinkings.

4 – Satanism does not condone violence unless it is done onto you first – if someone hits your cheek, turn the other one and smack them back twice as hard. It also associated with the belief that one can not, and should not love everyone and everything. To love everyone and everything means then that you are losing your perspective – to love everything, or hate everythings makes you lose your perspective of society. Satanism believes that you must show love to those who deserve it, and smite those who do not deserve your compassion.

6 – Not all things associated within the mainstream are true satanic activities. There are children/teens out there that practice Satanic dabbling – the taking of various aspects of misconceptions, and formulating that “Hey, I’m a satanist. I’ll do this, this and this”, while they did not even bother to ask about, or read the Satanic bible, or go to any site to referance their beliefs. Manys things stated to be done by Satanist, are normally done by children and teens who are seeking attention that they are not receiving, either at home, or at school.

This is all I am able to think of right now. If you have any questions or anything, if I may direct you to http://churchofsatan.com – the site based off of Anton Lavey’s teachings. Most questions can be answered there, and if not, there is a link there which you can allow you to contact them and ask away. Thank you for your time.