Scholar Predicts Rapture September 9th, 2010

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The day of rapture, predicted for thousands of years to be the ultimate showdown between the forces of good and evil is said to fall on today, September 09, 2010 according to author Daniel W. Matson.  Matson, a former Naval officer and biblical scholar claims that his prediction is based on several different time-lines within the bible and that this conclusion has been carefully put together.  And Matson is not alone in his prediction.

It’s strange to think such a major event would have come as such a surprise to so many, but there is currently an underground movement in certain religious communities who believe passionately that not only is the rapture coming, but it is coming in the next few days.  The prediction dictates that the first trumpet will correlate with the opening ceremonies of Rash Hashanah which begin today.  Will the following days include terrible world changing events that will result in the savior of a minority of the human race while the majority is either immolated or left behind?  Matson says so.  On his website, Matson outlines that on this day the rapture will begin with a second coming arriving by 2017.

When looking at the evidence Matson claims, some of it is confusing or tangential (claiming that one concept such as a number is “related” to another concept, and so on) but Matson does use bullet points to list a few of the signs that has led him to the conclusion that within the next 24 to 48 hours we will be actively engaged in an end of the world scenario.  Matson suggests two of the signs include the first and second world wars and the gathering of Israelites at Jerusalem.  He furthermore suggests that the trumpets sounding the rapture will be the ceremonial trumpets sounded at Rash Hashanah in Jerusalem.

Will people start disappearing within the next few hours?  There are a few things wrong with the prediction that the rapture will happen on September ninth that come to mind immediately.  First of all, various interpretations of the bible specifically declare that no one will know when the rapture is coming ahead of time.  And yet several of the past Septembers have brought with them predictions that the rapture was eminent.  Though Matson’s prediction has been around for longer, this doesn’t necessarily make it right.

There is no shortage of believers, however.  The world changing prediction has maintained that believers will be rewarded while others are punished.  Many of the messages about the event now circulating have a similar “act now” feel to many other forms of advertisements.  How many people will be driven by fear rather than a desire for deep spiritual understanding to commit to Matson’s beliefs?  And what if he’s right?  Regardless of whether his theory turns out to be true, this will certainly be a time of intense change for Daniel Matson.

The Rapture was supposed to happen on September 30, 2008, September 10, 2009, and had been predicted for seven years prior to the year 2000 in 1993.