Spaceships Have Landed!

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In the not too distant future, this headline may very well be in our
news. How do I know that? Because for the last 20 years I’ve been
trying to understand what is in the human make-up that creates a
divergence between our perception and what actually exists? As a
healer, I could sense that the human condition is really askew on a
very deep level. In general we are an overly violent, at times suicidal
species with a broken heart. This never sat right with me.

I went to a conference with 500 people one day and the moderator asked
for anyone in the room who had ever had seriously considered killing
themselves to stand up. A whopping 65% of the room stood up. What could
have created this schism inside us that causes so much suffering here
on earth? Is this over polluted, overly violent world a natural product
of man’s nature? I thought not.

Then I uncovered information that is so new it is not in the public eye
yet. This information leads me to believe that by 2012, the ending year
of the Mayan calendar, UFO,some people also call it nephilim, cover-ups will no longer be concealed. And, that all of those sightings in the sky will be impossible to deny.

You’ve probably heard of the Sumerian Texts and the Dead Sea Scrolls?
These and other ancient writings have only been unearthed about 60
years ago. Since then historians and Bible scholars have been poring
over that material and finding a very curious storyline running through
each of the old texts exposing a shocking narrative. The texts reveal
tales of a galactic history that has put humanity through a 12,000-year
cycle of traumatic adjustment.

We know that humans have lived for millions of years as a simple
hunter-gatherer. But as these peculiar stories go about 12,000 years
ago there was a huge shift in behavior. All of a sudden man was using
an alphabet and language. Agriculture, architecture, arithmetic,
blacksmithing, astronomy”¦all of these skills appeared all at once. How
could that be? Something caused an extreme cultural acceleration.

About a dozen researchers have come to the conclusion that advanced
beings, with technology far beyond the caveman, had visited and mated
with primitive earthlings! Since billions of planets and stars exist on
billions of galaxies I believe these stories warrant a closer look.
Perhaps a reshaped perspective on human legacy could bring some light
to a sometimes very dark world.