Tai Chi Tu, Meiosis and Jesus Christ

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Tai Chi Tu

 Diagram of the Supreme Ultimate  – “Tai-Chi Tu” that form the essence of Chinese philosophy It represents the unity and existence of the male and female [yin and yang] and holds the description of the very existence of the Universe. The process of creation and existence is described as below

Tai-Chu Tu

“The Way gave birth to unity,
Unity gave birth to duality,
Duality gave birth to trinity,
Trinity gave birth to the myriad creatures.

The ten thousand things carry yin and embrace yang.
They achieve harmony by combining these forces.”
–  Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu, # 42, c 500 BC
   Translations by Victor Mair, Gia-Fu Feng, and Jane English

The figure above represents the day and night cycle that are one. They are opposite but are one. One exist in other. At any moment it is in any one of the phase. It represents both qualitative and quantum changes. As the darkness peaks the seed of light emerges from it to take control. As light peaks the seed of darkness emerges to take control of the next phase. They represents the pulse of the living universe.


 It is a process by which biological system system initializes and conquers TIME. It is charecterised by few fundamental steps

1] Reduction, where in only one copy of the information is taken

2] Only the essence [ DNA and something beyond it] of the male [the father] enters the female and becomes one with the essence of the female

3] Then differentiates in two [child and mother] and build up a new body out of the old.

4] The mother Delivers to give trinity or family, the father, the mother and the child [ the future]

In short the  reduced image of the father enters the body of the mother to become one with it. It then leads to a mother and child state or dual state. A new body is created out of the old and in the process a future is created and perpetuation is ensured.  In time the child gets delivered to form a trinity called family to be ruled by the father.

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is understood as the Son of God. He proclaimed Himself as the Way He sacrifices Himself to be with us as one [Unity]. He dies and then resurrects. This is comparable to conception of embryo

He came to Live with us in order to differentiate and reestablish the Kingdom of God. This means He is growing and differentiating, just as a child grows in the womb of the mother. They are one yet are two [Duality]. The new is constructed out of the Old.

Jesus said He will come again to reveal everything and thus establish the Kingdom of God. This amounts to revelation of the simple secret of nature and its perpetuation. With the birth a Trinity or the family is formed and Father takes control. For more details see Cycle of Genesis

At Calvary He was creating new TIME by conceiving. He was Showing the feminine face of His reality. At the Second Coming He would show the masculine face that establishes the Truth and Justice.

The universe is thus an eternal process of Becoming