The Breaking Of Ouroborus

In Ecclesiastes an interesting observation is made which probably
doesn’t often get mulled over in terms of being a literal statement.

“That which has been is what will be, that which is done is what
will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun. Is there anything
of which it may be said, “See? This is new”? It has already been in
ancient times before us. There is no remembrance of former things nor
will there be any remembrance of things that are to come by those who
will come after. “

– Ecclesiastes 1:9-11

This is a very enigmatic statement which is understood in a mostly
figurative way by readers now, in pertaining to the shortsightedness of
humankind and their tendency to repeat the mistakes of the past”¦ but it
doesn’t really read as a figurative statement, does it? It has already
been in ancient times before us”¦ there is no remembrance of former

Satan is no simple-minded creature. I’ve often heard it asked among
believers how Satan continues to war against the Almighty knowing full
well that he can not win”¦ or at least having every reason to know full
well that he can not.

It begs an answer”¦ because he is not without great intellect, and
because he has had enough experience in knowing the nature of his
Creator to understand the magnitude of the power he is up against,
there must be a plausible reason that he has some hope (a deluded hope
though it might be) of achieving his goals to usurp His position.

What Satan realizes, and has realized since the moment that YHWH
cursed him and predicted his downfall, is that there is an inevitable
finale to his existence and the only way to have a chance of bypassing
this finale was to somehow circumvent the process of time entirely.

You might be tempted to automatically say “That’s impossible”¦ the
Creator would not let him do that.”, but we can’t dismiss the fact that
the Creator has allowed the freedom of his creation to choose to act
upon good or evil in whatever their capacity is to do so.

This does not mean that such a measure”¦ or any measure, no matter
how grand, can ultimately defeat His will”¦ but sinful beings can try.

Time travel and dimensional travel was, not so long ago, an entirely
fringe notion to most people”¦ the stuff of science fiction. It is now
receiving public attention by such esteemed scientists as Steven
Hawking, who brought up the CERN LHC as an example of how real time
travel might be achieved.

I would suggest that the LHC was built precisely for this purpose however, and not a foremost effort to locate the Higgs Boson.

Time travel has been achieved decades ago in the aftermath of an
incident with a ship called the USS Eldridge and the Philadelphia

In the process of what was done to further experiments like this, it
was found that a loop was created between the dates of exit and
re-entry which linked those time frames together like a circuit, until
the equipment which perpetuated the experiments was destroyed.

It was a small time circuit of only about 40 years”¦ but this leaves
us with the knowledge that such a loop could be created between two
points of time that were vast millennia apart.

A massive time loop which connects the introduction of sin to
creation with the last viable moments of Satan’s reign of freedom on
Earth in a cycle which repeats itself (endlessly, Satan would hope) is
not as crazy of an idea as it might seem.

It is a concept represented over and over again from antiquity to
this day, and a symbolism which is held in high importance by the
Luciferian elite.

Circular time, which rebirths itself at the end of it’s turning, is
observable in the real phenomenon of the precession of the equinoxes,
in which the sun rises throughout the ages at precise zodiacal points
at the vernal equinox, preceding slowly in a circle as if it were the
hand of a giant, cosmic clock.

Upon the knowledge of this celestial activity are such ancient time keepers as the famed Mayan calendar established.

The repetitive time cycle is represented by an apt symbol”¦ the
Ouroborus. This symbol shows a serpent or dragon which is coiled in on
itself in a circle and is devouring its tail.

Satan, as we know”¦ is the serpent or the dragon, and this symbol is
a reference to what he has to do with time and the repetition of it.

It is known as the symbol of eternal return and it and a similar
representation of the same, a spiral, can be noted as persisting to
this day in that strange, hieroglyphic language of symbols that appear
as common logos for companies, institutions and agencies which the
elite control.


An Egyptian description of what Ouroborus is was written on a
sarcophagus chamber like this”¦ “A serpent is entwined by a serpent. The
male serpent is bitten by the female serpent, the female serpent is
bitten by the male serpent, Heaven is enchanted, earth is enchanted.”

This is the demented hope of fallen angels”¦ that they will ensure
the continuation of time in a loop which bypasses all accountability
for their actions and at the same time keeps the Earthly domain, which
was sold under sin, in their possession.

What they did not account for was Messiah and His intervention in
the manner which He did, doing what had never before been done in His
act of sacrifice.

This introduction of a truly New thing by necessity changes the
landscape of a time-state which can not in its intended purpose produce
utterly new events.

If such a notion as a forced recycling of ages is understood in the
magnitude of what it means scripturally”¦ this means that the
intervention of Messiah and the end of the age not only mean the
redemption of saved individuals from a sinful world and the end of sin”¦
it means the final cessation of time itself as it is now known”¦the
cessation of a corrupted chronology.

The New Heaven and the New Earth would be creations within a new
definition of what time means”¦ eternal, never returning to it’s
beginning but stretching out in unending progression of perfection.

This is why i look forward to the day when there will be “time no longer”.

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