The Importance of Temples Within Mormonism

For some, the church is an important place for worship and comfort, whereas others turn to the security and safety of temples. In regards to the followers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, temples serve as a place for those to make covenants, as well as accomplish special instructions within their faith. This can be seen within various rituals and ordinances.


Mormons use the temple to complete a wide-range of tasks. This is where the baptism for the dead takes place. It is also where confirmation is held, as well as the ordination of those entering higher positions within the priesthood. This is where the prayer circle can be observed, as well as the Hosanna Shout. Marital ceremonies are held within temples, such as eternal marriage sealings, as well as time-only marriages. The Endowment, as well as “Initiatory” ordinances is completed within temples. There are also a few rare events that take place within the temples, including feet washing, as well as what is called “the Second Anointing.”


It is said that the ordinances performed within the temples are established on behalf of the deceased. When the ordinances are performed in the name of the living, they can be observed outside of the temple walls. When the ordinances are set for those who are no longer living, the only place that they are held is within the temples. These particular acts include baptisms, confirmations, as well as the ordination to the priesthood. It is important to note that non-Mormons are not allowed to attend these ordinances. The general public is not allowed to participate. The Latter-day Saints make it a practice not to speak of what goes on within the temple walls.


Within the Mormon religion, there is the business of temple recommends. Members need to obtain what is called a temple recommend from their bishop. This is a requirement before attendance. After a few months have passed from the initial membership, a temporary temple recommend can be obtained. This is needed for those who are interested in arranging baptisms for the dead. A temple recommend becomes permanent when one has been a member of the church for one year. They will also have to be deemed worthy of this privilege. There are many different ways to make sure you are viewed as a worthy member of the church. This can be accomplished by following the “Word of Wisdom,” as well as lead what is described as a “morally clean” life. The commandment should be adhered to and the member must pay a tithe to aid in the church’s well being.


Before this permanent recommend is received, the member must obtain a signature from their bishop after a one-on-one session is completed. This is referred to as a “worthiness interview.” The interview process is used to measure ones commitment to the faith. Other signatures needed on the recommend are from the member, as well as their stake president. These are obtained once a second one-on-one interview is completed. A recommend is valid for two years after the date of issue.


Some of the questions that are asked of the member deal with subjects, such as their belief in the Restoration, their obedience to the “Law of Chastity,” honesty, the payment of the tithe, as well as the wearing of the temple garments.