The Ins and Outs of Scientology 4: Terms and Beliefs G-P

Continuing terms that you may encounter when studying or learning of the religion of Scientology, you will find the meaning of the Grades of Release in this article, as well an explanation of the KRC triangle.


Grades of Release : In regards to the explanation of the Grades of Release, you will find a more in-depth look at each grade when reading the book, Scientology 0-8: The Book of Basics. But, for now, you will have to deal with a brief mention of each. First, we deal with the Recall Release, which is referred to as the Expanded ARC Straightwire. It represent the freedom one feels from deterioration, meaning that the person has hope and believes that they will not get any worse. The rest of the grades are explained below:


Grade 0: Communications Release

This means that a person can freely communicate with anyone on any subject of his or her choice.


Grade I: Problems Release

Refers to the ability to recognize the cause of problems within their life, as well as come up with solutions to make them disappear


Grade II: Relief Release

This refers to the relief from hostile environments and people, as well as the things that cause suffering in life.


Grade III: Freedom Release

Refers to the freedom that one possesses when they are free from the things that held them back in the past, as well as the ability to face the things to come in the future.


Grade IV: Ability Release

Means that a person is able to move out of fixed situations, where they are also able to gain the skills needed to accomplish new endeavors


Grade V: Power Release

Refers to the ability to handle power


Grade VA: Power Plus Release

Signifies the recovery of knowledge


Grade VI: Whole Track Release

Refers to the return of “powers to act on own determinism.”


Grade VII

This is actually not a Release Grade, but is a Clear, which refers to an individual that no longer possesses his or her own reactive mind.


KRC triangle: This refers to the upper portion of the triangle associated with the Scientology symbol. The explanation of the points are as follows: K stands for knowledge, R stands for responsibility and C stands for control. One factor cannot work without the other factor. It is believed that by increasing any one of the factors will achieve positive results in making anything go right.


Life Repair: Refers to a series of auditing actions that are run on a person with a reactive mind, who is first experiencing an audit. A Life Repair will touch upon issues, such as a life filled with bumpy roads, as well as issues that the individual may feel bad about or deem overwhelming. This individual is also referred to as a “preclear.”


Mental image picture: These pictures refer to “photos” that deal with the past and the physical universe. These mental pictures are also called hallucinations, as seen as something that cannot be controlled.


Misemotion: This refers to anything that brings about a negative emotion, including anger, fear, grief, as well as the feeling of death. In reference to this term, when one is displaying grief, they will be considered as displaying an irrational emotion.


Objective Process: This process focuses on the real and what can be observed in life.


Operating Thetan (OT): Refers to the state of beingness. The breakdown of the term deals with “operating,” which refers to the ability to operate without depending on things, and “thetan,” which comes from the Greek word representing thought or spirit.


Potential trouble source: Refers to a person that is connected to another or group that is opposed to Scientology. It is believed that this connection brings illness. It is also believed that this person cannot be audited as quickly as their surroundings will “knock them down.” If matters do not improve, then this person is viewed as a potential trouble source, who could cause harm to other Scientologists, as well as to themselves.


Prenatal: This Dianetics term is used to speak of an engram that is received before their birth.