The Ins and Outs of Scientology 5: Terms and Beliefs R-W

Continuing with the final installment of terms, this article deals with the religion of Scientology and focuses on some of the beliefs and terms you may encounter when studying the religion, such as the reactive mind, the R-factor, as well as the Scientology Drug Rundown.


Reactive mind: Refers to the part of a person’s mind that functions on the basis of stimulating responses. These reactions are not under the person’s control and can influence the purpose, thoughts, awareness, body and actions of that individual. Engrams are stored in this part of the mind.


Release: Signifies the point where a person separates from his or her reactive mind or at least a part of it. How deep the experience of this process is determined on how strong the separation from the reactive mind. In reference to Release, there are numerous stages that are used to explain this experience, which is referred to as Grades.


Religious philosophy: The study of spiritual manifestations, as well as the research of the nature of the spirit and how it affects the body


R-factor: Stands for reality factor. This is used to describe when an auditor is giving step-by-step explanation of what they are doing in relation to the preclear.


Scientologist: One who strives to achieve a better life through the study of Scientology. This is accomplished through books, tapes, training and processing.


Scientology: Refers to the study and dealing of the spirit in relation to itself, the universe and other forms of life. This religion is seen as a path towards achieving a higher sense of knowledge.


Scientology Drug Rundown: Refers to a series of auditing actions that utilize the techniques of Scientology. These techniques deal with helpful ways to handle the negative effects of medicine, drugs and alcohol. The rundown is meant to allow a person to experience relief from these substances, as well as allow them to be freed from the effects of such drugs.


Space opera: Deals with the concerns relating to space travel, spacemen, war, conflicts, spaceships, as well as travel throughout the galaxies.


Standard Technology: Refers to the particular processes and auditing actions that were set by L. Ron Hubbard, which is applied to Dianetics and the technology it deals with.


Straightwire: Refers to a process of connecting the present time with an event that occurred in the past. A Straighwire is a direct line to that time and place.


Suppress: To make smaller or an act that brings harm to an individual


Suppressive acts: The actions that are done on purpose to suppress or reduce the religion or any of its members


Suppressive person or group: An individual or group of people who are trying to cause harm to the religion or any member of the group.


Theta: Refers to the energy that is specific to life


Theta Clear: An individual who can function outside of the body


Thetan: Refers to the person himself, which is separate from the body, as well as their name, physical universe and mind.


Theta Universe: Refers to ideas, thought energy, thought space, as well as thought time, which separates the material and independent universe from one another


Whole track: Deals with the record of the existence of an individual, which is categorized on a moment-to-moment basis. This is based on pictures.