The Korrigans

The korrigans are little creatures who lived in Brittany in the North West of France. They are known in Ireland as the little people. They have been seen since the beginning of time. These days, it seems less frequent to see them. It can be due to the advance of the modern civilization and its buildings. It destroyed the ecosystem where they lived. In fact it exists 4 kind of korrigans in Brittany: the Pornikaneds who live in the woods, the Poulpicans who live in the valleys, the Korils or Kannerez Noz who live in the plains and the Teus or Teuz who live in the prairies.

They are often see near the megaliths, the Dolmen (which means rock table) and Menhir (which means Long rock). They are often described as long-haired with red eyes. Some say that they are only female and song like sirens. They sometimes make love with humans to kill them afterward. Several other description depict them as happy and joker. They were fighting against the christian church during the time when the Apostles came to convert Brittany. They are known to hate priests, churches, and especially the Virgin Mary.

They are more active during the night of 31st October where they stay near the Dolmen waiting victims. Their bad behavior seems to have been exaggerated by the church to make people forgot their folklore. Indeed, korrigans are known to be really nice too. They like help human to take care of the pigs for example. In exchange, they just want some food (the pig’s fat is their favorite food) and recognition. Also, if you let them your scythe, they ll sharpen it. Again, to thank them just give some pig’s fat, they’ll love it.

Their happiness can also be seen during the night when they are known to dance around the megaliths with grace. If you see them, they disappear. It is impossible to take photos of them. They like to keep treasures under their feet. In fact, their real habitations are under earth, they protect a great kingdom and no one has the courage to disturb them. Some adventurers tried to look a their kingdom but never returned! Have they been killed or did they stay in their beautiful kingdom under the earth?