The Mystical Experiences of Maria Esperanza

Maria Esperanza first came into the world on November 22nd, 1928 in a village within Venezuela called San Rafael. When Maria turned five, she experienced her first mystical encounter when she saw the apparition of St. Theresa of the Little Flower. Reports state that she spotted the vision by the Orinoco River where the saint tossed a red rose in her direction.


When Maria turned 12 years old, she fell sick with acute bronchial pneumonia. Those around her feared the worst, but after having a vision of Our Lady of the Valley, who was Patroness of Margarita Island, she was able to make an amazing recovery. Throughout Maria’s life, her health was poor, having a heart that lost its strength as the days passed. Later in life, she would be partially paralyzed by another illness. More than 20 doctors told her that she would not live long. This is when she became healed after the Sacred Heart of Jesus came to her in a vision. This is also when she received the first of many messages to come. 


Desiring to embrace religion in her life, Maria went to Merida to live with a group of Franciscan nuns. During 1954, she was in the Chapel of the Convent and has a vision of St. Theresa of the Little Flower. The saint told her that her path in life was to become a wife and a mother; that she would make herself holy and travel around the world. The same day that she received this message, she was also told by the Sacred Heart of Jesus to travel to Rome. She lived with a group of sisters in Rome for two years until she married Geo Bianchini Giani. The date was December 8th, 1956. This wedding took place in the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception, producing seven children: six girls and one son. All of the daughters were named Maria, including Maria Inmaculada, Maria Gracia and Maria del Carmen.


What makes Maria Esperanza an important figure is that she is considered to be one of the greatest mystics during her time. Although she had numerous duties as a wife, mother and grandmother (she had 19 grandchildren), she showed signs of stigmata throughout her life. She had the gift of envisioning the future, as well as told several predictions. She also possessed the gift of healing. Other unexplainable events that occurred in her presence were levitation, as well as the scent of flowers and fruits from no known source. Some have stated that they have seen rose petals fall from the heavens around her body.


The next phenomenon that is associated with Maria, is that a rose has sprouted from her chest. It has been documented that this has occurred a total of 16 times. Thousands of believers have flocked to Venezuela in hopes of receiving her blessing. Not only was she a trusted prophet and healer, but also it is said that she could be in two places at once, as well as shows the signs of stigmata. In her case, she displayed the bleeding of the hands.


Maria received many messages throughout her life. It is said that she sometimes received more than one within the course of a day. She retold these messages, which have led to accurate predictions concerning historic events, wars, as well as everyday life. Other prophecies that she foretold dealt with an unexpected global war; new diseases that will kill in days, as well as the end of the world marking the beginning of a spiritual place. 


On August 7th, 2004, Maria passed away at the age of 75. It is documented that after her passing, the room filled with the scent of roses.