The Nonsense Papers: The Power of Religion

Let’s talk about control; control is necessary in my beliefs to submerge a lower race or individuals in order to maintain stability and the fabled “peace”. Now this peace can only be acquired by the means of violence hence contradicting itself greatly. Just think about it”¦. As humans what do we have really that separates us from the other species? Is it our ability to speak? To tell you the truth, the ability to speak doesn’t make us intelligent. Is it then our capacity for thinking, creating, analyzing? Is it the vagaries of perception concerning emotions? These questions will enter the mind of any thinking human that doesn’t conform to organized religion and/or beliefs established by the “religious infection.” now I when say infection, I mean sickness of thought. The ideas that have been implanted in our heads for the last 2,000 or so years. These lies and deceit that the leaders of religion have used in order to establish their “chosen” position among the rest. One now has to think how this happened. This brings us into the illusion of history; the definition of history is word of mouth passed down from generation to generation by tribal practices. The bigger the tribe, it becomes a cult like we have now (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam). Ask yourself one question concerning history, do we really know if it transpired in the way it was portrayed? Or is it some imaginable fantasy created by the human mind? Really focus, because one does not know the truth unless one was present at the time of the event or creative inspiration, or what the mindless call “miracles”. take Jesus for instance: people claim that he is the son of Yaweh ( Jewish deity), but we do not know of his miracles, works, practices, or even powers of existence. Now many will say that “we have evidence”, but remember humans are weak and we need to believe in something even if it does not make sense in order to get through the perils of our daily life. Those who claim this, were not present at the time of Jesus, so what if he was not as powerful as they claim him to be? The story changes as it is passed down from generations and most times it is “beefed up” in order to make the story more interesting including fantasy and magic power. A good example is that many people talk about goblins, fairies, unicorns, centaurs, dragons, and other magical creatures. So why is it that they call them myths and Jesus is reality? Humans like to pick and choose what to take and what to leave out. Also remember that our minds are weak and most times cannot stand alone in thought. If one individual is different, well then they are chastised, ridiculed, killed or even tortured. Many people do not believe in the Judeo-Christian theory of god, and they are ridiculed by their friends, family, co-workers, and even spouses. “Crazy” they label them, but wait”¦”¦ what is crazy? How do you define it? Jut because rationality and logic enter into the theory and completely destroy the foundation of the three cults, doesn’t make it untrue. The problem, when you tell these mindless fools the “truth”, they become unstable, angry, violent, and even if the idea they believe is ridiculous, they will defend it with their life. Why do we do this? I believe the reason why is because we are empty and need and outside reason or worth to justify our existence. Without purpose, there is no reason to exist, and because we cannot self terminate ( well, sometimes yes”¦) we must seek out a reason to exist. Humans are the only animal that do not have a purpose here on this planet. Every animal in their kingdom have a distinct purpose, ours however, may be to destroy, reap, and demolish everything in our sight. Humans are so controlled at a mental level, that their capacity to think has diminished and they are set to believe something from their childhood that they were either forced, indoctrinated, or abused in the name of their certain cult.

Children are born with something called innocence (or so they say), and it is the parent(s) that fills them with the tools to work with in this society. If the child is given “broken tools“, then the child is ill prepared for journeying into the unknown of the world with any proper knowledge for survival. The idea of fear, arrogance, and domination is fed into their everyday lives given them a scary perception of “god” and these fairy tale stories that the parents themselves were victims to. In many countries ( Middle Eastern, South American, Central American, African, etc.) the levels of indoctrination are at a grotesque level of pain and suffering especially for women. If they are not raped ( most likely they are), they are manipulated by their fathers, brothers, and husbands. This is all done because their distinctive culture allows them by “divine law” to interject these practices, beliefs, or lessons in order to put these humans into their proper place. So as control, as it may be called, is systematic affecting everyone and then destroying them from the inside out leaving them empty until they finally submit to these harsh environments no matter how volatile it becomes in order to “fit in”.

From the moment of our births to the end, we as humans are controlled by the others around us. First, the childbirth is painful as they rip us out of the womb; a sanctuary that provided us with shelter, security, food and love. As we leave, our first emotion or reaction is to dry. After they have cleaned us, then we are able to see our mothers. ( in some countries this doesn’t even take place) after this introduction, we are these little innocent creatures with big eyes and alertness beyond our imagination. As we try to grasp this new world around us, it is scary and unknown but we are prepared for an adventure. But wait!”¦. You parent(s) (sometimes we do not have any) start to control your everyday actions and mannerisms: they tell us what to eat, when to eat, what to drink, when we can sleep and when we have to awaken, ergo we are totally dependent on them. As we sleep, they fill our imagination with stories, stories about an “invisible man in the sky” called god who is all powerful and can watch over us and has incredible powers beyond imagination. We are fed this everyday but not in a gentle way, instead out of fear. If we do something wrong, our parents will tell us that “god is watching over you” or “god will punish you if you do that”. After several years of hearing this, we begin to believe it especially when our parents strike us physically, or sometimes worse when we have committed this wrongful act. In order to avoid the physical pain ( because obviously we do not like it), we allow our mental state to receive the pain instead because our physical part is too precious and sensitive. As we get old enough and reach the time when we are sent to an institution for “learning,” we find others like ourselves who are now told by our teachers what to do. We are instructed on when we do our homework, when we have our lunch time, recess, and of course in most schools when our god session is given where we learn songs, and verses to praise him even before we learn to read. The ethic is chosen fro us at a very early state, because that is when our minds learn at a geometric rate whatever information is given to us unwanted or wanted. As we see others who recite the same stories we hear at home, we begin to fell a little more comfortable and begin to see that maybe this ‘god” character does exist and is really around because so many others believe it too. Sometimes, or forcefully, you are brought to a religious building where people sing, pray and talk about this god as if he were a person and could answer every question we possibly have. So of course being curious in nature, we ask some questions like: “where do babies come from?” or “why can’t I see god?” the answers we get from your parents, pastor, or teacher at a young age is “you are too young to know that,” or “don’t ask those kinds of questions“, or even worse, they fabricate a story that does not pertain to the subject matter. (I.e. “babies come from the garden“, or the “stork brings a little gift”) As we get older, we realize that we change physically and mentally, and the rules become different. Now sexual desires arise from within you and this internal feeling is something that you have never encountered before. Now depending on your sex, the outcome is different for each one. As a female, you will either be told that your “virginity” is sacred in the eyes of this god (that you do not see), and you must wait until you are married. If you violate this, then you are destined for a place called hell, and that place is your final destination. This contradicts what we have been told as children, we thought that this god loved us right? So the female will live in fear passing up many opportunities to have sexual adventures because these feelings inside them (their natural instincts) must be suppressed. The rules do not stop there, as a female you are also taught that you must procreate to have children and serve your husband, and then you are a “good woman” in the eyes of this god. This of course changes depending on what religious cult you pertain too, because Islam for instance one man can have more than one wife. Now the female becomes the property of the man and must conform and this must be done in the eyes of god, but wait! Your natural instincts kick in again and you begin to ask yourself important questions: “how come I cannot see god?” and “why can I not do what I feel is right?” they will call you blasphemous, or they will tell you “this is the great mystery only god knows”. we remember though that every book we have read whether it be Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Bears, Humpty Dumpty, etc. were considered fairy tales only to amuse us and for us to explore our imagination; fantasy stories of wonder or myths. However, this story is true we our told, the others don’t exist, they are all magical and nonsensical. But as our minds tries and tires to comprehend this story with logic and reasoning, we are shot down by the others. As a female you are ridiculed, called a whore or worse sometimes sent to a doctor that provides you with a drug to quiet your mind, or clam you down. This reason you understand is due to the fact that you are different, and you are judged and scorned, and must “fit in.” if the drugs have not diminished our mental states, we continue to climb the social ladder and begin to work, where a new authority figure (your boss) begins to dictate your practices and habits and decides what we should do and when we should do it. Still during this point in our lives, we do what is told of us, and obey and try not to question “god’s authority.” We are told more commands and some remain similar to those of our childhoods, however, some are added like show up on time to our job(s), obey our boss, as a female you are told to honor and obey your husband, honor and respect your mother an father regardless of what they done to us in our youth. Thus we have added another function to our thinking processes that has dominated us as if we have been groomed to follow this command, to obey. The game has changed, because if we do not obey the rules of our new adult life, the consequences will be more severe that just a “time out” or a “spanking.” ( in many other cultures, the outcome is more severe) when we do falter, we turn to the only one that we have been told would help us, god! Here is where the story becomes tricky, we ask for his help yet there is no answer! We become angry and swear, curse atrocities at him because he did not help us no matter what ridiculous lengths we sought to please him. But then the thought enters our minds, maybe we were made to suffer? We run to the nearest church, and our pastor tell us not to worry, we will be saved in the next life; suffer now and endure because heaven is waiting for us. ( the idea of heaven in the three cults all have different outcomes) what about this life? Why is the one life that we have now so insignificant that we have to wait until we have passed the threshold of pain mentally and physically to enter this paradise in the clouds? We only have one life right, why cannot we enjoy both? When a female dies, does she have to endure the same life that she already experienced here again for eternity? Or do they finally achieve equality amongst us men?

The sad truth is that in order to enjoy this life, we as humans need capital, and it is a sad truth. Let us imagine that we have made it in society; we studied hard, our money situation is in good standing”¦. now what do we do? We have succeeded on our own, and this god had nothing to do with it, we are alone. Our friends tell us not to worry , that “he will help when the time is right“, and that “everything happens for a reason.” Do we really believe this? Our minds then enter a defense state and rejection, solitude and other thoughts ramble on inside the mind. As an animal, our instincts kick in and we strive to survive and then we achieve success using our minds logic and reasoning. Once we succeed, all our friends, family, and loved that have abandoned us, rush up to greet us and become our close companions once again insisting on the help of Jesus, god, or miracles! But the truth is, we realize that these people are completely out of their minds! This god was not there and we did these accomplishments ourselves. We have struggled through all the pain, and suffering all alone and we have triumphed as an individual. We ask ourselves: “why the hell are these people taking away my power and accomplishments and attributing it to an outside force? We now begin to realize that we were controlled our whole lives! There wasn’t anyone watching us from the sky, we succeeded and triumphed due to our natural instincts; our primal instincts like any animal in the wild. This force exists within us! We have held this power all along and all the masters of our lives have tried to extinguish this light from within us, to make us dependent on them and their own fantasies. But now that we have taken a small step into a larger world, where do we go from here? Do we even have the answers? Those who claim they do, really have no idea except what ever they have been told since birth what to be or what to do. Is religion so powerful with its vice grip over our minds, that we have lost all sense of worth? They look to control us anyway they can starting at a young age, and building us like an engineer would build a robot or car existing to satisfy their power mongering desires. Fear is a more methodical way of controlling the masses, look at our recent human history.

As we look into this brief escapade of human life, one must remember that the description changes depending on what culture we are created from. This story changes from one to the next building the human wall higher and higher far beyond the reach to climb over and escape. Who is responsible for building this wall? We are of course, and we are dooming ourselves in more ways than one. If the gods are truly testing us in this life to see if the human being is worthy enough to ascend into a new consciousness, my best bet is that they don’t rely on us to make it because we do not provide any fruits for them to take pride in their creation. Then again, is this nonsense, or is it not? Only a human as an individual can decide”¦..