The Real Jesus Secret that James Cameron Doesn’t Know

March will see the launch of one of the most amazing tales ever to be told. The Ark, The Shroud and Mary – a book and DVD – will reveal for the first time who the man was imaged on the Shroud of Turin, what relevance this has to the Ark of the Covenant and the ramifications for Christianity are immense.

In addition, Gardiner will reveal through scientific evidence just how the Shroud was made and re-date it in the process.

But the story goes much deeper, for during Gardiner’s extraordinary investigations he uncovers and meets up with an ancient Brotherhood who have guarded the secret for centuries and who claim cross-religious links that unite the strands of our sacred past like never before.

This book and DVD reveals the golden thread throughout time and across nations and creeds that Jesus and his contemporaries were fully part of.

The DVD is released by Reality Films, part of Reality Entertainment and along with the book will be available across the internet stores and distributed throughout Barnes and Noble with front of store placement.

Philip Gardiner is an international best selling author of several books, including Gnosis: The Secret of Solomon’s Temple Revealed and Secrets of the Serpent – both now also DVD documentaries. He speaks internationally at venues all over the world from the USA to Australia, England to France and has appeared on over 400 radio and TV shows. His website has much more information and can be found at

Contact: Michael Pralin at [email protected] for press packs, bookings etc and for first edition signed copies of the book or Media Contact: Simon Warwick-Smith [email protected] or on US (707) 939-9212