The Role of Cups, Chalices, and Goblets in Rituals

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Rituals are a group of actions that are performed with the hopes that an outcome will arise when paying homage to something of a symbolic nature. Usually, these acts are part of a bigger entity, such as a religion or community traditions. Over the years, the term ”˜ritual’ has gotten a bad rep as it is often grouped under a negative umbrella dealing with cults and inhuman sacrifices. In this article, we will take a look at some of the items one may need or use when performing rituals within a home setting.


While browsing the Internet, I came across an interesting site (
), which was filled with imagery and an array of mesmerizing objects. Whether you are looking for a nice object to set in your home or you wish to call upon the forces above to grant one of your deepest desires, rituals utilize a wide-range of items, ingredients, chants, and other rather interesting objects.


One of the main types of ritual items that Abaxion has plenty of includes a nice selection of cups, which are also known as goblets and chalices. Many believe that cups are connected to the forces in the universe associated with the female image. This includes the influential emotions, feelings, and thoughts, such as compassion, love, instinct, and intuition. Cups are also associated with fertility, the womb, the subconscious mind, as well as beauty.


When one holds their cup or chalice in the air, it is thought by many that this item serves as a “receptacle of spiritual forces.” It also creates a bridge to the element of water, and when it is held upright, it takes the shape of an open womb, which is ready to receive whatever you may place inside. When one holds a cup in an inverted position, it is often looked upon as a symbol of birth.


The type of ritual you enter with a cup will determine the outcome you desire. The cup, goblet, and chalice mean different things to various groups. In the case of neo-pagan followers of witchcraft, the cup is seen as a way to encourage concentration on a circle, give thanks to gods in the form of a toast, cast spells, scrying, as well as follow the words and work of a ritual.


When clicking on the various items available for purchase at Abaxion, you will see a variety of categories to choose from. The website offers cups that satisfy the needs of individuals who need items with pentagrams on them. Mythological-related chalices and goblets are also a popular item to consider when performing various rituals. The website also showcases a hefty selection of cups for the use in Wiccan and Pagan traditions. Some of the cups at Abaxion also focus on goddesses, while others display images of vampire bats, skulls, and the remnants of ancient civilizations.


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