The Tomb Of Jesus May Have Been Found, Causing Christian Uproar

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A new documentary set to air next month is causing major uproar in Christians. Titanic director, James Cameron, claims to have found the Tomb of Jesus. Not only is he claiming he found the tomb of Jesus, but he also claims proof that Jesus had a Son and Wife.


One of the coffins has an inscription on it that says “Judah, Son Of Jesus”. Another coffin is said to hold the bones of Mary Magdalene (Jesus’s alleged Wife).


A total of 10 ossuaries found while bulldozers leveled land in Jerusalem in 1980. Out of the 10, six of them have significant names on the tombs. The names Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Mary Magdalene, Judah (son of Jesus), and Matthew were inscribes on the burial coffins, which is claimed to hold biblical relations.


The filmmaker is undergoing major criticism for his claim, for if the tomb proves to be true, it will contradict the Christian belief that Jesus resurrected and ascended to Heaven.


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