Timeline of International Religions and Founders Part 3

Have you ever heard of the Theosophical Society? Who is responsible for the Unity School of Christianity? How many believers are connected to the True Jesus Church? All of these questions and more are answered when you scan this article that continues to present a collection of international religions , along with their founders.

In 1875 AD, H.P. Blavatsky and Henry Olcott establish the Theosophical Society.

In 1879 AD, Mary Baker Eddy begins to spread the word regarding Christian Science.

Between 1889 and 1924 AD, the Unity School of Christianity is created with the help of Myrtle Fillmore.

In 1900 AD, Max Heindel established the Rosicrucian Fellowship.

In 1902 AD, Rudolf Steiner presents the beliefs of the Anthroposophical Society with the intentions of creating a place where those with interest in the branch of spirituality called anthroposophy could congregate. Basically, anthroposophy was looked upon as a “spiritual science.”

In 1906 AD, The Pentecostal Assemblies of the World emerges.

In 1914 AD, Felix Manalo established the Iglesia ni Cristo, which is a Christian church with origins in the Philippines. The church claims it is the reestablishment of an original church that was founded by Jesus and that their teachings state that the original church was apostatized. The doctrine of the Trinity and the Divinity of Jesus are not a part of this religious belief. 

In 1914 AD, Oneness Pentecostalism emerges with the help of Frank Ewart, G.T.Haywood, and Glenn Cook.

In 1917 AD, the True Jesus Church is established with the help of founders , Paul Wei, Lingsheng Chang and Barnabas Chang. This non-denominational (or independent) church was established in Beijing, China during 1917. To date, there are about 1 ½ to 2 ½ million believers scattered about 45 countries and six continents.

1930 AD, Wallace D. Fard paves the way for Black Muslims, which is also known as the Nation of Islam.

In 1927 AD, Ernest Holmes creates the foundation for Mind Science.

In 1934 AD, Herbert W. Armstrong establishes the World Wide Church of God.

In 1935 AD, the Self Realization Fellowship is born with the help of Paramahansa Yogananda.

In 1954 AD, Sun Myung Moon solidifies the Unification Church.

In 1942 or 1945 AD, Victor P. Wierwille becomes the founder of The Way International, which encourages the spread of material that deals with the languages of the Old Testament and New Testament (Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic). The religion also refers to the biblical use of numbers and figures of speech. To some, there are glaring contradictions of the Christian Bible, which have led some to believe that the group participates in cult-like practices. The religious group is considered “non-trinitarian” and believes that Jesus Christ is the savior and the Son of God, but not God himself.

1948 AD, Franklin Hall and George Warnock started Latter Rain, which was a Pentecostal Christianity post-war movement that has quite the controversial past even to this day.

In Part 4 of ” Timeline of International Religions and Founders,” you will learn who was the founder of Eckankar and what this belief system stands for; the many names of the Children of God; and who is behind Scientology.