Timeline of International Religions and Founders Part 4

In this concluding article in the series of ” Timeline of International Religions and Founders”, you will encounter the year when United Pentecostal International was established; the book that started it all for Scientology; and a little bit about the Church of Satan.

In 1964 AD, Paul Twitchell became the founder of Eckankar – The Ancient Science of Soul Travel.
In 1968 AD, the United States sees the emergence of Hare Krishna with the help of Swami Prabhupada.

In 1968 AD, David (Moses) Berg establishes Children of God (also known as Family of Love, the Family, or the Family International) in Huntington Beach, California, which is seen as outsiders, the media, and certain governments as a cult.

1945 AD marks the year when United Pentecostal International was established with the help of Howard Goss and W.T. Witherspoon, which has a history that dates back to 1914.

In 1944 AD, Jose Silva starts Silva Mind Control.

In 1950 AD, Dr. Bill Sadler and the Urantia Book become a reality.

In 1950 AD, L. Ron Hubbard publishes his book titled, “Dianetics,” where the roots of Scientology are later created.

In 1954 AD, Dr. George King founds the Atherius Society, which bases a lot of their beliefs in regards to UFO’s.

In 1955 AD, L. Ron Hubbard officially establishes Scientology.

Between 1958 and 1970 AD, we see the Church Universal and Triumphant emerge with founders, Mark and E.C. Prophet.

In 1958 AD, Henry Kinley starts up IDMR, which stands for the Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research.

In 1959 AD, Unitariarian Universalists emerge.

In 1960 AD, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi spreads the word regarding transcendental meditation.

In 1961 AD, the official formation of Unitarian Universalism is recognized.

In 1965 AD, the Assembly of Yahweh is established with the help of Jacob Meyer. The religious organization is based out of Bethel, Pennsylvania, where they follow doctrines that are a combination of Christian Orthodox Jewish and Jehovah Witnesses beliefs. Some of the elements associated with the belief system include the use of Yahweh for God and Yahshua the Messiah for Jesus Christ.

In 1966 AD, Anton LaVey establishes the Church of Satan, where followers use “The Satanic Bible” (written by LaVey in 1969 as a guide. Lavey would serve as the High Priest of the church until his passing in 1997. Within the Church of Satan, there are two kinds of members , Registered and Active. An active membership is separated into five different categories that are referred to as “degrees.” The First Degree is called a Satanist. The Second Degree is called a witch or a warlock. The Third Degree is called a priest or a priestess. The Fourth Degree is called a magister or magistra, while the Fifth Degree is called a magus or maga.

In 1970 AD, the Findhorn Community is established through the efforts of Peter and Eileen Caddy, as well as David Spangler.

In 1970 AD, Guru Maharaj Ji begins the Divine Light Mission.

In 1973 AD, the United States is introduced to CARP, which stands for The Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles, which brought to light the teachings of un Myung Moon.

In 1974 AD, the Assemblies of Yahweh are connected to Sam Suratt.

In 1979 AD, Kip McKean founds the Church of Christ International.

Between 1980 and 1982 AD, the Tara Center emerges with Benjamen Crème at the helm.

In 1980 AD, Jacob Hawkins establishes the House of Yahweh (also referred to as Abilene).