Versions of the Bible V

Updated translations of the Bible are often referred to as ‘New’ and often use older texts as a foundation for their version. In this article, you will encounter some of the newer translations, such as the New Century Version and New English Bible, which followed the same line as the popular King James Version.

New Century Version ,

The New Century Version is also referred to as the NCV. The New Testament appeared in 1978, while the Old Testament version emerged in 1986. The Bible is written in such a way that someone in the 3rd grade could comprehend. Presented as a simple English translation, this version was created by the same people responsible for the International Children’s Version. The translation is considered a conservative evangelical text that is easy to read.

New English Bible ,

The King James Version is a widely accepted translation, and when the New English Bible appeared in print, it became the first British Bible translated from the original languages since the KJV. The translation uses a thought-by-thought approach in modern British English. For the most part, the Revised English Bible has replaced it. The New English Bible is also called NEB. The New Testament was released in 1961, while the Old Testament version followed in 1970.

New International Version ,

This version of the Bible is often called “international” because accommodates a variery of denominations and includes the work of many scholars hailing from an array of nations that speak English. The New International Version is also referred to as the NIV, and is known as a straightforward translation written in contemporary English. The New Testament was written in 1973 and the Old Testament followed in 1978.

New International Readers’ Version (1996) ,

The New International Readers’ Version is a simplified version of the New International Version, which was prepared by the same team that translated the NIV. The reading is quite easy to digest, and is designed to help children make the transition into reading the NIV. The Bible is also very useful for those who English is a second language. The New International Readers’ Version is also called the NIrV, in short.

New Jewish Translation ,

Students who spend their time reading the Old Testament seem to take a particular interest in the New Jewish Translation, which offers a modern language option of the Jewish Scriptures (also referred to as the Christian Old Testament). The Torah appeared in 1962 with the following texts in suit: Nevi’im (1978), Kethubim (1982), and Tanakh (1985).

New Life Bible ,

This particular translation was the handiwork of missionaries named Gleason and Kathyrn Ledyard. The pair worked in the Canadian arctic and felt compelled to create a language version that was more simplified. Some of the concepts that were considered more difficult were broken down into easier to read phrases. The New Life Bible version of the New Testament appeared in 1969, while the Old Testament emerged in 1986.