Witnesses Shocked to See Religious Statues Glowing, Talking, Moving

Reports are filtering in from Malaysia through social media and independent news sites that a recent incident involved hundreds of witnesses standing in front of statues of Buddha and seeing the statues emit light, move their mouths, and even their fingers.  The witnesses, unsure of what else to do, began documenting the phenomenon.  This is certainly a strange one for the record books – and yet it has many concerned over the spiritual implications.  The witnesses also reported seeing a strange bolt of energy floating into the statues before they started becoming animate.

The Pu Xian Service Center of Kuala Lumpur is no stranger to throngs of people passing through, but on the morning of February the 27th, the focus of attention was on a line of several statues bearing the image of Buddha which had allegedly begun to move.  And as witnesses started rolling film on the statues, what they found was that the strange phenomenon was quickly spreading.  Witnesses reportedly recorded video of the statues moving their chest as if to breathe, and their mouths as if speaking.  Other witnesses suggested at one point even seeing the hands of the statues moving slightly and the eyes opening slightly before closing again.

One of the Buddhas filmed could be seen emitting a strange blue light from its forehead, beaming out as if it contained a mysterious blue lightning within it.  Of course reports of this same light entering the statue later came out, but thus far many of these sources are unconfirmed.  These reports, along with the video were eventually sent to Guang Ming Daily and strangely took a little over a month before finally reaching more than passing attention from western news outlets.

Could the statues have been providing a warning of an impending crisis – such as an Earthquake – to be felt in that hemisphere of the world?  Or was this some strange form of manifestation from an entity of unknown origin?  Though we cannot say where precisely this strange phenomenon came from, it does seem significant that the events took place in front of so many people and in broad daylight – even continuing as video cameras rolled on.

Unfortunately, the videos themselves often leave much to the imagination.  It does appear that something unusual is going on in the images seen on film, but several of the statues were filmed and later uploaded to youtube – and not all of them look like they’re talking or moving.  The only thing that is apparent from these strange videos is that the witnesses surrounding the statues are clearly under the impression that something unusual is transpiring.  As we look more into this case we will provide any further details as they appear.  In the mean time we are left only with strange videos such as this which have received