Woman Leaves Wheelchair Behind with Faith Healing

To see someone who has been bound in a wheelchair for so long is an incredible experience.  But to see someone in one moment take 23 years of confinement in a wheelchair and suddenly have the strength and will to overcome their disease in a single moment thanks to an unknown and mysterious force is even more incredible.  But this is just what happened when a faith healer in August placed his hands on her legs and for the first time she felt something within her telling her it was time to finally take the first steps and walk.  Was it an unknown supernatural strength endowed upon her by her pastor and friend?  Or was it the power of her own mind, spurred on by the experience, that allowed her to walk?

23 years is a long time to be confined to a wheelchair.  But Delia Knox was fully aware of every single moment of that imprisoned feeling.  Though she had the support of her family and friends, and a sympathetic religious congregation, there was something missing from her life.  She wanted the freedom to walk like she had before the tragic accident that cost her her mobility.  When a drunk driver smashed a car into her and gave her nerve damage resulting in her legs being paralyzed, many would think she would be angry.  Instead, she turned to her family and her friends for support and her own religious faith for strength.  In Mobile Alabama, when Reverend Nathan Morris was finished with a passionate speech, he put his hands on her and she gradually started twitching and eventually rose.  She even walked unassisted after several tries.  The hope and apprehension were juxtaposed on her face the whole time.  After only a few minutes she could feel in her legs once again.  After that she was able to move her legs and eventually even hopped up before plummeting back to her chair.  Not to be dissuaded, she soon stood amid the cries and revelry of the crowd.  And it wasn’t just a one time thing, either.  She reported to the Daily Mail that she has been able to walk ever since and rarely uses her wheelchair.  It was, according to many of those present and the 300,000 viewers on youtube, a miracle.

But what was the source of this miracle?  Could it have been the power of her own strength of will bolstered by her network of support?  Or is it possible she really did tap into something deeper and more mystical in all of us that can change the very way we move and even miraculously heal those who are paralyzed?  For years faith healers have been a controversial last and first resort for those looking for guidance and the ability to walk once again.  Healers the world over have used their abilities to bring health back to many.  But their methods are still largely considered a mystery.  Attributing it all to an external power and claiming no credit for themselves, these faith healers have seen an increase in popularity in the past ten years.  But even now many turn to these individuals asking for advice on their methods.  Their answer?  Look within.