5 Big Health Mistakes

“Health is better than wealth.”
Anonymous. Proverb.
Today everyone is very concern about his health. But in daily life, our food preferences are harmful for health. Here are five big mistakes that people make in their daily life regarding their food and health.

1.    If you believe that government is very concerning about our food safety, then it is a big mistake! Although the government scrutinizes chemical additions in foods that we eat, but it is very slow process. A food product is only considered unhealthy for human consumption until it is determined beyond a reasonable doubt to be dangerous for health. Government or any food agency does not examine food choices. Both acts like advertising mediator and nothing else.

2.    People are not bothered to read the ingredients of the foods they buy. Mostly they believe in labels that are designed to attract you to buy the product. But the important thing to buy food is to read ingredients which are the facts.

3.    Most people buy food for what is not in it as opposed for what is in it. It damage whole system of your body. It is establish fact that Human beings need fat, protein, and carbohydrates to perform all the bodily functions properly. Any diet which eliminates an entire food group for an extended period of time is not sound. This alone makes vulnerable your health. When you food is free fat, protein, sugar, calories, then there would be chemically processed food additives in your food.

4.    People think that it is all right to eat chemicals, but they do not know that chemicals do not nutritional or nourishing value. Chemicals are addictive poisoning our bodies.

5.    People do not drink enough water as it is the single most important thing for long and healthy life. We prefer to drink soda, juice, coffee or milk etc instead of water. People do not drink even 8-10 glasses per day which is necessary for young body.  Drinking less water causes dehydration, hunger, head ache, dry skin, stress, fatigue and lack of concentrating etc. It is recommended to drink 80 ounces of water per day. Drinking water is very important for metabolism and most importantly loosing your weight.