Card magic and divination

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The cards are normal cards or playing cards with suites like clubs. There is n’t any significance to them, except the type of influence that they have where death is a success by a killing. Use of belief is necessary. This is that belief
“We are as we will be. We are as we are and as we will be.  I am _ and will die do as diere is life where diere is desire by disaster. Maybe be we are as we will learn from it playing with water by ruination.  Recompense is in myself as meslf, where I as me or I as an en i’ in sense e’sen’se. Diesolv is for the ice to resolve, and yet its desolve. Diere is fire an as if we are. As fiere is none we are as an if en be de’tail or death in ending.”

“Due Esz caba is contained damage with recompense. As recompense is in soul sense an as much is
anasche .an as is is to believe as ansche is ankh an as ans is to what our assoc is ankh is our
morning as ed is of our ans’wer..An. a sum is as an in. As an if recompense is in soul”

The cards are normal cards or playing cards with suites like clubs. There isn’t any significance to
them, except the type of influence that they have where death is a success by a killing. Use of belief is necessary.
This is that belief
“We are as we will be.
We are as we are and as we will be.
I am _ and will die do as diere is life where diere is desire by disaster.
Maybe be we are as we will learn from it playing with water by ruination.
Recompense is in myself as meslf, where I as me or I as an en i’ in sense e’sen’se.
Diesolv is for the ice to resolve, and yet its desolve.
Diere is fire an as if we are.
As fiere is none we are as an if en be de’tail or death in ending.”

Like Spades are like death like a death scene or fire for like sometimes pain.
Hearts are forbidden triumph by desire or stealing or like air or hurt.
Clubs forbidden justice as be by self deterrent type set justice en disaster with earth.
Diamonds are forbidden interference by some means expensive and ruin like with water.
Any runs by conclusive numbers of 4 or five will be a silent act like silent death for spades or
spedes and silent forbidden triumph. A way is two or three of the same suite. Any chain is for event
of mixed runs and chained ways are a mix of both ways and chain. The atleantian translation is indicative
of a sooner idea and so onto the vocab. “En. E I es noew go forward. En. E Ih es now go forward. An es
differencial. What is a an differeince but cold as indifferent because none would look at it.”

spaix = death or disease and spades of death or playing like with fire.
sodiarix = sodiar are like for hearts of desire with air, forbidden triumph by desire for hurting or
playing with air
cluix = clubs are forbidden justice as is a thought to act by self-redress
and redeclarating of playing with earth.
jutix = diamoix for diamonds that are that like an forbidden an en pass by the love of it
or playing with water by ruination. Forbidden by interference is as an ‘in’ another assoc an ans or
asch’ii’ association like same for playing cards.
spa = spade or waterlike.
hert = an as heart or for hurt.
cluh = an ae clue or club
jut = jut out, cut on e.m or diamond jute
rue = a run on silence or rue (run) of with notice by number or count
diamonds for water that is ruinous,
clubs for earth, as desier is life desire by disaster
spades for fiere, as I for I wylle is I hope. As nsense is essense circet for an idea
sometimes death. )
hearts for air as its it ief forms. Ief an is lief (life is formed by stealing moments).
diamonds and spades for Lightning is in an very ensnce for I as an en i’ in sense e’sen’se
represented by fire and water.
diamonds and hearts for as diebold ice is a symbol to cold.
spades and clubs for as whatever noted and lava is fiere and earth.
clubs and hearts for power as earth and air, diesolv its se unlumited in ending’.

A way is = an in or two or three of the same suite.
kermad.= kermadiac is an. is an et el is an. association to the heart…
As ce en ziff = is to fit the right moment as of what is on what or what is desired to happen correct.
As ce de ziff = if in then anyone disappears and then do an as skieff to fix things. This to fix the
moment of life even in death like fitting a puzzle piece.
As ce ziff = an de ze is to be able to cease the ziff socket effect or to not fit the right moment.
As ce = is scene its to fix into motion.
As ce de = Association to fix, ascending or cease and then after the motion ceases its to correct.
To decieve after ceasing then deceasing.
As ce an de en =.; is like as en ce ziff its to fix as en an the pieces of anything together.
As ce an de en = to fix what is association and dismiss it as nonexistant.
In batl wickid = alternative idea on this as an id no destruction is to get an existant person.
As diamonds are forever, as ice and cold, clubs are for steele, hearts are for passive passion,
spades are for death..En due war is = stop it or if you can’t stop then don’t En. is an. as Es due war.

chain spells = chain existant spells are chained events due to one purpose or due for one event. usage of
a mixed runs. They include. by. incl. u. ;sion chain ways. The only way of happiness is usealage fusealage.
I ie an. e. As of anything could happen by you stating or needing it with more than one chain or run..

chainearth is = according to earth movements it controls the event that blocks out like en de is the event
by implacable placable energy patterns. Then any event near it is mentioned to be blocked out for energy so
at is earth. en is demonstration an En is end oe english.
chainfire = a fire that destroys all memories by making destructive use of any memory that
is so unbearable its like ignored. The person affected by it makes them invisible, forgotten
on site. It can spread to others by burn of important objects.
chainwater is = as an absolute force where most and en in time are implacable ingenious with makeup memory.
Chain air = to the control of hundreds or most in area not that most consider it a will an ie as to event
an idea reflects in some media thats in in view.
chain ice = a force that is freezing of the target by actions and any near to the event or
the event is frozen instead. Duplex inversion is at some point the effect is inverted and
then it continues again as if anew but blocks out itself an. loses the chainice.
chainlava = makes a difference a difference that by standards which could make reading a book unpossible
or eradicate the fill of info or fields and memory by blocking but redirects the event in advent to begone
or be regained by independent events.
chain lightning = fire and air burns out devices in order to work with the goal at hand. A force that
goes through everyone in area targets by effect of electrical in as freezing people to do
as by electronics. As for if then so we are if then so do.
chainearthair is = Liquid or solid Earth and air or power in motion like heat and air to a turbine mix
like an orden box this is the orden force as its supposed but allures men to do as if its life. Its a force
on its own owned by something and replicates something to make do. It alleviates loss of memory to begin as
in an effort. It secludes those who predwell or prequell in things or it if it is over itself. Its an event
ruled in air by fire. Lets go to the next one.

The real thing is physical by fire as passion and psychic in area by idea air strength by included event.
This indivisual event is like water on ice with earth. A precluded effort; Secluded in strength precluded
in measure. Like a stone glider on air.
It follows these rules.
To cut out the event blocks the chain effect.
To block out the view blocks out the chainfire.
Pointing out the event blocks it according to earth movements or motion. Block is sometimes placing
it in a controlled area to create it.
To an’ wield’ out on out of the run for or from memory like a shield helps reforge it, non but the strength and
the mind are an’ required thing to remember the event at least through drea,ms.
To control the event considerates the blockout in ice of the chainearth.
To control the next mention blocks out chainwater
To what controls, its so easy to defeat by power as it is what blocks out as the the chain event an we are
lightning, power or lava event. The orden box is very useful in this. An as ef en, the Orden box can create any
event out of order by chaos so its the counter to them all. Wishes by this are possible that it can be
a force an of indomitable will like kaids. As if en is demonstratable by effort.
A cut frome forces are what cause a prophecy by action to not occur. These prophesies are actions in account
that tend to try the mind. For in the effort in our minds, its with our own idea to do things but like a cut

A lot of chain effect spells are as follows above albeit it doesnt quite make sense so just follow the http://alt-sites.tripod.com/atlantiantk/fealty.htm link.

                                                    Card divination

Use the above association as in above type idea. Above seen I E is not the chain spells. Its like to use the death as a killing to suceed. No actual death. The passion is not forbidden otherwise we would not do it huh? Its passion that is forbidden if nothing good is gained from it. So we see the numbers have an importance bit of info being added to the reading. The number meaning added below. Like the oppoSiTes to occur of death for the spades card is to the side, aN iS i to get it by being to the slide. In the it i is condolanted as to what I want. The card meanings are likely obscure but its in the face to be forgiven of face. As to none of the bad but some of the good other. So I would use the intuition and add to the meaning, or change it is to suit your an need where need is desire like in money but passion ruled by diamonds.

To tell what for these numbers to mean for each particular divination has meanings set by as of the heart, spade, diamond and etc with the meanings of the numbers added on., take a deep breathe and imagine touching the tapestry of who ever the numbers were developed around. Let your inner intuitions guide you, and use # 0 – 13. The Ace is 1 or high in end is 14 and the king is 13 Queen is for a 12 where 11 is a Jack but 10 to 1 is 10 to 1.

0 = z, deho, fortune, nothing, zilch, death, zyl, brought to nothing
1 = en, une, won, one, on, Inspiration, new beginnings, determination, ideas, creativity. Also selfishness, pushy, & willfulness.
2 = duou, tu, too, to, two, be, also, become, Intelligence being channeled, patience, understanding, sharing. Also, impatience, stubbornness, and nu intolerance
3 = darco, tri, trin, three, contest, triumph, unite, unity, Expressing emotions through words, communicating, enjoyment, love, and friendship. Also, energies scattered, over-reacting, criticizing, and not communicating.
4 = thein, au, for, four, going, Building things on solid foundations, practical, organized, planning, growth. Also, dragging of heels, opposition, creating limitations.
5 = cel, five, clap, quin, quint, A balance of spiritual and material worlds to find truth. Challenge, change, new thinking, opportunities, spirituality, travel, and curiosity. Also, fearful of changes or failure.
6 = ci, six, sex, yes, position, Turns for the better, progress, harmony, upward trends, balance, compassion, concern, care, able to overcome difficulties. Also, lack of concern, stubbornness, fixed in beliefs, anxiety.
7 = sent, syi, luck, seven, lucky, motionless, Faith, inner development, spiritual understanding advantages, discovery, knowledge, wisdom, meditation. Also, skepticism, ignorance, doubt, fear, faithlessness.
8 = huaccel, et, eat, ate, eight, late, humility, Power from within to accomplish goals, success, capable, strength, faith in one’s abilities, determination. Also, over-emotional, abuse of one’s abilities for selfish ends.
9 = nan, ni, nine, hit, non, homecoming, leave, remainder, Completion, doors closing with new one’s opening, last stages of a cycle, fulfilled, wisdom, generous, letting go of what was once important. Also, loss, emotional ups and downs.
10 = doul, ti, success, ten, balance, belief, order, A (hexadecimal)
11 = doulen, onz, enen, combination, combine, chaos, eleven, misunderstood, national fate, B (hex)
12 = douduou, tulv, noon, harsheix, tuio (too) harsh lessons, amplification, twelve, explore, C (hex).
13 = doudarco, triz, thirteen, teenage, trial, conclusion, D (hex)
14 = douthein, quidiz, fourteen, share, defense, metal, baker, defensive, E (hex)


So the outline to follow for the reading is From the bottom of the deck an as to mean the endpoint. The next card placed under it is the Beginning. The next card laid flat is the opposite one. The card laid under it is the given. The next card is to the side as past and then the next above is present future the next above is future or use the celtic cross. Like