Choosing Good Friends

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Learn what a person does, then you have no reason to fear them. If they are unhealthy, unmotivated, or unfaithful to their lovers, they will tend to be back stabbers and manipulators. These people also are easily controlled if they think they can “get something out of it”. If you can somehow make them healthy and happy they can be relatively loyal.

If you know what a person needs, you can use them. . . like a toy train set. You can make them go and do your bidding, or maybe you can even use them to help themselves – if you’re smart enough. That’s usually the best way. Always help people first – if you can understand how to help them, they will help you back. They can’t help it.

If a person doesn’t need anything and they know it, or if they’re always helping you out without being tricky – those people make the best close friends to share intimate moments with and stuff.

If you realise that there is no good and bad – no friends and no enemies, you can see the situation clearly and have a deep friendship with anybody – even if they hate your guts. That is the best way.

When you use a spoon to pick up your cereal in the morning, don’t take it for granted. If the spoon accidentally broke and spilled cereal over best suit – its you who was wearing your best suit in such risky situations, not the spoon. Take responsibility for yourself. Be deeply thankful for everything you’re given. That is how you should treat people if you don’t want to be stabbed in the back. If you want something done, you have to be able to trust yourself. If you made a bad decision in the equipment you use to scale a wall, and the rope breaks, who chose the rope? You did. If your frien lets you down in an important situation, its your foolishness for not understanding your friend. You should have checked your supplies better. Maybe now you can learn from your mistake.