First Crucial Step to a Successful Life

Are you living a happy and successful life? Certainly not, I presume. If you had been living a happy and successful life then you would not have been here reading this article!


Most people in this world are not living the life of their choice or dreams. They are just living and try to grab any opportunity which comes in their way. They have no ambitious plans to undertake or enthusiastic goals to reach. They are floating in the deep waters of life helplessly, mostly at the mercy of the cruel winds and even don’t know which direction they should go and which direction the winds are taking them. No doubt, often they float in the opposite direction and reach nowhere.


In order to succeed in life you must have well defined written goals. It’s so simple. Take a piece of paper and write down your wildest dreams, silly desires, ugly wishes, ambitious plans and enthusiastic goals. Write, write and write whatever you want from your life. Draw a big plan of your life. Think big and don’t be afraid of anyone. No one can panelize you for thinking BIG. It’s your life and you have every right to live it in a dignified manner.


Think Big and draw an even bigger plan of your success. You must feel as if high power currents are running through your whole body giving you extra strength and strong determination to succeed while you are writing down the details of your short and long term goals. Don’t think that you are alone in your ambitious success plan as the whole scenario has now changed. Remember, a forward looking person with a positive frame of mind is always welcome everywhere.


You must be proud of yourself as you have taken the most important first step by writing your desired success plan, the charter of your success. This is not a small achievement. How many people in this world have written success plans and how many of them are so excited as you are! Therefore, it’s a time of joy, excitement and happiness.


Now all that you have to do is to write and re-write your success plan so that nothing is left out. Read and re-read your plan to make sure that everything is crystal clear to your mind and soul.


Imagine you have already achieved success. How will you now dress, sit, stand, walk, talk, act or react! Stand before a mirror and talk confidently as a successful person. Tell yourself how you are going to implement your success plan. Don’t feel silly while talking to yourself. It’s a part of your success plan. After two or three days you will feel OK. Practice daily so that your confidence level boosts and your determination to succeed touch new heights.


I just want to give you a word of caution. Suppose you are in the battlefield. Would you surrender before your enemy or like to kill the enemy. As a brave soldier you must fight fearlessly and kill the enemy. In the battlefield of life, your negative thoughts are your worst enemies. Fight the negativity bravely and kill any negative thought which comes to the surface otherwise your negative thoughts will kill your success plan mercilessly and ruin your life forever.


Remember your success is guaranteed if you remain positive and implement your success plan sincerely and wholeheartedly.


Hifzur Rehman is the owner and editor of www.selfimprovement.ch . He is also the author of popular articles on personal growth, beauty, health and money.