From the Hint of a Rainbow to……

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From the Hint of a Rainbow to……
 by: Julie Jordan Scott

The grey sky of morning contained an ominous quality. The clouds were so thick they were almost tangible. Then I saw it. Faintly sandwiched between the clouds was the hint of a rainbow. Barely visible were the bands of color, with a straining, subtle expectancy as the dim colors arched upward. It was the beginnings of a rainbow. The hint of a possibility of something beautiful, magical and rare.

Was the rainbow becoming more of a rainbow? Or would it retreat?

Would all the pieces that need to come together to create a vibrant halo of color in the sky so the rainbow would flourish, or would one of the factors jump out of balance, thus erasing the hint? Which would be created? Nothingness or gloriousness?

In your life, where are there hints of a rainbow? What is standing in the way of your magnificent rainbow?

Perhaps it is over analysis. Sure, planning is valuable. And becoming paralyzed by considering “What happens if X happens? What happens if Z happens? What happens if Mary tells John that A might have a negative effect on B so then X is a moot point anyway?” And what if a huge meteor pummels Earth and tomorrow ALL of the planet is destroyed?

Having a game plan is always a good thing. A good coach knows that a game plan is consistently modified once the ball is put into play. Who knows what the other side has up their sleeves? Instead of getting stuck in the worry whirlwind, put together a framework and wait with joyful anticipation of the positive potential.

Maybe you are constantly looking at your rainbow from a perspective of fear. From the disempowering rather than the compelling. Fear is especially insidious, because it can come cloaked in many disguises. It may appear to be care and concern, or it may appear as discernment. Another costume it wears is tradition. You know this one, when your friend says, “Why change? This is the only way we have ever done it!” Definitely the death knell of a rainbow in the making.

Or another way to make your rainbow in the making disappear is to give up on its existence right as it is about to burst forth with colorful splendor. Norman Vincent Peale wrote these inciteful words on this subject: “Lots of people limit their possibilities by giving up easily. Never tell yourself this is too much for me. It’s no use. I can’t go on. If you do you’re licked, and by your own thinking too. Keep believing and keep on keeping on.” Countless inventors, entrepreneurs, artists and people just like you have given up right on the verge of their personal tipping point to success.

And then there are the people who stay in pursuit of their rainbows.

As a child, Richard Branson, noted Entrepreneur, was diagnosed with dyslexia. His scores on standardized tests were dismal, pointing to the likelihood of a less than stellar future. Perfect example of how radically off the mark prophesies based on “standardized tests” can be for children. These tests don’t measure the passionate drive that fills an individual. They can not hold onto embers that are just waiting to burst into flames. They can not possibly see what can happen by adding the positive support and nurture of family members and teachers: people who instead of looking at the numbers on a standardized test and instead look into the soul and say, as Branson’s Grandmother said, “You’ve got one go in life. Make the most of it.”

Richard Branson obviously saw the glimmer of a rainbow and then made sure the environment was right to bring it to fruition.

Media magnate Oprah Winfrey hardly had an easy early life, yet she has said, “All my life I have known I was born to greatness.” Her reality was poverty, molest, incompletion of her college studies and then having to switch gears on her dreams from newscaster to morning show host. Did any of these negative moments get in her way of pursuing her greatness?

Many other people would have gotten discouraged. They had a PLAN to become a newscaster, what a step down to be a morning show host! Oh, really?

Who hosts the news for Nashville, Tennessee’s nightly newscast? Sure, the people in Nashville and the surrounding areas are well aware of their beloved news anchors. I am sure they do a terrific job.

Who is Oprah Winfrey? If you have been awake for the last decade, you are well aware of Oprah. A role model who saw a glimmer and has been riding her rainbow ever since. Not only that, she has taken the world along with her, enlightening millions as she creates the life of her dreams. Even her fiancé has celebrity status. His name is Steadman. You probably already knew that.

And Oprah’s radiance births rainbows every day from her Chicago studios. Today I watched half of her program, seeing the ever salty, very down to earth Dr. Phil dispensing common sense relationship advice to controlling wives and the men who love them. Imagine that glimmering rainbow: a success story in the making, along comes Oprah and Dr. Phil now has a huge following. His “tell it like it is style” and simple strategies continue to build rainbows for people each time he appears on Oprah’s show.

I sat at the intersection, looking at the hint of a rainbow, wondering what its message was for me. I sighed at the beauty of it, the quiet whispers from the possibility of the rainbow to my soul.

I turned the corner towards my house. Less than a block later, I saw it. The rainbow, in full majestic color. No longer a hint, but a reality. Beautifully and magnificently formed beyond what any artist could create. My eyes filled with tears.

All I had to do was turn the corner. All YOU have to do is turn the corner. Turn away from the tyranny of overanalysis. Turn away from “what if?” paralysis. Away from a life time of being fearful, of being somehow not enough, away from “but we have always done it this way.” Turn the corner to embracing your greatness. Take the fire deep within you and make something of it. Say what is so in your life, and then agree to it! Take action on it! Now!

Vic Braden said, “The moment of enlightenment is when a person’s dreams of possibilities become images of probabilities.” Your rainbow is stunning. I can see it from my window. The sun is shining upon it, reflecting that glint of “Yes, I can!” in your eyes. Today, show your rainbow to others. Watch the magic as it unfolds before you. Your rainbow is always there, simply waiting for you to bring it out in all its glory. Right now, it looks fantastic. Congratulations.

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This article was posted on January 20, 2002