How can regression in past lives help us in this life

Regression is a therapeutic technique that heals traumas caused by negative experiences from past lives. It is a technique that allows us to mentally return to the moment when a trauma, problem, or “program” of behavior is created. This way we have the opportunity to explore and understand the event, the ways it affects our present life, and at the same time to dismiss it. Some problems are so suppressed that it is impossible to talk about them, analyze them, or solve them on a conscious level.

Our soul develops step by step, and such steps can be many, in the form of various lives. Our soul experiences different experiences, sometimes even traumas, through our lives. Reincarnation leads to the fact that they can be transferred in some form to this life and affect its quality. It often happens that we face problems and fears that have no rational explanation. 85% of your life experiences are based on past life experiences. Everything you have created is based on the energy of past lives.

In some cases, people access the unconscious as well as memories of past lives. Previous lives are complex, to experience a memory from a previous life can be very challenging. The regression shows where the cause of the problem is. It is sometimes the first life before the present, and sometimes an ancient life. There are no rules.

The information gained through this experience will always be useful and make our current life better, more productive, and freer. Blockages are released and healing is done. Then we see the causes of some problems more clearly and understand ourselves and the circumstances in which we find ourselves much better. You will also have a broader picture of yourself and the world.
Looking at the past broadens our horizons, and that should be a sufficient basis for taking matters into our own hands. Everything takes on a new meaning, you find out your purpose in life and your path. You are no longer afraid of death, you stop being dependent on many “life insurance”. You solve your chronic fears, phobias, you stop attracting recurring negative events.
The therapeutic benefit of regression is the fact that the subject realizes that everything that happens to him in his present life, whether good or evil, is solely the cause of himself, not some force outside him, some inevitable destiny that determines his life. As individuals, we have an absolute choice to do whatever we want, but with that freedom inevitably comes the necessity of understanding that we bear certain consequences for it, if not in this life, then in the next.

With this new understanding, after regression, a person gains greater trust in himself and God, in the deep meaning of his existence. He feels freer, filled, and with a clearer idea of where to go next in life and why in that direction.
It is also a good idea to use the powerful isochronic tones in the background, while you are trying regression. Here you can find specially designed past life regression isochronic tones which will make your experience more successful, vivid, deeper, and clearer: