How to Release Endorphins

Endorphin is a natural painkiller released when severe injury takes place, often eliminating all feelings of pain. It is brain hormone this is released while performing certain incessant activities. Naturally, it fights against stress and depression and above all reduces chronic pain.

1.    Long and continuous cardiovascular exercise.

When the level of concentration and intensity is high and breathing is difficult. You will come across that when you are done with vigorous work out, you will feel very well and energetic. Your body and heart will become physically more powerful and controlling than before. Physical exercises that are most likely to generate endorphins include bicycling, running, swimming, aerobics, long distance rowing, and weight lifting. It also included games like playing football and basketball.  

2.    Be Cheerful.

Constructive attitude, enthusiasm, passion with positive thoughts can physically change even revolutionize your body. Do anything that gets you laughing loudly. Forced laughter is not recommended; it even generates counter-affect on body. The deeper laughter is even better. Try to produce funny sounds, utter funny jokes with friends.

3.    Eat Something Hot and Spicy.

You can charge up yourself whenever you eat something hot and spicy like a chili. This can be done with other spicy foods too.

4.    Eat Chocolate.

Just eat one piece a day will make you fresh and comfortable. Its moderate usage makes it a very handy treatment for endorphin releasing.

5.    Acupuncture is Medically Safe Technique.

It makes active the endorphin structure in body, which then release from pain. Drugs usage may increase the effects of the endorphins.