Integrity is the key principle towards prosperity

Integrity is the value of possessing and consistently stick to high moral and artistic principles. Integrity is what you do and how you conduct yourself when there is no one watching.
The prosperity is the state of having good fortune, wealth and success. It is essentially related to peace, harmony and satisfaction. If you sow with integrity, we will definitely reap in prosperity. Here are some golden principles of integrity which will give an assurance of prosperity.
When you make a promise, then you will keep the promise.
Treat others as I would treat myself.
You have to treat others with dignity and respect. You will certainly win laurels among many other individuals.
Listed up your goals and follow them to achieve success.
People have dreams in their minds, but you have to learn to write down your goals and categorize them in steps which are necessary to achieve them. Review them daily and analyze your progress.
Take personal responsibility and accountability.
You should stand on your own words and avoid blaming others. Do not ever be afraid to admit you mistakes. When you are wrong, confess it and learn from your inaccuracies.
Honesty is the best policy!
Be honest with yourself and your dealings with others. Do not ever justify your dishonesty. It is always best to tell the truth even if you were wrong.  It will strengthen your character and give respect and satisfaction internally and externally.
You must honor your debts.
You have to pay your debts if you really sincere to yourself and conscious about your honor in society. Discuss with any financial advisor, if necessary and
design a plan to gradually work your way out of debt.

You should be non-pragmatic, loving and caring for people.
We are created by GOD to interact with each other as we are mutually dependent and social beings. So you should not be so selfish to manipulate others for personal benefits. Try to live with love and honesty.

In short, the above mentioned golden principles of integrity, to some extent, will help you to meet with prosperity, success and satisfaction as People of integrity work more efficiently, sleep peacefully. Integrity is a critical benchmark by which we are evaluated by our critics and our God.