Leaving comfort zones and embracing changes

We, as humans, often like to hold on to unnecessary words, people, and situations. There is nothing wrong with creating life situations in which we feel comfortable. The problem is that we frantically try to stay and hold on to our comfort zone. Most people are afraid of the unknown and tend to run away from it, so they are missing a lot of the things the world has to offer. We have to be comfortable with the unknown in order to be able to leave our safe zone and not be afraid of it.

Even though we want to do more in life, we are afraid to challenge ourselves. As humans, we naturally crave comfort and only think about change when something is not right. Leaving our safe space can be scary, but we should not be so fearful of it. Nobody likes getting out of their safe and cozy places.

The comfort zone is just a habit. The human ego is a being of habit, and as soon as things happen outside the established patterns to which the ego is accustomed, fear arises, so we ignore the opportunities for a change right in front of us. We forget that the nature of life is evolutionary, and change is a part of life.
Leaving the comfort zone will bring many changes, and by that, we will be able to grow. Our mind needs to accept change as a positive event, a way to learn something. We should start looking at changes as challenges, as a chance to create a better self.

Sometimes we need to push ourselves to grow. Sometimes we need to go and find better things for us. We can never know the outcome of our actions. It can be more rewarding than we have ever imagined, or it could be a big failure, but at least we will know that we tried. Putting a positive spin on things can ease us out of our fear. Being able to be comfortable in a state of uncertainty is a powerful skill to be learned.

Stagnating and staying in our comfort zones, in the same place, will bring nothing new to our lives, and the most that can happen is that we miss our true purpose. Finding our path in life with so many chances and opportunities is not always so easy. We all need guidance, direction, and support that are beyond our abilities and beyond the abilities of those around us. Here we can have tremendous help from our spiritual guides. We all have them, and from time to time they try to push us in the right direction. We can help them, and help us to easily recognize the signs they are sending us by playing this in the background as we perform our daily tasks

We should get out of our comfort zone whenever we can, and we should move our boundaries because moving boundaries move our development forward. Everything transforms in the Universe, so must we.