Manifestation and its Principles

Last Updated on November 30, 2020 by admin

Manifestation is an art through which one can materialize their deepest desires. It is how you take an idea and you call it out into physical world. Through one’s thoughts, beliefs and feeling it is possible to make an intention real. It is that feeling of yours in the morning when you wake up late and you know that you cannot catch bus. Even before you miss it, you know that you will not be able to make it. It is that feeling that you want so badly but deep down you know that you cannot get it. How great it would be if we could manifest consciously so that we do not feel powerless or dependent on luck. The good news is that we can practice manifestation in our favor through just nine principles. All we have to do is stick to it.

First principle is to have a vision. You exactly need to know where you want to be. Without vision, It is like going somewhere without an address and once you are there you will be wondering, why you are not at a better place. Once you know where you want to be. You will take directions accordingly for choice. If you know that you want to go to college, you will take respective bus to reach there. Your mind will align your actions towards your goals.

Second is to have strong desire. These are feelings, which would fuel up your vision and will take you where you want to go. Dare to desire and it will energize your vision.

Third is to have a clear intention. You need to intent that your vision will happen at your will. Imagine you start your yoga, and you keep checking notification on your phone, there is nothing inherently bad about that, the problem is that you lack the energy you need to fulfill your desire. Your focus and intention play a huge role here. Your goals need a certain amount of energy in order to manifest it in physical plane.

Forth is to develop a belief so firm that it is unflappable. You need to overcome that belief of yours of not being able to make it or that thing cannot be yours. You tell the universe that it cannot be mine so the universe tell you “your call!” Dig inside yourself your beliefs that are holding you back and then start working on it to change.

Fifth is acceptance. It is the acceptance that your new belief is true to you. Accept it that this is what you desire for. You are supposed to submit yourself to your beliefs and stay away from thoughts of reasons why it will not work out.

Sixth is to take an aligned action. If you are certain about your desire, you need to show it to universe by your baby steps towards your goals. Do you want to travel all around the world? You need to start saving before little by little. In order to ground the energy, do what you would be doing in the case when you would be certain that it is yours already.

Seventh is absolute detachment. This is my favorite one where most of the people stumble. If you are so curious to have it NOW! If we attach to it so much that, we are impatient and obsessing about it so much then we simultaneously believe that we cannot have it. Only he who is certain about the outcomes has an unflappable belief.

Eighth is to support yourself. Through reality, your own support is reflected back to you. So if you have feeling that universe just have forgotten about your dreams and desires. That is point where you have to stay firm and support yourself. By withdrawing from your dream, you generate a reality that is ignoring you and your dreams.

Ninth is to be clear as a laser beam. Laser beam focus on goal. Your energy and efforts need to be focused just as beam of laser. It can be very difficult but once it is crystal clear, the conscious manifesting can do miracle.

Although it seems that manifesting is some kind to wizard, it seems so complicated but it is actually very easy. You will be get what you choose to put your focus on. Simply you can just focus on your goals and universe will play along.