Organic food is healthier for human body!

“Instead of drinking Coca Colas, turn on the tap and drink what the good Lord gave us.”

Edwina Currie, British politician and novelist.

Organic foods are naturally processed and grown foods. They do not contain any chemical additions like antibiotics, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.

According to scientific research, natural foods like vegetables, fruits and milk are more nutritious and nourishing than non-organic foods.

Organic fruit and vegetables contained up to 40 % more antioxidants that control the negative effects of oxidization and decomposition in the body, than non-organic varieties. Antioxidant-rich food is a composition of counterbalance free essentials that contribute healthy affects to human age. Among organic food, it milk contains approximately 60 % antioxidants and healthy fatty acids.

The taste, texture, firmness and above all sweetness of the organic fruits are also rated higher than those grown conventionally.

People enjoy organic foods for supposed health benefits, ecological sustainability, and support of local farmers without spending lots of unnecessary money.

Foods which are grown with pesticides and herbicides causes acute health problems such as headaches, abdominal pain, wooziness, nausea, sickness, as well as skin and eye problems.

In short, organic foods are better for you because it does not have injurious stains and hormones. So to have a strong balanced diet you should eat nutrient foods mostly proteins and vegetables, but you still need to eat organic food groups to have a balanced diet.