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Thinking is an art. We need to learn how to think. It is important because whatever we think continuously becomes our personal law over a period of time. Every time we think the same thought, we are giving energy to that thought. With this kind of repeated energization our thinking patterns become fix and rigid. This is how we form our personal laws. http://www.premnirmal.com/books.htm


Because of our unconscious thinking, many times, we land up having negative personal laws and these laws govern us for lifetime in negative manner. “I’m poor”, “I’m no good at this”, “I’m fat”, “I’m short”, “I’m going to fail in exam / interview etc”, “I’ll not be able to achieve my goals”, are negative thoughts related to the issue of poverty consciousness. Once trapped in these kinds of negative thoughts, one can spend a lot of time floating in negative thinking. Not attending to the root cause of negative thinking is like pulling at the top of the weed, only to have it grow back again and again. The issue can be resolved with the following steps:


Step: 1: Acknowledge: When we become aware of such thoughts, the first thing is to acknowledge the same with equanimity. Acknowledging the fact makes us powerful to see our unconscious thinking and gives us hope to change. Now there is no need to escape from the reality. Acknowledging the negative thoughts is the powerful step that prepares us to get ready for re-scripting.


Step: 2: Re-scripting: Once we have identified the core negative belief, which in this case is poverty consciousness, it is possible to do conscious re-scripting of the same. Re-scripting is done in affirmative manner. E.g. Instead of “I’m poor” one can state it as “I’ve an opportunity of creating abundance”. Once the re-scripting is done for the primary thought, the secondary thoughts will take care of themselves. In this case “I’m going to fail in exam / interview etc” is the secondary thought. It will automatically change to “Exam / Interview is an opportunity to create abundance”. This way all other related secondary thoughts will change in positive manner.


Step: 3: Creating Positive personal Law: Once the re-scripting is done, it is easy to create new positive personal law. In this case, “I’m poor” will change to “I’m here to create abundance”. Once such positive focus is created, it is to be energized repeatedly, for it to become permanent. Whatever we focus upon GROWS! Once we create the positive personal law and focus upon it, it keeps growing.


This process clearly indicates that it is very important to keep watch on our thoughts. It is important to know what we are constantly giving power to on mental level. http://www.premnirmal.com/shop.htm One of the simple exercises is to review our daily thoughts just before going to sleep. Try to recognize the patterns. You will be surprised to see the same patterns repeating in form of different thoughts. Once you do this exercise on regular basis, it will be easier for you to recognize and relate a thought to an old pattern, which has become a personal law for you. The moment you become aware of it, follow the above-mentioned steps to re-script the same and you have created the positive personal law for you!


We can do a small exercise to build our re-scripting muscles.




1. My income is less.

1. I have a fantastic opportunity to increase my income!

2. I am not a good public speaker.




3. My old habits are not conducive to my growth.




4. I am highly stressed out and not able to achieve any thing.




5. My relationships are not working.




6. My survival is at the stack.




7. I have no energy left to do anything.




8. Nobody loves me. I’m lonely.




9. I’m not able to express myself.







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Prem Nirmal, http://www.premnirmal.com   a postgraduate in Cybernetics has done extensive research in the areas of Stress Management, Intuition development, Aura Reading and Meditation Therapy. He is the visiting faculty to various Management Institutes & professional keynote speaker for many social events. He has wide experience in Personal Counseling, Consultancy and Training and has deep insights in human behavior and body-mind healing.