Regroup and rethink our goals and desires

Your Goals Are Unique
 by: Robert Taylor

We have just begun another new year in our lives. It is time to regroup and rethink our goals and desires. Our goals may be partially dictated by outer circumstances. These are cases where we need more money for food, repairs to the home or automobile, medication, winter clothing, heat and so forth. These goals are established by necessity.

Other goals are those established by desire or want. We may desire a more attractive appearance, an automobile which will be the envy of all who see it, a mansion instead of a home, a summer home in the mountains and a winter home in the tropics. These desires can be turned into goals.

When the desire is strong enough, the goals can be readily achieved. There are those who will not believe this statement. For those, I say to look back over your life and think about those times when you wanted something so badly you just knew you would die if you did not get it.

Perhaps it was a new bicycle, or a new doll, or a new romance in your life. When you wanted that something so bad you could not sleep nights for thinking about it, you usually either got the item you desired or something even better.

You may also have found that once your dream was fulfilled it wasn’t quite what you thought it should be. In other words, be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.

Much has been said and written concerning goal setting. Briefly put, it is to determine what you want and set goals for getting it. Your goals should be attainable, but not without some effort and extension on your part. The goals should not be so far-fetched as to be unattainable.

Your goals will be unique to you and your desires. No other person can establish your goals for you. Should they try to do so, they have imposed their goals on your life. Your goals should be in line with your ethics and morals, and something you deeply desire. A superficial wish cannot be considered a goal.

We have been given this life to develop, change, grow and enjoy. There is no reason for lack of any type in our lives, for there is ample abundance on this earth and in the universe. We are where we are at this point in our life because this is where we have chosen to be.

We have the choice of abundance or abject poverty. You say this is not so, that you were born in abject poverty and have had no opportunity for a fine education or experience to qualify you for a better position in life. I say you can always seek higher and better opportunities.

Look around you. A relative few inherited their wealth from their ancestors. The great majority of those having abundance in their lives started with very little. They refused to be limited by circumstances and created their own opportunities.

They rightly exercised their power of choice. Have you and I effectively used our power of choice? You will have to answer that question for yourself.

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