Sleep well for Better Health

“Health is the first muse, and sleep is the condition to produce it.”

                             Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803,1882)

High-quality food and stress-free sleep are essential things for a long and healthy life. Amount of sleep is relative to age as it varies from age to age. For children, an average sleep of 10-12 hours is recommended medically. But for an adult person, peaceful night sleeping of 7-8 hours is considered very useful and healthy for both mind and body. Here are some underlying suggestions to sleep well for healthy life.   


1.    Calculate the proper amount of sleep in which you feel fresh for the next morning as recognized by your body. Extra or inadequate sleep produced very bad mantle and physical affects. Grow a sleep pattern so that your body will regulate itself for sleep at a specific time every night.

2.    Concentrate on slowing the mind before sleeping every night. Read comics or something very enjoyable instead of worrying about routine tensions, anger or bad emotions etc. Avoid yourself from all those activities that may excite your mind like watching movies etc.

3.    A high-quality mattress is a precondition for good sleep and it should neither too hard nor too soft. Avoid sleeping in the same bed with any other person.

4.    Moderate temperature is important for comfortable sleep. You can use blanket to regulate temperature, particularly for feet as they are rather more sensitive and get hot or cold immediately with the change of temperature.

5.    Cover your head with cap if possible and wear loose pajamas as a night dress. By folding one leg up and using a soft pillow under stomach is very useful habit in order to lessen any pull or stretch on the back.

6.    Learn and analyze how drinks and foods consumed throughout the day may affect your sleep and health. Also study and practice relaxing techniques.

7.    Sleeping drugs should be avoided as much as possible because they have side affects.