Sound therapy and the power of isochronic tones

Sound therapy is a sound-vibration treatment and recovery treatment by which we return the body and our entire being to balance at the cellular level.
Everything vibrates in the Universe. Everything around us consists of molecules that vibrate. Our body, each of our organs, cells, vibrates with its own frequency. As we all know, the sound is vibration and vibration can affect every part of our physical being which means that we are hearing the sounds with every cell of our body, not just the ears.

Since prehistoric times, people have used music as a powerful tool for healing mental and physical problems and achieving general harmony. Today, there is a lot of evidence to support the impact of sound on the water. Water is an excellent sound and vibration conductor, and we are made up of almost 80% water, so we can see that the possibilities of sound healing are truly impressive and limitless.
We can use music to treat various diseases and ailments in a targeted way, but also to use it to encourage creativity or reduce stress. In general, music has a beneficial effect on strengthening immunity and recovery after illness.
Listening to music also stimulates the secretion of endorphins, a chemical compound known as the “happiness hormone” that improves mood and effectively relieves pain.
Each sound emits a certain vibration, so the state of the organism is diagnosed with the help of sound, and directing the sound to certain points enables the frequency to stimulate the organs to the balancing process, which is ultimately self-healing.

Because sound is vibration, different tones will affect all parts of the human being including the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. There is a type of sound called isochronic tones. Isochronic tones are individual tones that are turned on and off at regular, evenly spaced intervals. This interval is usually short, creating a rhythm that resembles a rhythmic pulse. Isochronic tones synchronize brain waves with the frequency you are listening to. It is believed that synchronizing brain waves to a certain frequency could trigger different mental states. They can often be embedded in other sounds, such as music or sounds of nature.
It is thought that using isochronic tones and other forms of brain wave attraction may promote specific mental states. This can be useful for a variety of purposes, including attention, promoting healthy sleep, relieving stress and anxiety, helping with manifestation, balancing of the chakras, pain perception, memory, meditation, improving mood…
There is a variety of isochronic tones, designed for a lot of different things. You can check them at the following link and choose the ones you need the most:


Increasingly popular sound therapy allows you to energize yourself, clear your mind of stress, and allow tones to pass through your system. On that occasion, sound floods the system, and a state is born, a feeling is born. This feeling, this state connects us with the truth about ourselves, that we are healthy, strong, that we are just a vibration, and that everything around us is balanced.